Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Delicates little fingers.

Sacred and pure.

Non touched. Locked nor smeared.

Of that i am sure.

They hold no hatred. No game. No drama.

Awaits the kindest and bravest of match.

No guide no measure no judgment.

They can always tell.

Message from the tip carried thru the veins

Clarity of the heart bestowed the answer.

Monday, 26 June 2017

IKEA Dream Came True :)

And this time this dream was made true with you.

Im so happy driving up all the way alone to Ikea Cheras and you were there spending the whole noon with me. 

You with a new hair cut. Super smart!
If you havent already knew, i dont always compliment people face to face. 

I wanted to go ikea for as long as forever but never really got the chance to do so.
This time with my new home coming and you being the main reason, i finally found the will to make the effort. Thank you for making time for me.

The only downturn was it was overwhelmingly overloaded with human. And stuffy environment.
My current favourite human was very attentive and kept me very protected. Guided me like full time Ikea Sales (LoL :D) and getting my heavy stuff into car etc.

Now he knew im easily paranoid and are afraid of clowns. And i cant finish one bowl of jap rice meal. What is that call again?
Hahaha... Sorry babe. I waste food.

Im easily contended and low maintainence as a whole but i am very selective in my partner's well being and characters.
Of what i know and being told of. Im satisfied.
Boy who loves coffee and dogs.
What else i could possible ask for?

I knew you are different when im treating you like my best gurl fwens.
So cosy and so comfortable. So huggy.

Lets just hope all of you are sincere and a wonderful being 1st and foremost.

Being a leo. We knew exactly what we have and are capable to deliver.

You made my Mondate wonderful.

It keeps getting better.
I wonder if you feel the same.

Sometimes missed opportunities divert us to better choices. I guess we should really have faith in ourselves.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

2nd date :)

I never stop smiling when im with you.

You made me feel a lot of like myself once.

Thanks for making my sundate worthwhile.

It has been long since i had the last weekend date. I think it was back in... haha. I cant even recall.

That was how sucks my dating life is.

The closest i had was with my bff.

You are like the right thing on the right place happening and im not sure why it works well for now.

Maybe it is the infatuation thing.
I have no idea.
Perhaps it is just that.
When i wake up in the next morning ill probably come to my senses.
That it was just a nais dream :)

And i had a beautiful dreams twice.
So i thank you for your time and your conpanion and mostly that distraction.

Goodnight bae.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Dear Laymei.

Happy marriage to you and your husband.
Officially Mr and Mrs Goh.
I hope for the best for you and your future undertaking.
You are always the one who strive for opportunity and tried your best to achieve it.
We heard your humble family back ground.
We heard you cried for those past memories.
See where you are heading now.

Im so so proud of you.
And i only hope you find all the happiness returns to you from all the kindness and goodwill you did for others.

I am waiting for the day you will be given the title Professor Sim. A proud Phd holder.

Be loved dear.
I hope n pray Alex that treat you well.
For all the years and things you guys been through.
I only hope that it is all worthy and it blossoms to even better future and wonderful marriage.

As you matured into this strong beautiful young lady you are.

Continue to strive for your dream.
Broken past shall only add fuel to your endless possibled dreams.

I love you.
I hope you knew.
I might not be the one who answers your call or revert text messages time to time.
But i do care.

Or i wouldnt have risk these husstle for your big day. And i had a lovely journey indeed.

I will try my best to achive my own ultimate happiness too.
And i hope we can all live long to witness each other glory days.



Nothing else really matter.
They dont matter.
I was their option.
Perhaps the last resource they ran to when they were out of attention payer.

Piece by piece.
Fragile and undesired.
Failing to understand.
That the missing piece.
Was right inside.

One fine day.
Non others matters.
You shall find.
The one thing.
You seek for.
Finally unleashed.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Things i do for love.
Might not be much.
But they are all i am capable of.
All of me that i could. For now.
I hope you know how much i love you.

We dont just creating memories.
You guys always bring back all the fond memories we had in university.
Best years of my life. Still is.
8 years back.

Im so very tired now.
Mostly cuz i drove whole day and without proper sleep the whole entire 1st night.
Odd stuff happens always.

Penang is like my 2nd home now.
I dont mind coming as often as i can cuz meeting my gfs are like meeting my love.
Nothing is too tired to be with them who never fail you and who really are care of you.
And capable to love me.

Talking about love.
Certain people will promise things but never do.
Some will not do extra or even bother to.
Reason given was that i was preoccupied.


I guess its complicated.
If i am not needed at any given time.
I am not needed at any time.

Sincerity and consistency is the key.
While everyone thought the keypad was difficult.
It actually only need the right key holder to ignite the complementary.

Lay Mei ROM 2morow.
Its gotta be a beautiful day :)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

There are times when im needy.
Time when i need comfort and assurance.
Tonight that crazy thunder got me jump awake and im feeling so lost.
I tried to sleep by 12am. Im not sure how deep i have slept but i had 3 cuppa of coffee in the day.

What a day it was. Baby joshua was fixed with new tyres and checked. Safe travel for a road trip.

And when im needy.
Against my will ill go seek for people i yearn affection from. Those that i seek are those that means alot to me at that moment.
Either their accountability or their presence calms my anxiety or that im sure i would be entertained.

This afternoon my love Joanne Wong showed me just that. It was out of a sudden kinda call to her to seek for companion. She showed up eventhough she was one minute from taking a nap and risk making her sister mad.

Tq love. I really really owe you this.

And boy oh boy.
It was 3.30am!!!
Why do you even bother??

Crazy bitch with a crazy need at 3.30am.
I got you tested 3 times for a midnite buzz.
Either you dont sleep or whatever you said is true.
I wonder what ring tone i got assigned.
But most probably you are really a sensitive sleeper.
A buzz will freak you out in the middle of the night.
I dont know.

Still very doubtful.
But thank you. Thank you for not abandoning me tonight when i just needed a random chat.
Please dont hate me for taking your sleeping hours away. Appology accepted?

Someone ask me to marry a mechanic today.
So that he can fix all my problem away when it comes to car issue.
It was a joke. But because if was from him i felt offended.
You may not want me but you dont get to decide whom you want to push me to.
You have no right.
That joke is not funny.
If thats a revenge from you then it is childish.

So i was too serious now?

You want fantasy but cant handle the reality?

Sigh. What am i even saying?


Y u thunder?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Not giving up yet?

:) You are quite unpredictable dont you?

Your call made my day. A simple but carefree talk.
Utter nonsense of the remedy to my flu etc...

Not more than 15 minutes. I still prefer to talk to you face to face. I can still sense some trace of over nervous kinda feeling in both of our voices.
But we laugh it off anyway. :)

Can you assure me that you are a good person before anything else?

Im not convinced. Too good to be true. haha.
I guess thats the problem with good looks.
People like to judge us. :3
And worst still is how we know each other.
Promise to tell my mom that we met in FB if you got questioned.
Or else you are not allow to fetch me again.


I guess we wont have our 2nd meet up anytime soon. At least not these 2 weeks.

It's okay. If something is meant to be, it will be.
If i can waste my 2 years waiting for a man who cant love me. I can spend some months to do some screening on you.

Im not a fast food. Fyi. I hope you respect that. And like that. I hope you are not a fast food lovers too. Mcd is exception.

It is a shame now that we are a world whereby we tend to judge or be cautious on people.
What do you see in me?

Bottom line is. I will be just happy to have you just as a chatting friend.

Ill be going epoh n penang next thur and back on sunday. Expecting the trip day night got me sick now.

Le boy was hardworking this week.
Lunches and date night.
The Alient Covenent is hard for the visual pleasing.
You might wanna skip it. Haha...
The similar alien like the one on the movie alien vs predator.
Anyway this time it involves galaxy and biological stuff. They got me interested. He likes the trailer.
I wonder if he likes the movie.

49 days passed. I wish the prayers and the ceremony were all smooth and well executed.
She is now part of the family royalty :)
She would be at peace. Just be well and reach your inner peace soonest to ease her fear and worries.
Help her by helping yourself boy.

She will be loved to heaven. That i am sure of.
She is not going anywhere else but there.

Take good care boy.
Talk to me if you need to.
You know im always here.
Untill i see someone else.
Im always here.

The bitter herb tea.
The 1st surprise you did that made me feel that you really do care of me.
It was almost unbelievable.
Thank you.