Tuesday, 27 July 2010

NT Music Revolution-Preshow


Tonight is THE NIGHT !!!

Hmm, like always, the mischievous JC who never listen to Joanne pleadings eats all the illegal food which is totally an unacceptable behavior in NT.

Chillies, Sambal, Hot n Spicy whatever, Coffee, Candies....

the list goes on

I am on edge of losing my voice... I cough a little, and i am not sure if  
sore throat = throat pain.... 

I felt burning sensation in the throat cavity.

Now i am thankful for every morning I humm a little and a beautiful melody i recognize dearly is still intact!


I love the 2 songs so much i wish i could belt 'em out just appropriately enough would be great. I don't need to be splendid as the original singers already did a perfecto job on them. 


As long as my voice behave itself and my subconscious allows me to keep Joanne's freaks away just for a night, then everything should be alright.

Finger crossed. Good luck team mates... 


Sunday, 25 July 2010

After attending Komunikasi Saintifik class, knowing that there will be many assignments soon and the fact that i keep scaring myself about the difficulties in my Thesis made my heart sank. I do not possess any references other than my supervisor’s books and reports. None senior has been so keen to challenge the faculty to lay their hand on other major and get themselves in troubles. Now that I am permitted to do insects, I am demanded to add genetic elements into it. 

Theoretically, I am not afraid but I am never good in practical, lab work. I never have luck to get the result right and it shows my lack of professionalism and interest. Molecular and phylogeny of insects... PCR and all tools n kits... Oh my dear Dr. Salmah, please guide me closely. I am eager to learn but I am afraid of failing you and myself. 

I finally went for my 1st field trip and the first place to go is UPM’s farm/ small orchard to set the Malaise traps. This time is another form of setting as we are doing the open area sampling. The one that I have laid my hand on last semester was the wood area setting. Soon, I’ll be heading to Pahang’s primary forest for sampling. 

I really thought I would have chance to visit MARDI which is nearby UPM but well, I have to wait for another opportunity. Every now and then, I will need to go there to collect samples and do sorting which is the best part. That’s when you can examine and sort out the subjects of interest. My subject this time is heratemis walker, Allysiine. Not my favourite type of bee, but still a different type I could add to my list of proficiency.

Showoffy JC  
*eyes rolling*

tiring dao~ 

My only concern now is that I might not have time to rest as I am definitely giving my 100% to PT. I am dedicated, am I?

But I cannot sacrifice my education this year as I really want to graduate as 1st honour. At least a dean list. This year is my last shot and I can’t miss a single bullet. 
My form of activeness is to be equally good in the fields I am in which is a lot. 
Well, this is Jcdagreat’s blog.  
Everything stated here are meant to
verge on bragging in the most conviction plausible.

There was a conversation which I was in that makes me feel proud of myself the other day. It was among a few friends of mine who were very devoted in NT.

He said: I got a few Ds in my exams.

She said: I never got a D. But I got Cs.

Then I said: I never got a C!

Oops...piak piak JC!!! You sick blur gal.... blurted out wrong things at the wrong time!!!

So sorry, I didn’t mean it de. Our levels of scarification towards activity are different and obviously this comparison wasn’t fair and it ain’t one at all. 
But hor, if I really got a C, I might perhaps be very madly depressed. From STPM result till now, I have never got a C. I hate B too, really. Yet, i am not satisfied. 

I thirst for achievement. =.=

stupid faces i make when i am depressed

Saturday, 24 July 2010

NT Music Revolution

I’ll be singing two songs in New Tune Intro Concert themed 
Music Revolution
This time, the committee has come up with an idea to do a spin on all the old hits starting from the 60’s until the latest offering from NT. I am given the honour to belt out Stand By Me and How Deep Is Your Love. These two songs are legends! In fact all chosen songs are great hits of the decades. 
 last NTLP logo
Gosh! I grew up listening to all these songs, the originals to the multiple versions of other singers. I guess I am adding another version to the list. But I wish mine would not end up being on the
Worst Ever Done Versions.
LOL...well, not funny!
I was worried when i was told to do How Deep Is Your Love as it wasn’t just vocally challenging but musically as well. My band mates said the song has weird chords. Well, Bee Gees brothers have mad vocal capabilities, so the song was tailored made for them.
I should have more confident to myself though cuz I have the whole band to count on to. They will do the best to make it suits me. Or rather, I suit the song. The band are back together and watching them jamming, head cramming to figure out the best flow for songs and those musical talks of chords and keys are hilarious to my ears.
 Alien language.
Well, if they can become multi-instrumentalist, perhaps I should tackle wider range and vocal ability. You know, like Sam Tsui- he plays accapella by himself!!! By da way, recently I like his version of Halo by Beyonce Knowles.
Well, I am glad to know that this Intro Concert would be at DAM. I sang at the KKM Dewan Konvensyen hall before and the stage is just too low and small that you don’t feel like you’re performing. DAM is a smaller version of our grand DECTAR hall. Finger cross that everything gonna be alright. I can’t wait to see others perform as well. There would be many beautiful songs lining up.
 many generation
 So, do come and support us. These efforts are for you guys who 
music and we wish that you guys would join us and be part of our big family. 
 u don't wanna miss this

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Reunion PT29

Well, it was a trip to visit my senior who is diagnosed with lymph cancer. Darren volunteer to become the driver and Longeh as well. So, i became the arranger... Actually, i don't really like to be the planner cuz i fear that i might not do it well. and i am a freako.... I freak out in a snap. Haha... Have you see me at those moment? You better don't!

I guess in a way it's a good thing. At least i learned how to deal with many people at a time... but hor, not all the time me la... 

I'm Darren's planner jek.

Well, he jaga me alot de... why not then~

I actually thot Jcjane was admitted to Seremban Hospital. Yor, blurnesskillJC spp. virus has spread all over me. Chin Fang!!! 

Antibiotic fast!!!

When we finally arrived to HUKM, everyone remained composed and we talked light jokes until we all walked into her room which was against the rule. Supposedly only 2 at a time. But she said she don't wish to repeat her speech all over again. She looked so weak but not as bad as i have in mind. 

Thank god, she got better. It was a relieve to hear that this sickness is plausible to be cured. There are cases people recover and fully normal after few years. Once she start talking about her chemotherapy and the side effects, everyone was very focus. I think many actually wondering and inspecting when Darren will cry. 

 HAHA...a sensitive soul~

It was heartbreaking to heard such pain she is enduring and i control my self very well.
Congrats tear pores! 
I actually minimize water consumption that day.... =.=

Luckily, Darren managed not to cry and my dear senior remain strong all the while we were with her. She looked happy with our presence. 

Stay strong gal... I wish to see you dance again!

We are happy to meet each other again....

SO, let's go on with the happie one~

We went to eat Shabu-Shabu at Puchung. 

C the smiles.... aren't they wonderful
Darren being the all-know-guy brought us all to the restaurant and it was beautiful. In fact many buildings there are nice. Future architects can get their ideas there leh.... 

It was my first time bein there and eat this ala Japanese style steamboat. It was a good try but slightly expensive.



Pt family =)

PT29th 1st reunion after a very long time. This time yet-to-come audition bring us all close again... 

A very fun night indeed!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Toy's story 3

Well, i was so eager to watch TY3 once it was on cinema. But one thing come to another and i lost my mood to watch it. When i finally regain my eagerness, everyone watched it. Finally, i found another slow gal like me, dear Pumpkin to accompany me. Haha...her hometown there no cinema de....

I was a fan to both TY installments and they were both fantastic to begin with. After so many years, when almost all genre of movies were out, finally TY is ready with its 3rd movie and bring back some joy through animation. Since the movie won critics' hearts, and many good reviews has been published, i have high expectation on the movie. 

the opening of the movie was creatively animated.

And thank goodness, it was a brilliant movie! Many unpredictable surprises and some twisted scenarios were just delightful to the eyes. It was almost flawless (if u must say, i am bias...but hey, it's true!), until there is a repeated villain who turn his back on them when he was saved. 

TY3 is definitely not a let down!!!

Andy turns out to be cute and Buzz n Woody are best of buddies. Every roles got promoted and have equal importance in the movie. I like it when Woody and the spring dog battle against the stupid monkey. Then, Mr. Potato steal the limelight when he changes it's body... from roti canai look-alike body to peanut.... 38 dao...
 u got a friend in me 

Not to forget how Ken the boy barbie being tied up after some sweaty dance he showcased to Barbie.

Buzz speaks spanish and dances Paso Doble?? 


Well, i did not see it coming, it was unpredictable!!! I was shocked and in awed when he dance. I wouldn't say that the toy aroused me but i was completely taken by his swagger.

Instantly in love.... LOL

If u must noe, i am into spanish language and i love latina dances.

It was heart breaking moment when they gave up trying to save their lives. They lost hope  but never did they ever lose their friendship. Like they always say, the most important thing now is that we stay together. And for god sake, the ending was so touching i cried like a pig. 

Paiseh la, I'm a cry baby and my tear pores happened to be larger and highly sensitive. 

Woody choose to stay with the group when he knew Andy wanted him to be there for his new life in college.
He knew he was the best loved toy. I almost feel for Andy when he spoke to Woody about how much he appreciate him who never give up on him.

Damn! Talking about it now make me sniffing already. I grew up with Andy and i have been with toys and eventually made decision to be apart from the childhood and grow up. So, it was sad to say goodbye you see. 

Well, i wouldn't rate this movie as you should noe the the scoring already. Even 10/10 wouldn't do this movie justice. 

HAHA... yes. i am bias!!!

Sue me!!! 

I'm glad the production team decided to bring them back to life again after so many years. I once again touched by an animated movie and for this brilliant installment, i bid my last farewell to the bunch of Andy's toys for all the joy n excitement they brought us. 

 i'll miss you all...2nd round anyone??

Well, i talk like a maniac again... no no, im not delusional.... 

i am just a lil more sensitive than any earthly primates.

Busy Friday

Full day today....

 feeling pretty today after a long hiatus...lol

was in a great mood this morning~

I finally found a good time to talk to my supervisor Dr. Salmah. She roughly explained how is my Thesis gonna be and what i need to do. Since i have chosen to do insects and there is no chance i can escape genetic which is my major, i have to incorporate genetic element into insects study. The problem is there is none of our seniors who actually leap into other major other than theirs. And this semester, there are a few genetic major's gals who decided to do so and this caused problems. 


I'm a problem maker.... It was faculty fault who neglected their responsibility to do a briefing before we choose our majors. Luckily, Dr.Salmah is willing to take me in and she is wonderful to talk to. I wish for a smooth progress we will have in the future. Somehow i have an intuition that my study will clash with  all my activities. I just hope i can complete all my tasks completely.
There was still time before Darren reach UKM, so i went to the brand new Life Science meeting. I choose to sneak in from the back door as i don't which to be promoted as the only Ex committee who present in the hall. Juniors are getting less no thanks to UKM new policies to raise the university's status as research university. My course from 14 people in my batch to 3 and now 2?? Damn it! I don't think this year juniors might even got the chance to become seniors.

Ivan did a great job! I remember the first time i met him last year on the same time today. Such confident he possessed and i knew exactly he would be the perfect choice. He did not disappoint me in the fac night as candidate and never will he disappoint me as king. Jia you ya my King!

At noon, Darren, Sansit, Samson, Wan She, Xie Xin, Easy and i went to eat at Aunty Lan. The food was not bad but the best thing was always the unity. I love being with them. I kept being pushy and drag them into joining PT31st. I really wanted to dance with them... the passionate dancers. But many from the faculty Mathematics will be facing their heaviest semester. It's quite sad when they wanted so much in heart but can't over rule their sensibility. Haha.... Hmm, i am kinda free in schedule but my thesis is heavy. 

Experiment based thesis is troublesome. 


Then i asked about JcJane sickness. Once we talk about it, i got teary eyes. Darren said her sickness is deteriorating and is not a good sight. I dunno what i should do. I dunno if my wishes or messages will make her feel better or worst. I might only put her in a dilemma as to appear strong and positive to make us all less worry or to be sad and cry her heart out loud so we could comfort her. I am scare that she might not make it. She is such a nice gal and caring senior. Why is the world so unfair....

I was so emo and very down the whole journey to MidVel. So, i stayed very composed and look away farther outside the window, looking at nothing. Fortunately, the train was packed with people so, i was much in control. I walk aimlessly for awhile until i found myself back to normal. Finally, i met my dear Pumpkin and watch Toy's Story 3, finally. I talked a lot today...I'm not sure if i was being the normal talkative me or i wanted no moment of silence for my mind to wander. 

Tiring...really. Will be writing about the brilliant movie soon. Slow i know, but that movie is my must watch movie.  

I fulfilled my desire at the end, satisfyingly.


Monday, 12 July 2010


Dear when he was taking his bath... fuyoo... look fierce but actually apa pun takut.... he fears thunder, fire, water... wood~ my mom huge stick and the only 4 elements he is not afraid of is earth... he actually eats soil and grasses when he don't feel well. When i was younger, i kept asking if he was a cow last life? haha...

Hmm... my dear is a very old n sick dog. Well, like owner like dog.... he has terribly nose allergy too. Once he smell some Petrol or some ashes and maybe if there is his own hair stuck within his nostril, he will sneeze very badly and consequently the blood capillary burst. He then sneezes blood...alot of blood. It happen again that day. It was so heart broken to see him like that and i was incapable of doing anythg. I love him but I can no longer sabotage my mom freedom by keeping him long live. In fact, he is already very old and i fear that the 1st thing Vet would tell me is that my dog is suffering and i have to make a decision to either keep him suffering by my side or to put him to sleep and grief for a very long time. 
Recently he cough pretty bad too...  the thought of him being weaker day by day makes me cry. I hate myself very much as i couldn't provide the best medication a pet deserve. 
I love you so much and i just could wish for the best.
Remember i said it before

if you are to leave me, please let it be the day i am with you.