Saturday, 22 February 2014

I'm gonna start with the Shila craze... I saw many people sharing in FB I knew something was amazing there but I couldn't be sure cuz majority people now are sharing for the sake of sharing & 50% of those people who do the sharing were tone deft. N really, I was too busy to open a link n watch any video. 

So I reserve my Saturday night for a me day. I knew this gal even before she got famous in China. A local Malay artist who sang Malay song but couldn't mark a place in the market as many local female artists are strong here like Siti Nurhaliza, Misha Omar, Ning Baizura etc etc even Jacklyn Victor with her super power vocal have to fight hard to be acknowledged in Malay Industry. Cuz seriously, local people just don't appreciate local artist until they get famous everywhere else. So, smart of her to try out in China's marker. So fortunately came a competition who accept international competitors. 

She has Malay singer's singing quality to her voice & when she sing typical Chinese songs with Chinese singing, it explode. This is always a theory I had in my head. The same things I thought of myself. I'm the type with R&B flow & I do runs. Thus when I apply to Malays songs & Chinese songs, I can deliver it differently. No doubt she is a brilliant vocal powerhouse & she sang so beautifully in the latest offer. So passionate, so dearly, much better pronunciation than her previous videos. It also reflect something. Although she is the rare species in China which makes it a selling point in the market however, at the end of the day, it was the voice that capture hearts & it knows no boundaries & races. Brilliant Shila!!!

About the craze, G.E.M videos kinda being shared many times lately. A HK singing with super vocal. But anyone mind telling the news? 

 I've been working my ass off lately for pinyin lyrics with little energy I'm left with every night. I hope to see improvement & hopefully I could wow respectively people who could enable me to sing weekly. 
Sigh. Things I do for love. Every little thing I pull off is an extra effort. I basically am too weak & tire for everything. I am so lazy to speak & bath & even sing out loud anymore. I needa adjust my diet & work out soon. Soon!!! The forbidden word that kills. 

All of these shits weren't supposed to be here as I had my piece of story in my head earlier. Now I lost my will to write em. Arghhh.... Super hot lately. Why u no rain!? Whats wrong with you?! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sang publicly for the 3rd time this year on the 15th of February. One day after Valentine's day as well as Chap Goh Mei. It was a trio performance. I specified on English songs as usual. Had a brief conversation with an agent. Finally. Heard what she has to say & I'm glad to have feedback. I only can appreciate the opportunity to sing now & I'm happy my guitarist offer this chance to me. I hope this go on. & I'll make sure that I improve myself in no time. Seriously, I'm surviving only on this by this very love I still possess. 

Angeline & SauKheng dear were there to support me. They don't know how much energy they could channel to me when they were around. I didn't inform anyone on the 1st time I sang in January cuz it was too sudden. The latest one I did informed everyone but it seems I didn't draw much attention. 
Well, I don't get much chances now especially I'm still under screening which means I only sing when the scheduled singers couldn't make it. 

I did ok. Always just OK. Sometimes better. Inconsistent. Experience will tell & I could tell how far I could go. Time will tell. Till then, shall get myself prepared. 

I finally watched The farewell episode of Glee where I just knew how many crying scenes there would be. I cried along so much that I couldn't tell whom I was crying for. I had to watch it & I did. 

I kinda am fostering a cat lately. The stray was always near my house. Since my dog passing, I have been feeding her occasionally. I loves animal. No doubt. But this grieving period is just so hard. It seems taking care of another animal is just too much to bear emotionally. Especially when the cat wanted to play. She just keep lingering around my feet & it kills me. 

Sigh. I planned to take some photo & send it to people who could love a cat better than I do. I wouldn't take her in. I hope good people could love her die die like I love my dog. Eternity.

People say that when they got their heart so broken they don't know if they could love the same anymore.
Now I truly understand that feeling. 
I couldn't. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hi. How have you been?
Have been dying to blog. Couldn't get it out like I wanna. I'm simply too tired everyday with limited rest. 
Anyway... Too late for me to start anything. I just wanna lay myself on bed. Hope sandman would find me.