Saturday, 30 July 2011

The slowest windmill ride EVER!!!

Two so poh actually went to the funfair simply just for the ride =) I really wanted to try something new, fast and more threatening... I don't think my weak heart can take it... I need to at least live until the age of 50.

My last day at work. I did not cry. Odd? Yes I was surprised! That may be the reason why I briefly hugged and wished everyone goodbye in a rush. It was one hell of a reality check as I learned so much there. Alot about science, more about working life and ways to deal with people you are working with. 

Now that I have finished internship, I am now officially an unemployed fresh grad.

Deng Deng Deng

Mau hire me ka??? 

Pretty darn thing looking so mature, far off the range of age that I can tolerate already 


Friday, 29 July 2011

Banana rocks!!!

I need someone who can play my favourite songs...

and know the songs that I know

I need someone who love the music that I love

I need someone who thinks like me

as I always say, I can't always speaks my mind. Bad music vocab...I know!

I need a Banana Musician...

I know I'm annoying

You gave me perfect and I demanded more

I cannot tolerate in the sense of music

It's either our way or my way 

Cuz I don't see anyone who can read my mind yet.

Wait... Sigh, This is JcdaGreat speaking!!! 

Yea, she's that bold. She hates roundabout. She prefer highways. 

Though I must say, you're a damn good guitarist. So skillful. 

Sadly, although I doubted still, we ain't the perfect duo and I think you knew it too. 

I'm sorry for being disappointing =(

Our 3rd member is singing wonderfully well. I love her voice while she's in love with mine. I feel challenged and I need improvement. 

While I was losing confidence, watching myself in NTLP 14 performance after 2 months of not doing so made me feel alive again. I need to have that spirit back!!! 


***To clear everyone's curiosity, I had been in love but I haven't been into a relationship***

So, don't ask me such question ever again. I don't like answering it as it makes me a loser. When you see me laughing/smiling over the phone, I must be chatting or FBing with dearest and they amused me... don't underestimate the little things that you do as they might just make my day

A part time lover might be able to give me an answer

Sigh... medication for nose block kicks in jor. Mau sleep le

Half a day left and I'll be free!!! 

Looking forward to the wonderful joy ride of the coming week.


I still enjoy being a B.A.N.A.N.A.

Lunch Break with Dear Lek Lek

After a year long depart, or longer, we finally met up. One of the dearests of all is taking medic at UMS Sabah. She came back merely just a week of time and I am truthfully glad that she could fit me in into her must meet list this time around. Nothing change~ both of us have this quality of maintaining our beauty but not really our body sizes eh? LOL. I really enjoy our 38ness together cuz whenever we talk, we just couldn't stop. From A to Z and then back to A and C, D and on~

It has been too long....really and that 2 hours you gave me were not enough to kill those time off. I'm glad that you are still sane and is braving through much struggles with positive attitude. You're such fighter!!! =)

Give me a call whenever you come back soon alright? By that time, I should be able to bring my boot boot car out and fetch you out. Assured you parents that I'm such angelic soul with a pretty face so that they won't worry about your safety. =P Though I might be a hugger or a kisser... Na, get use to it would you?

 Ever lovely dear Lek Lek

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Attended the Public Mutual talk. Once I was there, my dad asked if I wanted to hear it and I was like why not. I'm already here!!! So, once I stepped into the room, all I saw was few people with some old men. I felt like I was the god sent beauty in the room XP. Damn it. The talk made me aged a few more years. Haiz...

All I can say is that I'm yet to fit in as UTC. SIGH. 


 Oh, anyway, I was in love.... in my dream >< Well, at least I'm happy.

Can I meet you again tonight? 

Let me fall in love again

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The night before yesterday, I dreamed of meteors showers and I was like in the middle of the city. They were beautiful until they shot nearer to me to the extend of almost killing me. Baby Chasez was in my dream. I was like, should I hide in the car? Wait... >< Like it would save me?! The subconscious me thought that I updated my discovery of deadly meteors rain on Facebook. Gosh....

Then, I was hoping that I would be spared a night yesterday but I guess it wasn't approved. I dream of a many headed ghastly ghost spooking everyone or just me at a pub. Damn, I acted as though I did not see it. But it macam mau sok yau la... F. It was lingering around me making me shivered. I was there seeking, for someone o something. Lover? Oh cheap... I was talking to someone there I think.

2 continuous stupid dreams. Seriously??

PMS sucks!

How do you know your best friends?


She sticks with you when you scratch her with nails and purr like a cat although she hated it

She texts you a message wishing you good morning every now and then, and that makes you smile

She tells you anything/everything as she reads your mind... She knows how much you care but jia jia x mau act geboh

She walks faster but not away on the streets whenever you lose control and laugh hysterically about the smallest thing that could tickles your funny bones

She compliments you to peoples around her instead of letting you know directly because she knows your ego

She teases you all the times but she knows that you like it

She acknowledged the way you are and is not afraid to correct you when you are wrong

And for better or worse, she will never attempt revenge if you ever hurt her 

She never turns a deft ear when you need someone to badmouth with

She never gives cold shoulder whenever you need someone to cry over

And of course she will talk you out from being emotional like you always do

She senses your fear, she likes your jokes, and she hugs you tight

She definitely does not think twice letting you kiss her cuz she knows your way of showing compassion the wrong way 

Best friends need no calculation to define the strength of the bonding

It is not measure by years and the level of sacrificial 

There is no better definition to describe her better than

The wide happy smile plastered on your face whenever you see her, whenever you read her

Dear all... 

A smile twitched by involuntary muscles does not lie =)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sesat not Seremban Tour

Walking trip =P

How I wish I could bring my baby Chasez out!!!

Sam came earlier than the NT geng cuz he won't be around on my bday. The trip started off rough and uncertain... erm, well, better left unsaid. It was nice to see one of my miao. 

I was expecting him to look as good as he did during NTLP concert. Arghhh... U x de shave, u didn't keep that short hair... T.T LOL.... U shud know how demanding I am ite? 

One of the most beautiful structures in Seremban

 I always love the cross sign. My new fav ~ STARS


Thanks for touring with me XP

Oh... U out there.... It's not what you think of

I'm wearing my ring tight =)

I'm happily single

Friday, 22 July 2011

Baby Myvi

It was 5pm already and I stormed out of Pathlab and into my dad's car. Ha, let's go back. My dad was waiting for something. I was like let's go la... He said, wait for the Myvi... Oo. 

A man, a friend of my dad drove from behind and together we headed back to my garden. Damn, baby is freaking leng zhai. I was suddenly overwhelmed with joy. I finally own a car! My own fortune!  
My freedom!

Well, every happy stuff comes with a payment. I'm in heavy debt!!! 50 K loan >< plus PTPTN lagi... all in all totaling 80K. Bloody~ I'm so stress I think I need a job at once. Hutang budi summore....

I'm grateful to my Dad. I really am. I knew he wanted to do this for a quite along time. Finally, he is financially stable and I'm finally here at home for good temporarily. I can see how excited he was when he show me the car. He wanted to make it as my birthday present. He always ensure me to get the best that he could afford. I had my 1st ride today at the garden. I sucks!!! The last time I drove was almost five years ago. That was when I passed my driving license. Imagine that! But considering all factors, I'm actually pretty good with it. Serious la XD.

Hmm, Im thinking if I should name him Joshua or Chasez (pronounce Sha'say). 

Everything happen for a reason. 5 years of waiting developed my maturity, my patience and definitely independence. This five years, I solely depended on my friends to get me to places. They never mind me being crippled, being immobile and they never complaint about needing to fetch me around whenever we need to go out.  

You guys taught me a life long value.  
Never be selfish of your capability 

I just... =')

You know... I'm a nobody. I don't think I deserve such rewarding treatment. I don't go date people cuz I fear of being troublesome. I'm afraid of being misunderstood... I fear I might be verging on using someone I care to reach for something I need. I don't like me being the beneficial party all the time.

Faster go buy 4D. I dun encourage it though. Cuz I have this theory in head.. striking a 4D is like borrowing your own money in the future. Na, im just encouraging myself not to have this bad habit

I promise, I'll master the driving skill fast. I need to be able to ensure my passenger's safety. LoL. My mom will have the priority and followed by my dearests. 

I have been wanting to tell the world how grateful I am to you guys... I finally have the chance to do so. 

I'm HaPpiE =) Vromm baby Vroommm
Now I have the perfect reason to buy my self a huge, super cool sunglasses =)))

One dream came true tonight =)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Was finding for the perfect purple... 

I love lavender since I was young... Not quite sure if it was due to Kaneshiro Takeshi.

So many thought in mind... So much left unspoken, unwritten

People says a picture tells a thousands story. 

Do you manage to guess one outta my complex mind set right now?

Suddenly in the mood for TLC

Make a come back babes... I knew Lisa would love you to do it =)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Not So Blue After All

Received a call from a Celcom number early in the morning while I was getting dressed up. Still feeling sleepy, I was like "This Is it"!!! "Hello???" Booyaa!!! Is him!!! My supervisor called and asked if he could visit me today at around 11am? Or after.... Hell yea, come here at once! He must had a nightmare about me cursing him gao gao the other night (which I did) that he made such abrupt visit. 


It was my 1st day at the counter and it was simply a peaceful day. It's a totally different environment and definitely a more comfortable one. I was so eager to meet him that nothing the senior taught me goes into my head. He called another time at 10am telling me he was lost. He headed slightly further off to another area. He asked me how to reach my place. Me? I was dumbfounded for awhile... Oh no! Wait, I burst into my branch manager's room and asked his favour to aid him. 

Finally he reached, looking so funny and I don't even recognized him at all. He chatted with me and Mr. Ang for awhile, he seemed like not at all prepared while I was the one being overly excited to tell, to present, to wow him over. He just took in all the forms and report and he did not even look at my beautifully prepared log book. Anyhow, I forced him to look at all my slides. All he said was 'my purpose here is to see if she's learning and if she is doing well in the company'. 

Oh~ I would rather someone like Dr. Narimah or whoever stricter than she is to come questions me. Ask me, anything to the extend of making me shiver, clueless and freak out and even cheat just to give an answer. I don't at all feel challenged! In fact, the whole visitation to me was so cheap. Damn, couldn't you at least make me feel worthy of paying the university for this lousy internship course? 

The waiting period is over and this real good burden is finally off my shoulder. I had a satisfying smile plastered to my face the whole day. Had a nice Mee Bandung at Pasar Besar Seremban, a great chat with colleagues. 

Today I received 3 phone calls that excites me a lot. My dear sayang Latif called all the way from Johor cuz he definitely missed me alot!!! XD. Miss you too bold head!!! Then, whoah... I must have good faith with banking. Public bank called and asked me for my conformation to attend a talk next Wednesday. If I would, the my resume would be proceeded. If not, I would be dropped off for good. Mai go hear lo... Let's see what you had to offer! 

3rd call.... ahh... still many don't know, I phobia phone ringing de... @@. Justin nudged me suddenly on msn. That was shocking! Further conversation shocked me more... I really thought sumone was hacking your account and it could only be Wilson Lai. HAHAHAHHA. I can't think of anyone else!!

So we chat over the phone about his brother entry to UKM. LOL. I miss this man so much!!! Hey, you talk with such vibration... so nervous ka? I dun recall you talking such way last time. Or I dun realized. 
Always so farny!!! Eh, seriously bila mau jumpa? 

Lai Gossip Mr.LOL =)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fabulous House

What can you think of base on the name itself?

A cafe? A boutique? No!

Is a steamboat ala cafe house XD

Nice menu design eh?

Not just the name of the restaurant is misleading, even the environment and the music

The design of the cafe is similar to Fullhouse and they play old ballads. It's not the typical all-you-can-eat steamboat house. There are sets you can pick and those add on delicate foods. 

O.o... wish I could show this to Dear Pumpkin <3

The food was fine for us girls but if any guy was present, then we probably need extra order or a second round somewhere after. What I love most was us, the four girls chilling out at a new restaurant melting those past months and years away. Love you Paulian =)

This was found in 7-11 during our brief strolling around S2 area. Such legends XD

I only knew Seremban got Paparich that day. I miss the food so much, our next date shall be there alright girls???

Intern Updates

Last Saturday was my last day at the urine station. Was sad and happie about it. Since it was my last day touching all those cold smelly liquid, I've decided to test my own. 

I was quite nervous to tell the truth. I just had KFC as lunch! It was company's treat though. My urine sample was clear and in straw colour. Appeared normal. Then I tested it with the strip. Everything was okay until I saw blood trace on it. Mother fucker!!! 

Then I centrifuged it to get the sediment and examined it under the microscope. I was pretty shocked to see quite a lot of epithelial cells. <5 RBC and <5 WBC until I saw a clump of WBC sumwer in the slide~ around 1+ gua. Damn!!!

I freaked out!!! I was half way laughing and telling out loud that I was going to die. My seniors were there and they took a look. The elder one said that it was okay. Probably I drank less water and these signs were all normal as long as they are of minimum level. 

Slightly regretted my action but I was glad that I knew. At least I need to start making a change in my lifestyle.

Anyway, 2 more weeks left and I seriously can't wait to get the hell outto that place. I don't like to be bounded, and I definitely dun enjoy working for real without something worthy in return. There were times my lab supervisor got me really pissed off especially during my PMS week. He was a divorced man and living with 2 children. He simply get on my nerves with his childish attitude and bullshit jokes and all nonsense. I especially hate it when his hands becomes itchy and start poking my waist and other stupid tricks. 

Hey old man, U're not a friend of mine, you are of respected position in the company, act professional would you? If I do get any mean or if i'm simply not being understanding, I can sue you for sexual harassment.

Why wouldn't you just teach juniors the right way? U already made one small hearted trainee not talking to you and you are now testing my patience level as well. I can spit on your face right now and tell you straight away, I'm have minimum tolerance on my pms week and it can only be use on my family. I have no space to take all your junks in and be prepared to be shamed if you ever try stupid tricks and speak nonsense to me. 

So another bloody supervisor from my uni, please get the hell here as fast as you can. Everything is done. All I need is you to show your dumb face once and for all.
I had enough of this 

I need a longer break

I need a vacation

I need a life 

Oh .....FUCK

Saturday, 16 July 2011

ATQ finale

Both Jie Ying and Geraldine were spot on earlier in the competition. The first time I saw JY sang, I was blown away. She has a wonderful voice. A voice that I adore and her stage presence is undeniably superb. If I could feel it from the TV, I bet the live show was even greater. 

Her 1st song in the finale was nice and upbeat, the choruses was slightly sharp though. But still it was a great opening. Geraldine rocked the first song. Perfectly suited her, she made me wanna know what song was that. For the second round, I don't really enjoy both performance especially JY's one. She did okay but never in my head I think anyone could sing It's My Life better than BonJovi. Luckily She made it up with her perfectly sang 3rd song by Harlem Yu and she slayed her final song Fau Kua by Eason Chen. Geraldine was consistently good if not great in all four rounds. That made her a winner!!

Now if only Jie Ying had better rounds earlier, she would have been the winner~ no doubt!

I guess it's alright. Everybody heard you and you are simply awesome. Haha...guess what, U sorta released the gayness outta me LOL. I love geraldine too. In fact, I thk she has the similar style that I do best. 

This year competition was far better compared to a few years' back. I love the talents and the whole idea and production. I have been watching ATQ every since Eric Lim became champion in year 2000. Since then, I dream to stand on that stage and I yearn to go to the audition every single year. I really wish I could try my luck next year. This time I won't let anything get in my way. 


I rather got rejected by judges than got regretted by not entering

Oo...Those mei mei di di were all inspiring... Goodness me, they weren't even nervous to begin with. Such SHAME on ME!!!

My Time Will Come


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hasta Pronto?


Midnight~ after the Harry Potter movie, I saw his post on FB~ I actually saw the comments under that that I realised 14/7 was his flight back to Indonesia. 



I swear U told me it was 31st of July!!! If I truly got it wrong, then my big eyes are really good for nothing. I remember checking on the calender if I were able to get you a farewell and send you off with NT gang. Now I would have to thank you for saving me from shedding a bucket of tears.

For U gang

Damn, I wonder why am I so pissed off. U left without a proper goodbye. We had a unfulfilled band jamming date~ I'm really sorry for not being able to come~ but I was seriously looking forward to it during convo. AND U say u're gonna attend my Convo!!! Arghh~

 I dun really like you in the 1st year. Jia jia Macho ~the man with a few words and Im not talking to junior~

Senior of mine with a younger age~ I know you don't like it here in Mas, I just hope knowing me is one of the best things that happened to you in this broken land. You're not gone to begin with, you're just away. It's just that I'm sucks in departures.

I will miss ur geliness with Witter so badly

I wish you all the best in future undertakings and I really hope you truly find happiness back in home country. Whenever you thought of dropping by in Mas again, give me a call. Date on.

 I dun even have a proper picture with you > < Hate U lar

Thanks again for everything Vincent =)

U're the grooviest bassist I know thus far~ dun lose it

Last Saturday was supposed to be my off day. Alvin called and told be that the lady boss needed a band at 9pm saying that the band who was supposed to perform that night couldn't make it. Well, my nose was block and I wasn't at all ready. I was persuaded and U noe I can't say no to singing. So, I went and this time I sang alone. I was doubting whether my voice could last the whole night. I did but with flaws. I was happy with my singing, in fact, I thought it was the best of all the Saturdays I sang so far! I just really beh song of how we were paid. The payment wasn't right and we did not question them. Arghh... Next time, there won't be a next time for us to aid you this way again. 

That day, while I was heading back to lab after lunch, something struck my head when I was looking across the road at a restaurant I passed by quite frequently. I was trying to recognize the roads so I could bring my fwens around when they come here soon. I was like~ Oriental... Hey, the location seems so familiar.


Once I recognized the place, a shot of past memories flew before my eyes... 

It was the one my F6 mates celebrated my bday with~ with, cuz the restaurant itself was part of the evil and the plan I was fooled with. I told the story a thousand times. How I was fooled and how my birthday was celebrated twice and ever grandly~ I remember how trembled I was as I was terribly shocked~ I remember how I screamed and jumped excitedly!!! That was one of the best days of my life. Apart from that, I also remember how this so-called BFF hurt me deeply on my bday. U were the black spot of my entire blessing day and I will never forget that.

Because of you, I learned the value of revenge~ how not to be used on ur best fwen. 

BDW, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was AWESOME!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

It's not easy to change someone's attitude!!!
Y trying?? Good question~ to whoever bother to ask
Cuz that negativity of yours is sucking all the patience I have
Do not go around pissing people off with your misery you imposed on yourself. 
In the corner of my heart, the indeed selfish me was hoping that
I could change you so I won't be bothered by your problems
You just don't understand
Ur happiness is My happiness
I put you above everything else or so I thought 
Do you ever appreciate my effort?
Or I simply don't understand?

It's not easy you know that. 
You don't had it easy and so did I
I'm tired but yet I can't let go

A black spot in life I can't escape
Stained and rusted 

I paralyzed all senses hoping that I could fake a fantasy
Thinking probably I could run away from reality
by ignoring
No, even a hard down pour of tears can cure this disease
It's deadly, Im half broken

I won't giv up fighting
It's destined maybe but imma prove to you 
U ain't winning 
U choose the wrong Eva to play with
Im such a BITCH Imma fuck you hard for such crappy path you bless me with
You just designed a weapon to kill

Eventually, I might just thank you for not loving me
for I learn how to love others 

Ha, Im feeling much better =)
Pls knock me out cuz i need to pay my sleep debt

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My love

 Since he was CLEAN, and I was dirty n messy (spot my hairdo), I grabbed him by my side and start snapping pictures. Yea~ I was wearing NTLP 13 T =) He is so fluffy, so gebu, but his hairs fall like krazy... 

> <

 Just ignore me... Fat jor. Dear dear so cute here

 C how gepoh he was... He actually heard my neighbour's voice a few house away and totally ignore my presence...


One special girl friend of mine...