Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy December #Fun no.5

A great no.5 :)
The last in December 2011

Finally a visit to Malacca with my dearest. A trip I plan for sometimes. 
30th of December. Why the date... Well long story~ No, I'm not talking bout it.

My girls came to Seremban on the 29th night. It has been a good 3 months I never meet miss Pumpkin. Fang2 too... I guess we haven't been talking so much for a long time... we chat non stop until 3am ignoring the fact that we have to get ready by 8am tomorrow. Morning of course was hell. LOL! 

But Malacca get me going. Adrenalin was still strong. So we hopped into the bus and resumed chatting. Reached Malacca at 10am. Yi Qian the tour guide came into the picture. 1st destination, Jonker Street. Tried the ever famous Durian Cendol Gula Melaka Cendol, Asam laksa, and the special Chicken Rice of Hoe Kee. Full shit! Awesome foods! XD Fat pun worthy la...

Next up, St Paul Church! A very old broken building... history value: Priceless. 

 This uncle just melt my heart. He sang Wonderful, there was a extreme cute angmoh standing just next to me and I didn't give a damn!!! LOL

Then A-Famosa. Erm... Seriously, I was slightly disappointing. I cant remember how it was when I saw it last time. Long time ago. But I always thought A famosa is a huge structure... Too differ from what I had in mine. 

 Nadeje~ a desert cafe :) Hugely popular in Malacca...Multi-layered cake...  RM9.00 per piece
Kalah Secret Recipe

Next stop was Rumah Merah and the Museum Samudera. I didn't manage to try Menara Taming Sari yet. And no more Eye of Malaysia in Melaka. Slightly rush tho... Hmm. I'll be back for more! I wanna try Baba & Nyonya food and the rest of the things I missed this time around. 

I am a History lover. Sejarah was always my fav subject in school and Malaysia history indirectly begun in Melaka. The moment I stepped onto the land of golden values they were all coming back to me. The names, the story... And the 1st name struck my head was Parameswara! The next one was
Alfonso De Albuqueque.

History Revisits...When I saw Selat Melaka by far, I was trying to imagine how was it really back in those years... Oh, the buildings there were unique. Fusion amazing! 

But what really matters was my girls. This was our second time, us together kicking off from Seremban and stormed to others cities. I'm looking forward for more... maybe some beaches or islands :) 
Internal mia la... 

Before you know other country's beauty, it's only wise if you know yours first...

2012 is coming and I'll set my tour list very soon :)

I see you girls next year alright 

Haha...a cold joke that can only be use until 11.59pm tonight XD

I miss us already


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy December #Fun no.4

24th Christmas Eve

The signature Tree :)
I arrived at Bangi at around 3pm. Kok Fung came and helped me out with decoration. We went for lunch at McD and had a great face to face conversation for the first time~ Surprising huh Sinux?

The bandroom was in quite a mess...Like usual~ He helped me blow all the 12 ballons XD and all in different sizes. Favourite faces soon arrived one by one. When I hugged Siew Win, I felt teary. I miss her a lot! We kicked it off with senior's performances. Everyone throwing original tracts. 

 The Mystery Guest XD
~Spot the Red~

Kim Ling sang the one I wrote. Adoi!!! He said he meant to compose an inspirational song and somehow I turned it into a Breakup/Giving up song. Dammit! And the person I was referring in the song was sitting right in front of me!!! I was shocked...But he sang so blury which was a good thing anyway cuz nobody gets the wording XD. Then dinner time. McD again... twister fries heaven. We jammed (unplug) for an hour plus and soon it was game time! Adoi... it was our Laugh-Die section of the night. Lastly, it was Christmas caroling. The function was over at around 11pm but everyone stay put to wait for the countdown.

The co-organizer :) My babe :) My dearest <3

Believe me. I can be drunk without drinking. I don't know how my brain manipulate my enzymes into creating this awkward situation. Lol. It's easy really. Just make me very happie! And to wrap the night up, of course we headed to the one and only, best of all mamak, the Al-Fariz. Back to Jennifer room at around 2++am and I had the freakiest shivering bath ever. Luckily no internet access or I wouldn't be able to sleep at 3am! 

My Family

Wait... I have not finish telling the story yet!!! Part2

25th Christmas!!!

An outing with dancer fwens at Bintang Walk...Well, incomplete team really but forgivable~ : P

Fer Fer joined me for brunch as she dated her fwens too

We ate at Taiwan sumthing restaurant located just behind the Lowyat Plaza. Psycho Longeh kept telling interest facts about psychology which he masters. 

Well, my main aim was to meet my dancers. The next things were to hug all Xmas trees in the area and locate Santa Clause! I wanna confront him and demand my gift! My true love! HAHA.... Or I'll shave every single hairs of his. Hana... I've been a bloody good woman all year long ar.... I guess he heard me. I didn't spot any > <

We visited at least 5 malls. The first being Pavilion!!! Bears' paradise! I was expecting many many MANY big furry soft toys. Well...

Bear aka no.3 and Longeh :)

Pavilion display is always the best.


I tested ChaTime for the first time after hearing much about it. It was nice... Really. I'm looking forward to try more kinds. Sticky candies were by far the coolest candy I've seen. Then we moved on to Time square! I wanna shop madly but time restrained! Too much talking and photo shooting. Lol. We don't get such times very often.

Fortunately, we bumped to this performance. So many Santas dancing along with Xmas songs medley. The steps were easy but very adorable. It just drew the smile out of me. It gave me a deep feeling. I wasn't sure if it was because I stood on the feet of a dancer or that I was just touched to see such team spirit~

Needa rush back to Seremban after that. Longeh fetched me back to UKM and we had a great chat. Very determined personality which is one thing I am truly lacking of. Something crazy happened when Kimling fetched me and Siewin to KTM! My dear was suggesting that we could sing K at Seremban and KimLeng agreed after much consideration. In the end, he droves us all to Seremban and we had our expensive buffet K season at Jusco greenbox! Who cares the price! It was Christmas! Very impromptu decision but was materialized. I took over the driving from Seremban onwards eh... And they are alive!!!! LOL

Not without warning tho. No playing, strictly no shocking allow... haha...
We sing until 11pm. 

And I saw JC Chasez in his video Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday :)

The finale :)

A tired yet wonderful weekends I had with beautiful people I truly madly deeply cherished. 
I appreciate the times we spent together.
You know le... insecure people like me always need the pillar of strength to hold her still and you guys are my best security doze I ever need. 


Paiseh a... I tend to be dramatic/poetic 

I feel complete when I'm with you. You filled the missing hole in the life I'm living with and mended this emptiness altogether. Now that the event is over, I needa walk out from your embrace and back to the monotonous world.
I will be strong!! Until the next time we meet each other again, very soon. 
Meanwhile, just let me be emotional for a few days. I'll be okay!

I'm just downright pathetic in saying goodbye. I don't like it.

Malacca trip~Pending. 30th of Dicember!!!

 5 more days to give up on you :)
Thank you dearests...Officially missing you

~Goodbye Xmas 2011~

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas love



I have less than 48 hours to celebrate XMAS... Will I be able to meet all my favourite girls and boys?

I love my PT dancers too :) 


Imma hug all Xmas tree in town and speak to every Santa

Locate the loudest girl in town! You'll find me!!!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I'm not happy
You dun care
I know why
I just...
I'm so torn apart
Why don't just let me live
I'm already trying my best
My very best
I'm doing things I hate the most
I know why and Im mending the scars
Give me time
Let loose
I need individuality
Leave me alone
Spare me darkness and emptiness
Enclosed and protected
I don't need you
You failed me!
Ever the same!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The week Horoscope:

The planet encourages you to inject a new sense of spontaneity into ur love life. All you really need is someone who differs from the norm. They could come via a person you already know or by way of an unexpected invitation. Life has a way of turning up these little surprises.

Lucky day: Thursday 

Lucky colour: Yellow

Lucky number: 5

~I wanna choose to believe~

Happy December #Fun no.3

Erm, Well... Cannot be my no. 3 fun alright... But more like sumthing new to me~ Company's annual dinner celebrated at Hotel Equatorial Malacca. Gathered at my working place at 3.30pm in the noon just to wait for the bus. Around 10plus colleagues chose to go by bus. The others car pools. Well, dress so pretty, ride bus meh... I'm new! So excusable! Like I wanna....Ish. 

The opening show was quite grand. 90+ tables for Southern region 2 which includes N.Sembilan, Melaka and Johor branches. Some great shows, some down right pathetic~ You guys seriously haven't meet the new talent in the town XD

It got a bit too draggy half way through the show and I was bored and slightly drunk lol. Well, one of the reason was of course the fact that I did not hit any lucky draw. Ah, like always...

One of the Uncles in my branch get the golden coins for contributing the bank over 25 years...Whoah, Imagine that. Every single day, month, year for 25 years in the bank, doing the routine jobs continuously~ Sigh. 
Definitely not me.... Not till I materialize my dreams

I always love Christmas spirit... I love the tress... I wanna make a wish under the mistletoe~
Looking forward to these 2 weekends. Going to have Newtune gathering at bandroom during Xmas eve. Then I'll be storming KL city~ Bintang walk on the 25th to find all the beautiful deco n tress with my PT dancer fwens... Ha, I am always fair ok~ 

Back home in the evening with my bestie Siewin~ We can sing whole night on the bed till the boxing day :)

Malacca Trip Pending... will be on the 30th!!!


I can't help smiling :)

I'm saving to spend... I'm being calculative for the best of others' interest. When will I start thinking about me...Solely me... What do I really want and like? I know it too well and I want you to figure it out. 


12 days left 
I still don't see it coming...
This make me a bit sad... cuz my 2011 will be incomplete. 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

I looked into his eyes, I know I was reluctant to leave. We didn't managed to catch up with each other yet. He hugged me so tight when I actually least expecting it. This time it came as a surprise. This time it was different. It was that rush! I couldn't find words to describe it. Blame it on the weak vocab maybe~ lol

Too bad that we are best of friends and it just seems impossible.

When will that rush actually appear towards someone who loves me? Symbiosis has always been my fav relationship of living nature... but why is this mutual attraction has yet to materialize in my life? A question I cannot answer myself.

Well, the comforting factor is that I have bloody lotsa best friends to replace that one particular man I couldn't find. But lately it seems more people begin to bother asking if I have a bf or if I have ever been into a relationship before...

My answer: I have loved and lost and broken... am seeking, yet to be found.

20 days left... and I guess I am already losing you.

 Gee gee gee

Xmas plan on the 24th is set. Too bad, Cameron plan failed. But Newtuner gathering is definitely on. Location bandroom. My position: Decoration master XD.

Happy December #Fun no.2

Pesta Tanglung UKM 32nd (PTUKM 32nd)

Was looking forward for this since I knew the date of the function which was.... one month plus ago. Yea... those who know me will know why. PT-UKM marked a lot of the 1sts of me as a performer. This year is exceptionally emotional as I would not be able to set my feet on the stage. I no longer eligible. I once thought of taking master so I could go one more round of PT-UKM and NTLP again... how silly~

So, I set my butt comfortably on the audience seat after a few rounds running to seek for old friends. I managed to grab VIP seats but I chose to be with my dancers. I didn't know what to expect but I was anticipating a good show. Was slightly disappointed with the dancers' quality really. Some pieces were very messy. Hmm, considering the time factor, this might really already the best they could offer. Was happy to see familiar faces on stage.

When the actors broke into a song somewhere in the middle of the show, 3 faces I known too well suddenly appeared on the stage, dancing so so beautifully. I was like...What was going on? Whoah... I was told they were at back stage helping the juniors...Wait, who told me that? It was Darren!!! Who was he? A dancer cum actor!!! Ah... Huge surprise he gave us!!! They gave us!!! If I were there earlier too, I might have joined them on stage already XD. You know I can't resist it! I was touched throughout that piece. Experienced dancer with beautiful lines and skills. Brilliance! @ Melody, Sly, ChaLoong

Technical issues were unbearable. The show dragged till quite late and my dad arrived even before I started to have fun and meet everybody else. That made me uneasy and I was rushing. I'm glad I met my VIPS though.

Few of my darlings...<3 Not complete er

I wished I have decided to go back on Sunday, then I would have more time to 38 with my dancer fwens and teachers. I miss them so very much!!! Everyone looks fine and healthy :) What can I ask for? Tchers remember me~

2 beautiful petite ladies on the left are my tchers for 3 years in PT :') 

I really wish to learn from you again...

 Dancer Family~

Ultimately reluctant, but I have no choice to wave all of them goodbye.

Officially emo
> <

Friday, 9 December 2011


 My group mates... Very lovely girl. 
And the cutest guy of the lot out of erm...6 guys. He proves that the Bieber hair was not an issue. The one matters is the person carrying it.

Graduate trainees ~ Credit Team

Everyone felt happy with the environment here and nobody really wants to go back to branch. Age gap make such vast different you see... =( Emo.

Despite the reluctance, I needa go back and rest. Desperately! I miss my dog and my bed. Hmmp... Busy work life ahead. Now my branch will assume that I'm fully well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to be independent. 


Freakin lovin the mirrors there :)

22 days

Emo nyer... One whole week of dramatic events and also fun. I finally went to seek for the doctor after fearing the worst.... I felt so fragile and something is really wrong inside. That pain is killing me. Ms Lilo urged me to go see doctor too. Ego made me walk a distance to the panel clinic when I could have easily ask a friend help to fetch me there. Ego too made me walked alone of fearing others might not willing to help. Today mark the last day of me in ITTC for the month being. I'll see my new found fwens next year 12Jan-20Jan/2012. 

KIWI did a great favour for me... Seriously, he has always been my fav junior. 
Photos all soon ba.... very tired~ tummy ache~

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Tummy is still like this.... And I ate laksa for dinner


2morrow exam tim and I've yet to start....Now I'm sleepy


2morrow last day of the month at ITTC :(


Less than 23days to fall in love... And I have yet to obtain a new target


Monday, 5 December 2011

Today class was all about Bafia, ABM, FIC...
Gosh! Was interesting but when it drag too long without much prompt visual exposure, my eyes fails me. Well, not really, I was the best attention payer among all. Just after the last tea break, I begin to feel uneasy. I felt my stomach bloating. Unable to burp out the gas made me so sick. I feel like puking. Right until I went back to my room, I resist from puking. I wish it won't occur. I tried lying on the bed, try to get my focus to FB, so on and forth but I felt so terrible. 7pm, my colleagues called me out to dinner and I said I still don't feel alright. They said tapou for me. I just melted inside out. I was like... why are you guys so nice...
Once I slammed the door shut, I felt something wrong rushing out. Straight directed to the sink, I vomited my lunch. Ah...that fault smell. Unbearable! That rush puke lasted 4-5 times. You don't know. I only vomited once when I was young but it was enough to scare the hell out of me. I was afraid..of what? I have no idea. I just thought I might unable to breath when I puke. What worst was the sink was stuck and those stuff just lingers around the swirling water. Fuck off. I called the service centre. I myself needa clean up the yucky stuff. OMG! During those geli-fiest moment you will witness the most powerful willingness of yours to do the impossibles. 

I still feel utmost unwell. My tummy has yet to give up to let me rest. I'm still pondering if I should really called for a doctor service or that I should just hit the bed. My mom called to check me out as I told her earlier about my tummy discomfort. Unable to restraint from telling her, I spilled everything. Me and my bloody big mouth. My mom is those panicky kinda person. I bet she won't be able to sleep tonight. When will you grow up Joanne? I guess I needed someone to talk to. And there wasn't anybody I could tell. ='(

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Know Ur Joanne

Yan : The obedient daughter even if it's for the wrong reason

Joanne : The best friend you always wanted

JC : The fearless stage persona

These 3 combines, you will either end up loving me or hating me. 


Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy December #Fun no.1

2nd of December
2nd day at ITTC and I was reluctant to wake up. Ate breakfast then rushed back to room to get ready. Slightly late to class but I met a bunch of other gals. So, it was okay :p. The activities were fun and my group mates are friendly. It was easy to get along with them.

 Us with the project and with our Lecturer

Then, unexpected, Ah fai said he wanted to go to the bandroom to check the juniors out b4 jamming. GREAT! Of course I'm not reluctant at all! They were busy arranging the flow for the singing competition this coming Tuesday. I'm so glad it fall on my training time. Now I can participate as audience :) It would definitely be better if I were a contestant! 

After meeting some of my favourite Newtuners, we headed to Bangi Studio for jamming. Woot! My first time with the Gods. I was invited long time ago but I couldn't make it. This time when the opportunity come, I ain't gonna let it go. Yes, it was so so cool! Serious jammers =) Oo I'm the only female in the team. Ha, most probably I'll get bullied than be pampered > <. Aiks, biasa lar...

Then we lepak at Al-Fariz again. :) 

The fun shall continue next Monday~ Now desperately need some good rest. The cat was wet and shivered yesterday and some celaka construction nearby disturbed my sleep this morning. 

28 more days


Don't complaint :) It has been so long since I last felt that I am beautiful.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


It's finally DECEMBER!!!!

Started off greatly with me in ITTC!
IT & Training Centre located at rear end Bangi! 
A great place... It gives me a feeling like when I was in University but very much upgraded~

I have exactly 30days to fall in love.
Maybe Santa can grant me my wish! I have been a good child this year, in fact I have been a terrific one with additional edges... u know, I'm hot and I'm lovely...etc etc. 

Send me my Edward! I don't care if he bites.


I'm shits serious ok!

Erm, I didn't know I really need some lonesome time until I was interrupted tonight. I was sacrificing a lot of my time to other people and it's only nice if I were given some solely to myself at times.

=) 01/12/2011