Sunday, 30 September 2012


Tonight, the month ends with disappointment.
I wonder how October will behave? Hello there~ It has been a year long since we last met.

U have laid me with activities along the month which I'm looking forward to. 
So hopefully everything goes fine alright :)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

PBB Annual Dinner 2012

I have attended PBB southern region 2 Annual Dinner twice. 
& I'm not even one year in the bank yet. 

This time is different. This 46th celebration, I sang. 

Went there early & had myself 2 bad rehearsals. My voice was having its attitude on that faithful day. 
It was weak, not in tune, & was very dry. 

I was too tired & wasn't so pumped up to perform already until I saw a courageous guy went on the stage with high confidence. That confidence oozed a charming figure initially until he open his mount. OMG! He sang a medley of Lee Hom's songs with zero tune. He didn't sang the right key for the entire song or rather only 3 note was sang right. That comforted me a lot. I made sure I ate some portion of the dinner cuz I knew I need some energy to boost while seeking comforts with some dear fwens.

The staff performance section started on 8.30pm & my turn was on the 5th. The 1st gal sang reflection. I knew her while I was still an MCO in Tengkera. She speaks like a mice, but sang like a lion! I danced along other performances to relax myself.   

I was called. Representing Seremban branch.
I stood in the middle of the stage clearly saw all the big guns before me including my boss. Oh dear... If that didn't freak me out, I don't know what would. 

So I sang, HE came up & gave me a flower.... (definitely not in voluntary basis) & my voice soar. 
(Now some bitchy rumors are spreading in the branch - Sigh)
Having performed my greatest effort in NTLP14, I knew that night was just my average if not bad. 
My choruses were fine. The rest was just plain - nothing worth comment. 
But deng! I looked smashing hot. Fair la. LoL!!! 

My superiors took photos of me on stage... I'm still seeking a reason or a right to retrieve photos from them. 
Uh... Like I should?

Like usual, I didn't win any lucky draw.... big prizes were given but none of my business le. People was walking away with Galaxy Ace, HD TVs, & all others luxurious stuffs....

I walked away with some accolades lor... good enough right?

I'll be marking my one year anniversary with PBB soon due November. 
Something better happens before I got lost in it. 

Officially one month as branch staff. Month end was nasty. Work load was harsh. But whatever learned was precious. Those who have done good deeds to me, I am thankful to you & I'll make sure I'll pay them in one way or another. Those who misuse me & selfishly disown me, I will keep it dearly in heart. I will not set revenge on you. I will only make you feel guilty. 

Whoever needs financial assistance or banking information, feel free to ask me. Don't worry of me being persuasive. Cuz I'm not intending to achieve my sales target. LOL!!! I'm so not marrying a salesman. 

I am the 'Pok Chao' type. 
I'm just a hardworking learner, definitely not wanting to be a high achiever. 
I could -  selectively. I would - only if I want it.

Island Escapade Part 3

Oh dear.... I seriously wanna wrap this journey up so I could leave some space for my memory box for some new entry....well soon....

3rd day. The final day. We will be leaving at 2pm flight. Hence, it was utmost important to make full use of the morning. Cable Car ride. Higly recommended & it's a must visit site in Langkawi. 

We arrived there at 9.30am which was too early as it was not ready for tourist yet. Guess what? We purchased tickets with student price again! LOL! & I'm guilty free. Fuck yea... For once, I am really proud of my UKM student ID!

The ride was a bit scary as it was pretty long & high. 2 chinese ladies depart with us. Mother & daughter I supposed. The younger one was so scared she has difficulty catching breath. Adui... The view was fantastic. There were 2 stops along the ride. One was half way stop & another was the final peak on the 2nd highest mountain in Langkawi. The sky bridge was under maintenance... Sigh. Anyway, crossed my heart, this cable car ride was wayyyyyyy breathtaking than the one I had in Penang, Bukit Bendera. Totally different class. 

 HTC cam takes better pictures than my Lumix cam T.T

The chilling breeze & the views of the beaches from an elevated distance were satisfying. We lurked around for an hour plus before finally ready to leave. We ate our lunch at a Malay stall located nearby Pantai Kok. 

Yea... final meal in Langkawi while bidding good bye to my main attention in Langkawi -  the beach. 

We reached airport just in time with empty tank. LOL. Just like the same way it was provided to us. I returned the car & we rushed to the entry. Me & Pumpkin parked our bags in the boarding seats while another 2 ladies walked around the mall. We have zero idea on what they were going to do until they came back with Starbuck Tiramisu cake & 2 bars of chocolates. Oh dear, they proceeded with bufday songs for me & pumpkin's belated bday.

I was questioning their intention on lurking around when we were already done with all visitation. I didn't understand why wouldn't they came in with us to spend the watever time we have left before boarding the plane. 

They gotcha me again! Always. Deng!

I am loved. :')

The time arrived. All 3 of us gotta waived Cherly goodbye. We could only meet her again next year as her holiday in Mas will be over soon.

Until we planned for another trip together. This next time, 5 of us must be together. Nobody can be left out anymore. 

 Ermmm.... Bumped to an article about Ko Samui today....


Friday, 28 September 2012

Island Escapade Part 2

I'm supposed to be telling day 2 story right? Right!

Since we couldn't fulfilled day 1 with activities that were planned, day 2 activities are affected as well. 
Island hoping (4 hours basis) was indeed the most exciting & most fun activity we have chosen. The budget inn provide a cheaper package for us. As promised, we need to get ready by 9.30am. We were sent to  Cenang Jetty together with a bunch of Middle East men. They resembled Western dudes so much but they tend to maintain a wholesome lotsa hairs which I don't really like. LOL. Hairs are meant for animals. Please, no offense k. It's just my own sense of preference. Oh dear, I think I just made hairy people or wanna be hairy dudes very mad. Sowey~

We jump into the speed boat once it was ready. 1st stop was Dayang Bunting island. It has its legendary lake water that could make a maiden pregnant. Well~~~
The lake itself was nothing special but the environments & the ride was superb fun. 
2nd stop was The Eagle Feeding site...Pulau Singa Kecil if I'm not wrong. That island is surprisingly densely populated with eagles. Many boatmen are feeding them chicken skins to lured them catching em on the sea. What a stunt! Deng, my boatman was so stingy he prepared none bait for our entertainment. T.T 

The ride continues to Pulau Beras Terbakar. (Pls be reminded, I could have mention the names wrongly since the memories were no longer fresh in my mind). There I got my self engaged with shells. I have a hobby of collecting shells from every beach I've been except for PD. 
It's a private island where no toilet is provided. Very small surrounding with internal island are blocked from public. It was a boring site but the water was so clean & blue. & I got my perfect shot there.

The boatman played a prank on us all. We were heading around the island where he suddenly swayed near the isle with full speed. My instinct was that we were all gonna hit it & the next blink of an eye, we could all died. I was holding my gf''s arm & thought that we should really do something. At the very last second, he swung the boat & we avoided the isle - the middle east men laughed with joy & satisfaction. I was like WTF. 

Half way back to the shore, the boat was dead. No more petrol. Seriously....
I remember he said he was gonna dump us all in the last island while he go get back to refill petrol. Oh dude! He called for help while we chat among ourselves, took pictures altogether with strangers. One of them came forward to talk to us 4. He was warming & the most friendly among 3 of them. Perhaps the only one who could speak better English if not equal to the rest. 

He said Syukran in Arab means thank you. He proudly told us Arab word is simple. One word. Thank you 2 words. Terima Kasih is also 2 words. LOL. Oh, the after boat ride's conversation revealed that he was a doctor & the other two were soldiers in Libya. They came to KL for treatments. I choose not to judge on the genuineness cuz I don't think I will ever meet him elsewhere anytime soon. :P No point not believing right?

After a good bath at hotel, we went for our Under Water World museum. Not as grand as I have imagined it. I bet KLCC aquarium is better. But I went in with student price. So what the hell~

I was so desperate to joined the mangrove ride at Kilim in the evening but my girls were not keen with it. Deng! Sad la wei. Nearby there situated a bat cave lagi. They said too expensive for such a short ride- 2 hours basis. Not worthy for only 4 person. A boat is for RM200. Island hoping is only RM25 per person.

We came to know that if we did not take a photo with the biggest landmark in Langkawi, then we don't say we have been there.
So, we headed there with map & road sign indication. We we so eager to meet this little buddy. I didn't know it was located so near to another far end jetty. I didn't know that it was actually so huge. I didn't know that it was such a perfect location to witness sun set :) 

Standing at the corner of the stand, (The eagle was elevated at a stand creatively constructed as a star shape) witnessing the sunset while the wave keeps hitting the shores almost made me believe that I was in a cruise & it was heading towards the open sea.

A perfect evening :) We stayed until the sun vanished.

Night was spent slightly dull where my gals need to shop more for chocolate.
We rushed back to hotel to pack our stuffs nicely. 
We were so tired by midnight everybody slept with very minimal chat~ 
2morrow was another busy day

.....To be continue

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Love to be loved! Problem?
Oh dear where is my weekend? I wanna phrase down my memories before they fade away.

I'm so stressed out I could die - Felt like being abused mentally. 
When I feel lost or have no sense of direction, I know I'm so totally outta control of my tolerance.

Bullies everywhere....Workload & demands, & people management... 

Diu.... Why do I get myself into this mess???

Yes, I learned so much but they (knowledge) come with a price. 
I aged greatly.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Island Escapade Part 1


It was my sweet 1st flight to a new beach @ Pulau Langkawi on the lovely 15th September 2012.

3 of us took a late flight to Langkawi. Reached at 9pm & we managed to rent a car on the price of RM220 for 2 & a half day. Viva Perodua Automatic. LOL. We had difficulty finding our budget inn as it was slightly secluded with no proper sign board leading us in. 
Half way on the entry to Cenang, we were blocked by a group of police men. They said there was a rally inside & the road was used for some street act. I was like I stay there & i need to check in. They let us in but with a warning. Kuda tendang at your own risk. Wat? Are you kidding me? Well there were some horses but deng!... The rempits were the one needed to be aware of. Cuz they were simply down right brainless. Sweet Inn hotel. The room was fine, the environment was okay. So we didn't make a huge fuss about it. We took a stroll on the Cenang street where it was still alive & active along the shops & restaurants.  

After taking our supper, each of us took turn to bath which of course I often volunteered to go last as I shower the longest. :P We planned our activities for the coming 2 days & was more than ready to pick our fwen who joined us only at 16th on wards. 

I actually find it hard to believe I was actually in an island with my babes, away from all stress & annoying people. 

Day 1.

We woke up @8am expecting a beautiful day at beach. Mana tau the rain fall so hardly on the island it only stopped at 9am. Sigh. We then hit the road to Pantai Cenang. However, we end up at Pantai Tengah 1st. The sand was pretty rough & the waves were quite strong. Me and my girls we challenging the wave as it kept sweeping out slippers away.

After an hour, we left to seek for Pantai Cenang. More people & many activities were on going. Fine sand but much dirtier. Wherever the man kind inhabits, wherever the shits are. Slightly murky sea water. We initially wanna ride a banana boat but not enough passengers. We received a better offer - Jet skiing... Wow. That's like new....I mean I never plan to play that. I was actually looking forward to my 2nd parashooting. 
RM150, 3 person for 30 minutes. Dammit. Thankfully for my driving experience for a year long, that machine was pretty well controlled. It was so cool!!! No photos were taken though. None of us are willing to stay dry hence, camera was not a wise choice to bring along. The car key was there, safely guarded by the taukeh. Well, car is not a subject to be stolen in an island as the thief will have no way to run. LOL
 When we were about to leave, we were offered a cheaper price for a Banana boat ride. Being gal has its advantage, no doubt. 

The banana boat was a crazy ride. When we were about to start, the rain shed. A Nigerian student wanted to join in. After much negotiation, we let him joined in. He was trying so hard to show off his no-hand-mama stunt on the ride which was really stupid. I was hoping he fall into sea so I could LMAO hard. The rain shed heavier & with the speed of the boat, the rain water hit us so sharply they were very painful to endure. Towards the end of the ride, the rain gets a little nastier & calmed only when we were about to finished. We said we don't wanna fall from the boat but the last wave before we could come down failed us. Wet all over. 

What a ride!!! Although we were reluctant to leave, we have no choice but to get our butt speedily back to hotel. Cherly will arrived at 2pm. The sands filled our pocket & I wonder how many gulp of beach water I have swallow. Yerrr............

Dressed up, we were ready to welcome our fwen @ airport & the rest of the activities planned. 
We stop somewhere along the way to Cable car ride for lunch. It was the luxury yacht terminal & we had our nice Arabian/Indian meal. Once we reached the park, it was filled with tourists & the line for the cable car ride was ridiculously long. Hence, we gave it up for the day & reschedule the activities. 
We went to Telaga Tujuh instead. The popular waterfall was located high in the mountain, very steep road & stairs but I gotta tell you it was very worthy. The view, the water except for some jerks there were amazing. 
It was so comfortable, I could sit there whole day. In fact, if only I bring along some shirts, I will get wet in the cold chilling water. 

We forgo the wells which were located even higher on the mountain. We decided to go to Kuah Town instead for a seafood dinner & to hunt for chocolates. 
Along the way, we bump to another 2 beaches. Pantai Kok & Black Sand beach. Pantai Kok was the cleanest, & less polluted beach in main Langkawi island. Black Sand beach was rather mysterious to me. Many untarnished strong boulders along the beach makes it a little spooky. It wasn't very black to me but in the middle of the sea, there were a section where it was slightly rocky/murky & dark. I thought it was mud but it appears to be some dead coral reef or rocks I don't know. I wished I could walk towards it, get wet & dirty only to find out the truth. Now that gives me one good reason to go to Langkawi again once I finish traveled all other island in Mas. 

 I miss my babes already :)

Journey to Kuah Town was a long one. It was practically located at far east of Cenang. We had a fabulous dinner & then came to a mall which sells cheapest chocolates. Many places sells duty free choco however not all are at the same price. I'm not crazy about chocolate but I end up buying more than I should. Well, they were so cheap my goodness. I wish they sell cheaper & wider range of coffee beans/powder selection though. Bias la u....

1st Day was a bloody long tiring day with chocolates & 2nd day planning. 

..........To be continue

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

If you are not happy doing what you like
 You will probably find excitement outta something you dislike. 
If there is ever one fine day that I changed to another person not entirely me, please ask that lady to read this blog. LOL!!! I'm scared that I might let the reality of the world to transform me into a bitch, far worst than I  already am. 
Friends used to say that I don't sing using my own voice. 
I often don't get it why. How different neh?
Today I can proudly tell you. The actual fact is that I don't talk using my own voice. LOL.
The one that I use to sing is my natural voice. 
When I talk, I have the tendency to squeeze my vocal chord a pitch higher than usual. 
I never intend to do that cuz I hate those immature voices on matured women.
That's when certain fwen of mine will make fun of it saying my voice was cartooniest & high in pitch. 
I will be like, you haven't see me talking to my dog yet. XD
Oh well good night :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Less than 2 weeks time & I'll be performing again. 
This time is huge!!! 
Big stage @ Equatorial Hotel for PBB Southern Region 2 Annual Dinner.

Those who are listening are big guns/corporate men & ladies... Well, they probably wouldn't know how to really appreciate music but they definitely could tell whether you sucks on stage or not. 

With my current fitness, I don't think I could deliver anything awesome, I just hope I don't embarrass myself whilst satisfying my need to be on stage. I will be clad in my lovely purple dress singing Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You, AGAIN -  cuz I don't wanna go through the fuss of picking another favorite only to go through a dramatic routine to put everything together.

Lose weight? duh, Tak akan jadi already. 
Take extreme classes in the shortest time to fix my vocal? lagi reluctant.

The only thing I can do is to let loose & let JCdagreat come alive.

I freaking love attention, I think the spotlight is the only perfect boyfriend who could satisfy me.

The hell, whatever I said kinda draw sex command? WTF. Pls have your brain wash, boys. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Right Place

So in the right place, at least for now. 
The sense of belonging, the sense of ownership are here. 

I really don't mind picking up my own shits. I'm glad im doing em myself. 
Boss said he is giving me more work gradually... but I don't see it that way though. 
The next thing I know is that I needa hit RM500K target................ 
Like Seriously???
> . <

Confirmed X buleh hit mia... 
I don't think I wanna......... hmm.

 Coming weekend go Langkawi lo :3 I can't wait to see my girlffwens. 


 There is one thing I hold dearly to myself 
If I choose not to listen to others, then I wouldn't be telling my problem.
Which is my I channel my emotion here daily. Majority of the stuffs I wrote are about me being me, my way of handling my ego, emotion & boundaries daily. 

If I choose for advice, I will ask. If I choose to talk, I will wanna be heard; not taught. 
Be very clear in this. 
So when I write shytes in blog, I'm neither wanna be taught nor be heard. I just wanna release tension & at the same time respect people's rights to either avoid or adhere to my shytes.

I have little patience for emo people. Cuz I myself is an extreme case. If I ain't releasing it on you, I'm not expecting yours to be splurged on me. But please, don't get me wrongly. 

I could be a very good listener, only if you choose to listen to my advice. You have to be fair. You wanna talk, then you gotta listen. I choose to respond to your problem because I care. But if you weren't listening at all, not taking anything in, I must well talk to the wall instead. 

I'm tired of fixing people. Which is why I said I have no patience. I cannot choose my family members. They could posses a million thing I hate about them but I cannot disown them.
But for you, I can. 

Dear, I hope you know we have tried our very best to understand your problem & advice you accordingly. 
But you gotta help yourself okay?


Omg! J.Lo is coming to town in December!!!
So going! Hopefully!


Today's paper inspired me. Tan Sri Lim, founder & chairman of I-Bhd is one heck of an ambitious man. 
Do you have a son? Is the youngest one married already?




Good Night :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Being a branch stuff officially for the 2nd day. It seems much longer than that. 
I wore this outfit 2day, all from the Nicole's collection. Total purchase for that attire cost me more than RM100-00. Can you imagine how many sundae cone I can buy with that sum of money?
Well, if it's well spent, it's not consider as a waste. 

I love it the moment I tired em. The confidence & the sense of victory were there when I had them on. 
I am very satisfy with it. :)

I'm glad to have my dear fwen Genesis with me for a good few days. He's a wonderful senior, a good guider, so soft spoken & so hilariously fun cool guy. Yes, he's a friend. Not a colleague. 

You're gonna be mobiling soon again. I'll be so alone starting thursday :(
 What am I gonna do without you? Haha... bitch pls. XDXD
Paiseh la... I'll be very sticky once I get close to a friend. 
Lucky u lor...not many people in the bank can see the nice me. 

Please always come back to Seremban. Or rather, the mobile team could always take turn to visit me in Seremban :) As long as I'm still here okay?

I had an awful dream yesterday night. Few colleagues were in my room, on my bed. Women & men. I dunno what the hell they were doing there but the hell, I fucking dislike them disturbing my sleep. 

Imma make full use of this one demanding year. A year of challenges. 
It's tough. Almost unbearable. It's crazy. I even try to withdraw myself from sight.

If only you were here ~
But you don't exist....
 It's not that I don't want you, I'm not worthy of you. 

Night you :)