Wednesday, 30 March 2011


It would be two days of hell before I can celebrate freedom once again. 

*Then I will be able to find way to really let lose my desire to be sad over losing a crush*

But 1st

Kheng Bday 3rd of April....

Sing K dateS (book me one week earlier, or I will ignore)

Sunway Pyramid and Broga Hill


Then~ Final Exam

Now PIA Thesis~ 

Not really into talking nowadays... Sing to me would you?

Friday, 25 March 2011

mi familia de NewTune la musica grupo en la universidad

Error in video uploading... Sigh, next week alright...

I was darn good~ Now I can really live up to the award from Andrew, Best Performance of the night =)

Gotta battle thesis this weekend =(

Yesterday night was QingGungYuen...It was a beautiful night! It has been quite long since I last laugh that hard. Damn crazie fellas... Thanks for giving me such a fabulous ending memories. 

 Dinner at Lou Yeh again....haha

Tune Night =)

 NT lovely couples
Ex Tune king n Queen... I always love seeing them quarreling~ sweet

 Game time~

Candidates performances....

 Pair one~ 4 sure win liao de~
 Pair 2~ coming close o~
 Pair 3....yor geli

...and the winner is.... Jennifers lurve Mingyuen XDXD

After party~

 Jamming season...popular among non-singers...=) Niceee
 Amoi with the bangs.... my lo jie~
Notty Christine~

Then, since almost all GNT members were there, I decided to treat them Alfariz on the same day.
 I cannot tell when I will have time to do it again, so paiseh, I didn't mean to treat people among all others. I PK le... each one of you deserve it though.... next time =)))

There is always flaw in almost every perfect day.
By the end of the journey, I found out that I SAT NGAM LUEN, again... I lost without even trying, again. Hmm, which also proved me right as I said last time, I don't see this ngam luen going anywhere. Thankfully I did not do anything stupid yesterday. I thought about it. You're a good guy. I only wish you happiness with the person you choose to be with. If I do not guess it wrong, it should be Her. I always feel you both are matching. Alright, enough of this exposure liao. Since, he has gone public with his desire, I don't mind coming clean that I do crush on him. LoL. 


Na, dun worry. I lost count how many time I lost a crush in a year. This one just happen to be the most current one, and a long one. It will hurt a bit. 

So, any availability spot else where that I can fit in??? XD

I sent this to Oprah!!! =)

 OK, I'm not that daring. I saw a post from her page asking all singer wannabe who loves singing and wanted to make it big to write to her. 

So, I was like... why not?! She is a lady I have much respect on and she wanted us to share story with her. Y not~~~here goes

I started off as a shy girl who loves singing. Slowly, i gained some courage to finally go public about my passion through singing competitions and performances. Somehow, nervousness always get in my way and it was not just shown physically (I was badly shivering) but also affected my singing. I attempted failure after failure and I began to lose my confidence. I started to question myself if I should continue to proceed and if I can still bear more humiliation in public. It sucks when you know that you are capable, but yet manage to prove it.
I guess being a Leo gal makes me a fighter in nature. I strongly believe I have the voice and so I deal with my weakness patiently. I have a lot of friends to thank for as they never give up on me. Their supports and compliments built my fragile self-esteem back. I am now a singer in my University's music club called NewTune. From there I shine as a singer. I have great demand on stage and my showmanship is one of the best in my team. I had a fantastic journey with them organizing the concert NewTune Live Performance XIV which was on the 10th of March 2011. It was my best performance thus far. 
I learn more as I progress in this route. I have sharper ears and I catch mistakes pretty good. That's also why I am never satisfy with my own singing. I am driven to improve myself better as a vocalist as well as a performer. I yearn for acknowledgment and so I dare to dream a dream. In fact, I which I could materialize it one day. Being confident is the key for every opportunity. So, I am proud of myself for being stubborn enough not to let go of this dream. 
I'm no longer ashamed to admit to all that I love singing and I am good! =)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Im not happy

Very unhappy

I'm not okay... I myself is depress with my own emoness....

Just heard a news... Another junior of mine might need to undergo operation...

My heart sank

I don't see him much nowadays but that hurts... 


Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Listened to the recording at last!!!

I recorded the song last Saturday at 2.30am in the morning at the studio after fixing all the instrument's lines. I was getting tired and my voice sounded sleepy. After a lil warm up and alot of water intake, I was sent into the room. Hmm, I don't really like being watched over from another room, with all eyes staring at me.

I shy de....remember? LOL

Na, no one will ever believe me!

I don't like the earphone volume, but that fella didn't really turn it down even after I requested so. My voice sounded loud, too loud and extremely clear.

Who would ever thought that someone who love singing like me used have difficulty loving the microphone. We sorta have incompatibility. I tend to hold back my voice as if I would be too loud.

Stupid girl....

Ha, back to the story~ So, I sang the best I could. Only 2 full take and a half, that was it. When everyone said it was great, I was like no~ Geli wei, can I redo it... that was when the last half came from. 

I was slightly off balance and was super-criticizing with myself. Well, I can't request much as every minute counts in the payment. Since I couldn't load the video in FB with such lame speed, I decided to wait for the mail. 

Hey, I did well. At least I'm satisfy with it but I found out a note at the bridge which I sang flatly. Watde!!!!


StrEzzz....very... I missed the Spanish listening test today. OMG. She lied. She said it would be on Thur. I was late n prepared nothing. So, I left before reaching the class after receiving the message. 

Auditing it was the best choice I made this whole semester academically! Or else, I would be crying my eyes balls out (Na~) Or most probably I'll be hating myself to the MAX. 

I am not the top student, never once ... but I am still one of the best to beat in studies.

Enuf self pity-fying, sleepy le. 

In case you are still wondering why the topic TOE~ It was the name of the demo I did =)

Monday, 21 March 2011

NTLP is officially over.... What's next...???

Thesis! Na.... It's always here.... I just neglected it~

CANVAS!!! A fusion of Indonesian + Malaysian band... We were so near yet so far... The big gig was suddenly postponed. So uncertain... But the song TOE was GREAT! The best demo I ever sang!

Someone recruited me to sing at Station 1~ hey, you serious? I'm most willing to. But, you might need to guide me... esp in mandarin songs.

Random offers coming in... at least this will keep me off boredom during internship and kill off my Unisick and NTsick... 

My strengths are being acknowledged...I couldn't be happier. But, deep inside, something is lacking. I don't know what is it~

Can someone tell me and possible cure me???

I'm sick but I don't know how to mend my broken heart and find my lost soul.

Hot Air Balloon Festival =)

Thesis...Balloons.... Arghhh...

So, to make myself less guilty, I did my writing the night before. No point sleeping since we need to depart on 7.30am. Whoah, things I sacrifice for a good night sleep~

So, to justify the haircut, I tried to carry a more feminine look. Sigh, do you know how tiring it was to keep my BANG in check. 

Yes, to be fair, it makes me look young. It enhances my big eyes...
now with even bigger eye bags... XD

Once we were there, ticket was sold out. Just when I set my heart to go up on air... Suan. The games there were new to me, well some, but not quite up to the standard and pretty lame too. Not really worth the price. So, we end up not trying anything out. Oh, two of my girls did try Archery. I played once at Genting. Pumpkin made me laugh when she couldn't let go the arrow... sweet =) 

It has been a long time since I ride a bicycle. Very long time. But my balancing was good, even better than my own both feet on the ground. XD. The whole trip was a totally stress reliever.. 

 Awh....sumone proposed there... romantic giler... coincidently, the guy was my senior fwen XD 

~small world huh~

Bloody pony... he brushed me aside... no mammal decline my pet alright! 

Hey, check out my skill. I love photography...sorta hav sum skill in capturing stuff but without a proper camera, can't do much le.

 Weirdo balloon.... can u spot the difference?

 I guess i'm a born biologist. I love surrounded by nature... really!

Somehow this picture tells a story. Pumpkin said it's like our life...our path way. We walk along together towards uncertainty... By the end of the road, will we see each other again??

I suddenly sob, but I replied her immediately and not at all hesitated

Yes, we will. I promise we will.

Damn, I am emo again!!! 

In fact, I've been like this since NTLP 14 bid goodbye. 
2day was an extreme case...I did what I do best... Spamming! Muahhahaha.

Do know you that I'm still having dreams about concert relating stuff. Random people, random environment.. But the people faces remain the same... this is torturing...

Thesis stuff~ for you, I ady sacrifice my 3 nights as I work best when everyone is asleep. For you, in 24 hours I had 3 cups of coffee cuz i was dying to get job done. I was saying how rushing was it, was scaring myself that I probably won't be able to graduate. I actually wanna push myself to do work. I work damn efficient with pressure. But during that period, don't even dare to look at my face, and trigger stuff that annoy me~ 

Well, Im still wasting alot of time though~ C, im blogging ='(
Time is ticking... it waits 4 nobody and I hate to bid goodbye. It's hard to break the ice and melt the walls i built, but it's harder to wave good bye. I can't... I always choose to avoid... I hate it when Ah Yan takes over me... She is a cry baby...


Oh, this boy awed me =) Very charming! New crush....oops

I never had a chance to go UM concert. Hopefully there is a chance for us to exchange musical experience next time =)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

NTLP 14 part 3

As a senior singer this year, I expect myself to deliver greatness. I wish to be someone who can guide and I want to mark a footprint in NT. 

From January onwards, practices begun. I was committed from the start. Although I wasn’t a committee, but my besties were. To be less of a burden, it was wise to be available for them, helped them out whenever they needed me. Once I set my heart to do well in something, I will go all out- I did!

My band mates included 

>Christine Tee = composer/arranger
>Kiwi = arranger
>Edmund loo = drummer
>Mingyuen = bassist
>Jason Ang = harmonica
>Kai Yuen = tambourine
>Siew win, Pui Yan, Sam = background singers
>Me = main vocalist

 I cannot tell how proud I was when I saw this picture... U guys were amazing =)
All together we have 10 members in GnT team. We always have lotsa fun during practices. 
Give n Take is a fun song to deal with. I remember the first time I heard the song. I was guessing whose voice was that. I thought it was Kiwi’s voice and it was compose by Leng2. It was weird but catchy at the same time. And for all time, I sucks in audition. Still NT wanted me in. XD

I’m a fussy gal… and demanding too. But my band mates never once let me down. Each of them masters their field so that I could focus on singing. We discussed about the arrangement open heartedly, we gave opinions and I would share my ideas.  Thanks all~ Thanks for tolerating my needs and insanity. I have good ears but I cannot talk in music language. I have difficulty expressing my ideas so, thanks for listening to this amateur speaker. Apart from my own songs, I have 5 backgrounds singing for 5 different vocalists which made me a busy gal. Band room was almost my 2nd hot spot at Bangi. 

Time spent during practices was the best moments ever. I always love Ethan’s voice and once we had extra time, I will make him sing Sam Lee’s songs. Fooling around with him, singing our favourite Divas’ songs made me realised one superb potential I never thought I have. I have ‘HaiTunYing’… literary translate as Dolphin’s pitch. I was so high when we sang ‘Emotion’ by Mariah Carey and the high pitch came out just nice. Possibly a lower octave one, but still, I had it. I got to work on it as it could just be another trick in my pocket!

My song made me push boundaries. I never really try singing songs outta my comfort range. In fact, I never really test my full range before. Even if I did, I suppressed it so that nobody hears flatness or outta pitch problem if my voice goes out of control. I tried and succeeded! Finally I can do what American Idol’s contestants do best ~ hitting the high end note. In fact, the song was so special I can try all different styles such as growling, flirty n whisper sounds… I never thought I could do it live…
I thought JcDaGreat only come alive when I sing in the shower. 

Newtune gave me a platform to perform, brought in a crowd of music lovers to see me shine, and an extensive training for my vocal and performance quality all through the function. Along the way, I made friends and we created a family and a strong unity. My hearing ability became sharper as I learn to pick up musicians mistakes as well during rehearsal. I am a better singer and a better performer thanks to NewTune. NT gave me the opportunity to sing live on air at the radio station 988 together with other vocalists which was awesome. 

3days after NTLP 14, and I’m still very emo. I yet to adjust myself back to reality. The whole thing is still fresh in my head and it’s almost like a dream I dun wish it to end. I’m a bit left hanging…I’m still having the aftermath effects. I kept dreaming weird dreams, relating to the concert. The emoness went extreme. I just chop my hair and got myself a brand new fridge… OMG bloody god. Everyone knows I hate fridge! 

I almost wanted to get rid of my long hair for good. My mom stopped me fearing that I would scream once my consciousness is back. Now if I had a bad hair day, I will really need a big red hat to cover it. Sigh! It’s time to kick da thesis ass as my supervisor keep rushing me to get it done. Sadly, the time is just not right… yet. I’m still not doing any progress. Assignments are left untouched. Thesis… I don’t wish to graduate, but not in this way….  

 U girls are the best...ever =)

Siewin, Hooi Ling, Edmund~ I joined this club with you guys, and I’m gladly end this journey with you all as well. Love always… I’m ready to be super senior~ part of the OldTuners… ones that shoots from afar through emails and FB, and finally enjoy show from the audience seats. Are you? I can’t wait to watch Mamee Monster perform for NTLP 15. Juniors, it’s your time to shoulder the responsibility.

My humble beginning in NT...Can u guys recall this?

 Bye Mr. Tune da 14th. I'll see you soon in a year time... 

I hereby bit a temporary goodbye… We are never too far…  As long as you need me, I’ll be there… Im always here…I’m haunting… Can’t you feel my presence? At least my cats are with you… =))) Newtuner knows what I mean~ 

The secret code~ Miaow  =3

(For more pictures, do refer to my FB profile... ) Special thanks to Choong How aka Mau Gege, Zeon aka Ah Fai, Malcolm, Wei Quan~ I never thought that I could be that beautiful =)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

NTLP 14 part 2

Nervous... Am I?... YES! 

God damn it, I was one of the few last ones to do make up n hairdo. I have totally zero confidence with the lady and I almost stop her when she wanna style my hair. Then she calmed me down and told me to just let her do. 

Big relieve~ simple and just nice. Make up, whoah, Thank goodness Qiqi was there to help me out. It was great! Most of the time, for all functions I've gone through, make up was always the foremost thing to do. Final sound check and rehearsal was conducted and it ended almost at 4pm. 

 this year theme-fairy tales... beautifully presented

Since I started everything quite late, I only have limited time to get my dress right and to warm up my voice. No mood and not even have time to snatch pictures.

superb love my GnT gals

Concert started almost at 9pm after all those annoying opening speeches from the unnecessarily VIPs. I sang background for a total of 5 songs before my solo presentation, which was on the 13th. I wouldn't say that I was in top form, slightly week but I did try my best for all the songs I involved in. 

 Opening song with my 2 fav gals in NT
Whatever I learned in PT definitely applicable during the show. Always keep warm and keep one self ready emotionally and physically before the song. So, I was basically playing around, disturbing all fellow vocalists and danced along when our sexy dancers were blowing the audiences away. 

 one of the dance.... NT dancers ROCKs

No. 13 song was next, and I was ready. But I did shivered when I walked to the middle of the stage. Just when the spot light shone upon me, cheers went wild and alot of different gangs called out my name. Another bunch of NT musicians and Singers Miaos me.... Walou eh, I almost laughed on stage la guys... LOL

Christine finally strummed the guitar after the voices faded slightly and I came alive. 


my band mates...

I seriously cannot imagine what i did from another point of view. I went wild and I went all out, no sign of retreating... Half way singing, my King went up and handed me flower. I didn't hear him untill people begin to cheer wildly again. I turned to him, and I blew a kiss.... It was a reflects action... I could be either stoned or I hiao him on stage...OMG!

After the high end note, spotlight was off and I ran towards the back stage gasping for air... I almost couldn't breathe...Everyone at the back stage was so high... 

end show le

I received many compliments, many good words... many touching supports. It was undeniably the highest peak of my life thus far... All of a sudden, I was the hot topic... hiao Queen...Aduh XD

I could hear myself well that night which also means there were many points of the song that I could present better... Still, with that current form, that was the best I could do. After hearing the recording, there were vibrations at the beginning of the songs. I'm not sure if I were cold or nervous. I'm only satisfy on the slow bridge, where vocally it was clean and nice.

finally meet u in person...=)

awh...presents... thanks dearest =)

I can proudly shout out that I did not disappoint my parents, my fwens ans seniors, most importantly, I did not disappoint my GnT band mates and NewTuners =)

Thanks for all the lovely shots from all photography lovers.