Friday, 30 September 2011

Missed Mishaps

Emo day!!! 

Returned the robe this morning and finally obtained the original cert. 

1stly! Nothing happen until I was almost half way back Seremban Highway. Yes, I was driving. I was on the slow lane and there was a junction where a fucking green gigantic truck speeding out. I was quite speedy myself so, in that split second I was thinking he would have stop and I should proceed driving. My dad was urging me to break. I was thinking probably I should shift to another lane. I don't know why I was not listening to my dad. I heard him I think, but I didn't react the way I should. I was on the right side, following rules while that farking hell going against it, endangering lives. It was close, I mean, if another vehicle from the back speed close enough or that hell green monster did not stop from going all out into my line, I might already involved in an accident. Probably died. ='(  Sigh... Y am I so bloody hopeless?

 2ndly! PB has yet to call back! They have already approved the confirmation of taking me in. Can they reject me after the confirmation without acknowledging me 1st? Sigh, I was expecting this 3rd Oct as my 1st working day. I don't like the feeling of being left hanging. I like to be in power to decide on my own life but I hate choices. Now that I yet to receive any call which I'm still doubting if I would get a call, I wish to go to NewTune Intro concert this coming Monday.

I'm going!!! Dear juniors, Gambatte. Good show yea. Rock the stage on behalf of me!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Jcdagreat's Convocation 26/09/11

Woke up at 5.15 am, bathed, make up and dressed up. Started the journey blurry at 6am. Not a smooth morning. My voice was super sexay. After breakfast, the traffic was slow and by the time I reached UKM, it was already 7.30am. Being the easily anxious girl, I was shaking. Well, nobody was really ready. Only a portion of graduates were there. Fuhh, relieved. So, I wore my robe and examine the right way to wear the square hat. It was so lose. And it spoiled my hairdo.

I was happy to see all Barneys in perfectly healthy shape and everyone was flashing their happy smiles.We were so busy taking pictures we didn't realized it was almost 9am and the lines were just slowly crawling into the main hall.

We were the last few to get into the hall. But we managed to stay together-us, the girls. Well, that was the least we all could do for each other now. I hope Lay Mei saw this picture. U're in my heart at that very moment. 

The Yang Di-Pertuan Besar NSDK was here to present us the certificates. No wonder it took so long. It was always FST who deserved this special treatment. "Special". Varsity Kita had a new song arrangement to it which made me impossible to be emotional like I want it to be. Then we had some nice surprising guests singing with our very own choir. A guy named Roy who sang some patriotic songs, sang two songs for us. Bla bla bla...too many talks from two many people. Seriously, who cares. I just wanna get that bloody cert.

Anyway, no thanks to their arrangement and our massive number of graduates (one thousand plus) in this particular section, I only managed to squeeze out at 12.45pm. Message and calls kept coming in cuz fwens were already there since 11.30am. 

It was chaotic! I was practically pulled from one side to another and I just have no time to answer call. They kept looking for me while I was lost in sight. I can't even give them the exact location as I was in another position in every split minute. Gifts were crazy 'lots, I just couldn't hold 'em all up. Some were on the ground, some with my parents (thankfully they stay put to help me out), and I lost count of them and the senders. Please don't hate me on this. 

It was a total chaos. LOL. A lot of my friend made it there. PT dancers were the surprise guests. I thought they couldn't make it. But all of the babes were there for me. I just yelled and threw myself to them. Before I could digest this fact, Newtuners gave the n-th calling to have a group shooting. Roomie waited for me for almost an hour plus. 

I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry to kept so many of you waiting. The best I could do was cursing the YDP while all graduates urged to get the hell outta the hall. I'm sorry cuz I couldn't find time to have an equal fair share of togetherness with many of you. I even miss out taking photo with my own lovely juniors. Dammit. I didn't managed to give out quite a few presents to my beloved course mates.

I did not expect the number of friends and the amount of loves that surrounds me at that moment. It was overwhelming. Together with the bright hot sun and a lot of running and sweating, I almost collapsed. I squatted a few times as fatigue took over. Not so great huh? LOL

Vincent was also a surprise guest. Not sure if I were suppose to be shocked or to be mad. I couldn't ask for any better. I was just too happy to meet them all at once here on my big day. Seniors took leaves for us, studying fwens needa travel from another location or escape classes just to witness these new born graduates.
I was just so touched. I am actually loved. 

I love, am loving and Loved. 

Full circle~ You guys made me whole, you know that! 

Dear Biologists, we finally graduated. With much knowledge and much dignity. We walked tall and can proudly called ourselves a well-trained certified biologist.

 As dysfunctional as we are, I'm always thankful for you guys. You are not just the sources of my genes, you guys brought me here, and made all these possible. When I past by you guys holding my cert high up in the air, I was acknowledging your efforts in these 3 years. I'm glad I drew a smile on your face.

Roomie, thanks so much for your arrival. Wait you come back Bangi, then we go lepak ya. Love u deary Joanne Tan.

This was taken during Siewwin's section in the evening. She and Hooilong are my besties in Newtune. Whenever or whatever I do regarding music, I thought of you both. You guys never give up on me when I almost give up on NT. You bear my insanity, stubbornness and weaknesses. You guys never fail to be there for me, supporting me when I'm most vulnerable. Such strong pillars of strength I'm blessed with :)

It was an amazing four days Convocation journey I had. I'm glad everything falls into places just perfectly. Special thanks to fer fer for being so welcoming. It was a nice sleepover moments with you. :) Can't believe we both are so similar in so many ways.  

Thanks a lot for the gifts. They are all so adorable and many of them are thoughtful precious presents. Tracie made her presence felt with her specially designed piece of artwork. I felt u all the way from Sabah. & I miss you dearly. I wish I could list down my thank you list here but I don't think I need to. I don't and won't underestimate the level of understanding you had in me. 

I graduated with 80% of fwens who are of the same batch with me, those who I came to know, like and love. It feels good to be able to ride this exciting route with you, and now that we arrived to our own destination, I hereby wish all dearies Happy convocation and go get ur ass moving ASAP. Strike for your dreams. I had my vision fixed and am on my 1st step on making dreams come true. 

Joanne's signing off, I'm half way registering myself into the real world. Keep updating urself. Keep yourself updated too!
Lastly, JC loves you. For you, I'm great. 

Convocation Vol.3 >1st and 2nd day of Convocation

First Day noon section 24/09/11

I arrived at UKM around 3pm. Met my junior and had my stuff loaded into her room. Deary Jennifer was warm and welcoming. It was a hot day, so I just relax in her room while arranging gifts for those graduating that day. Me n fer fer took 5pm bus to DECTAR hall. 

 LengLeng, Sansit, SooYung

 I was very happy to see them in the robes. It was touching especially when I know how difficult was it for them to finalize their FYP. All my miaos graduated handsomely. Uncle Tay n Miss Hua Hua graduated at the same evening too. After the celebration, a bunch of us went for dinner b4 Newtune midnite date. Fortunately, I managed to visit our new band room. It was so huge!!! No more crowded and sauna rehearsal in the future. Wohoo! 

I was having alot of fun there with few siao kias keep playing Rolling in the deep as I requested. Throat started to ache and I knew the karaoke trip will definitely gonna kill my voice. The K date start at 12am, so we took off at 11pm, 3 cars and a total of 12 people. Fai gor came late. My dear miss Lilo and I were singing our lungs out in the first half an hour. Such beautiful voice she has. I managed some difficult songs too. XD. Sakit lar, biar sakit keronkong, lagu mesti nyanyi. 

We sang until 4am, Dammit. 

2morrow day2, 

25/09/11 morning section

 Hubby no.3

As you can see, my eyes were pretty small. Eye bags covered them. The 2nd day was also a great one as my dancer fwens were graduating. 3 hubbies.... Adoi. Pening! Dated Darren and Sly first thing in 10am. Yeap, greatly sleep deprived. Not feeling well at all. 

 Hubby no.1

We were dance partners and I love them dearly. The 1st being the sweetest, 2nd being the wildest, and the 3rd is the loveliest. LOL! Oops. 

Hubby no.2

Met JcJane. She managed to come for her convocation after much complication from her sickness. I'm so proud of her. After all hush and rush, we finally ate our 1st meal of the day at Paparich at 2pm. Had a great gathering with dancer fwens... 

Went back to Seremban right after cuz I have decided to come with my parents the next day. 
My turn, my big day~~~ 

Once I reached home, sinus worsened. Throat was aching and I felt like collapsing. 
 Still, there were a few bookmarks to be made.
Finally slept at 12am.

I felt so sick and I sounded sexay XP

To be continue.......................

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 I don't have much time for myself these few days. I had a smurfastic 4 days in UKM. I did my part. Received much love from dearies. I was really very happy. The best days ever in 5 months. So much to talk about. Will update soon.

Emo now.... Recuperating though.


Happy bufday love. I wish you all the happiness in the world and much loves surrounds u. U're like Santa. U deliver joys and never ask for anything in return. U're real and sincere, you're inspiring and simply amazing as best friend. Jo Yan sayang u alot, so in order to love this fwen back, you ought to take care of urself nicely. 

Ah, too much talking. LOL. Biasa lar.... 

Happy blessing birthday 

Edmund Loo

Friday, 23 September 2011

Convocation Vol. 2

Heading to UKM soon for my Miaos' convocation. :)

Freaking excited although mine is only due this coming Monday. Meet me at 12pm ya XP. I will be meeting all my besties soon. 
Course Mates I miss you

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Today graduates would be mi Miao familia.

Koko miao, papa miao, didi miao XD. Not forgetting Yichuan, the uncle. 

2morrow will be my hubbies mia. PT dancers~ partners =P

Hubby no.1 GenSoon (PT29), Hubby no.2 Chansey (PT30), Hubby no.3 Beary (PT 31)

I miss these 3 sampat so much....

"Tonight gonna be a good good night"

"I'm on the edge of glory, and I'm hanging in the moment with you"


I watched the smurf lor... Rating ***** Damn! It was so a smurftastic! Kalah Johnny English! Booya Mr. Bean! 

A sweet reply :)

Dear Chai :

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Executive
Sales Department.

We have given your resume careful and thorough review.

While your qualifications are impressive, we regret that we are unable
to extend an offer to you, as the competition for this position has
been very keen.

Your interest in our company is most appreciated, however, and we would
like to wish you the best of success in your career.

Truly yours,
Nippon Wiper Blade (M) Sdn. Bhd.

*Seriously, this is sweet. I mean even if this same message is sent out to thousands of people, I still felt acknowledged. They bothered to reply and not to keep you waiting. Well, Japanese based company~ C the difference? LOL. I really wish this particular message is sent just to me though. I dun like being one of the many being nicely rejected XD*

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As J C it ---Ego Vs Humility > English Language

What makes one ego? How do you know when you are being ego? Is it bad to keep it? Well, let this self proclaimed ego girl tell her piece of mind about it.

Pictures beautify a there u go~

Growing up in an average family with nothing much to boost about made me humble. Enrolled in a popular high school with so many Bananas (Chinese who can’t/don’t speak or write in Chinese) made me ashamed of myself. I used to hate English language very much as I hated the teacher and I just wouldn’t listen to her. This had limited my friend’s scope and the exposure that I could have been through. Nobody wanna be fwen with loser in high school. I was just always a loud girl who talks alot.

I knew I have this artistic side of me that could raise my popularity but I wasn’t really sure where I stand. I was very much unnoticed during my high school journey. I was humble and belittled and I know I wasn’t happy. This isn’t me. Why would a lively person ever restraint herself this way? 

I finally took advantage of the humiliation I suffered and let it enhance my motivation. I brushed up the language by doing a lot of reading, writing and communicating. It wasn’t easy really, but the first step to success is to be able to laugh at your own flaws. Acknowledge it and seek the right remedy. I did and the next thing I knew, I was being labeled as a Banana too. Ego raised and I was proud of myself for one good reason; I did not admit defeat. Standing tall with MUET certificate stating band five scorer was an achievement considering the effort I poured into pushing the envelope in a limited time. 

This new ego made me fearless and adventurous during my journey in UKM. Confidence was always there when I do my presentation. I was always busy speaking my mind. I yearned for respect and I got it. Being the good if not great writer and speaker I am now (HaHa, paiseh la), did I ever act bitchy flinging my superb vocabulary and catches everyone mistakes that I heard or saw? Na, that was cruel. But that was exactly how I was humiliated and I steadfastly grew into who I am now! 

It was pure hard work and determination that got me this far. In fact, I could still be better. I stutter when I speak to better speaker and I still make silly mistakes as I did not learn from basic. And dammit, my spelling is as bad as ever. I keep blaming them as typo which most of the times is typo. But who am I lying really? 

Still, having the ability to tell one’s mistake makes me furious at bad English command students are preoccupied with. How did you survive your schooling life? How are you going to be ready to face the real world out there? Having no initiative to improve has just proved how ignorance you are. The demand of the market is increasing every single day and if you’re yet to be motivated and get your ass moved for betterment, you’re screwed!

I did and I’m already one mile ahead. Change your gear and start racing ok?

 If this is true, why are there still so many unhappy people?

Good ego is always a healthy positive energy. Too much humility makes you fake. When you have what’s right and it's not wrong in any sense, also is beneficial to others; then fling it. 

If you don’t, be inspired and continue to achieve. A balance between ego and humbleness is the key to soar high.

If you’re too ignorance to be bothered with changes and is too proud to be flexible, you might end up swallowing your own pride. If you’re too humble and keep everything under wrap expecting others to discover your super brilliant mind set; Sorry, you will definitely be the one to bite the dust. 

Everybody is selfish. No one will blow someone's trumpet. Saliva stain u noe....ewww. 
LOL. Cold jokes XP

Bottom line is, Ego is still good. I can't live a life feeling like a loser all the time. 

And I'm not!

Introducing a new column in Jcdagreat's blog

"As J C it"

Sounds familiar :) The Gleeks noes

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Last Sunday, I went to UKM to collect the robe. The purple cat suit. I was very excited. I never thought I would be. I was like, why do I feel so hollow when my big day is approaching. I was acting so kiddo feeling over joyed when I put on the robe. Finally, I am a graduate. Was having a sleepy look. Non good picture taken. It was a moody noon~ heavy downpour. Sigh. 

Hana, this time market my dad pulak. Very handsome man... That's y I'm equally pretty XD. Ok, puik. Furballs. I get it!

Finnish wrapping convo gifts yesterday. I just cannot be proud enough with my artwork. I have this ultra ego in things I'm good at. I dun trust other people's effort unless she is someone I look into. Can't wait to send all of them out. I think I'm more happy sending out gifts than receiving it. The smile on their faces is priceless. 

 Great things come in small packages too alright 

Wish they are all mine :)

2 people who promised me lavender already disappoint me cuz they couldn't attend my convocation. I wasn't really expecting it, but there was a hope. Most importantly, I wanted to meet them. Sigh. Too bad. 

Another piece of my writing is published. Thanks CkLee. I hope it inspires. 

Oo...Guess what, I got the job. Sumthing tells me that I would get a good news in two weeks time. Once again proven that results, records of capabilities and great English command works hand in hand. It's all about total package nowadays. If I want it, there is no way I can't get it. This theory is definitely applicable on my desire to achieve my dream. It does not apply in my relationship with men though.

I had people failing me, situations and lucks too. So it's only fair that I should never fail myself. 

Hell ride of working phase starting soon.

I'm starting from zero in this University of Community

Saya budak baru belajar, Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan XD

I mean Jangan marah please ~

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Right Exit

There are times when you come to a dead end and have no other alternative route ahead; you just have to go back to the point where you have started. 

You will need to plan from scratch again and this time, think harder, think further, prepare better so that you do not need to walk a wasted journey again.
Was the wrong pathway a wasted journey? 

Think again! 

While you were seeking for the right one, you met a few wrong turning points. Where did they lead you? Nowhere! But you achieved something. Recall it! You could draw out a map stating all the wrong locations so you don’t repeat the same mistake.

No matters how many times you fail to get out from the maze, you would still manage to return to the same starting point. Well, you know human instinct. Along the misleading journey, you probably wailed, snapped, scared, cursed and cried wishing you could have taken the other exit. If you were lucky, you might meet some good guiders or sinners who made a fool out of you naivety. 

You learned, you picked up a skill or two in order to fight the wild things and you grew while dealing with your own demon- the side of you who wanted to give up, to surrender, someone who was too weak to fight. 

Some people had it easy as they were provided with necessities. Some unfortunates ones were expected to go the tougher way. No one is born loser. There are only designed winners and bruised winners. 

No matter how long you take to reach your destination, you will eventually make it. The whole bewildered journeys became your past, the past that molded you into the person you are today. The difficulties you endured horn your skills, strengthen your faith and groomed you towards perfection.  
 So, do you still feel sorry for your harsh life? 

Don’t ever be because it was that roughness that makes you want to strike for success. Do not be afraid of failure for when you reach rock bottom, you will have nothing to lose to strive for success. Some try to avoid failure in every step they are taking in life. They end up hesitating and calculating the consequences of each action they want to acquire, which truly takes away their access of freedom in choices. 

Most importantly, they lose the rights to live fascinatingly. A life like this is better not live at all. You want to create magic, be the magic! 

Each pathway in life is a learning curve that leads you to your destiny. You place your bet; you draw your own gamble. The result is the last thing you need to know. As long as you take the first step, you are already half way winning. 

-I noe-

-I tried-
-I won-