Thursday, 8 May 2014

An awkward situation when you feel like crying and tears were at the edge of your eye balls while you were eating in a public crowded restaurant. Funny how when I was surrounded by noise & people I could still lock myself pretty much to my own world. Yesterday saw a photo post by MIAR. A gal found a dog in a bad shape where his testicles were badly infested by maggots. My dog suffers similar sickness, milder one & his testicles were so heavy due to either excessive body fluid or tumor that its skin teared :( That was before he couldn't walk, that was before he went blind, that was before his hearts fails him.
I couldn't shake that image out of my head. The only time when my mind is at ease is when I'm out of office, that's when my mind drift. & I miss him. Sigh.

Oh, I went to NTLP 17!!! Yes! & I manage to go to Dayao UM too! Managed to teach some juniors about showmanship. Glad I could contribute in sumthing & I'm glad I'm still being remembered positively on my best strength. :)

Happy to know some committed juniors & most excited to meet dear old birds. Now even my batch last juniors are watching NTLP with me as audience. Can't help feeling old & nostalgic. Wish I could took more leaves, be the first to welcome earliest new & old tuners & also be the last to wave goodbye to dearest one.
Didn't manage to meet quite a few that I care of. Anyway, there was improvement. I fought my will to drive up. Stay overnight there at a friend place. Spend quite the entire days @ Dectar & had a fabulous dinner date at al-fariz <3 p="">
A friend has been giving me cold-shoulder lately. I kinda know why but I don't know why she need to do so. Couldn't you tell me what went wrong & your feeling? Tell out & fix it once & for all. I really am speechless.
Of all the good things I have done for friends & I deserve this? Yet I give a damn. I truly am disappointed!