Thursday, 8 August 2013

August - Mine!!!

August has arrived, it's a month for all Leo boys n gals. 
I had a nice birthday date with few of my favourite babes. I had a pleasant outing, dinner & movie with Kheng & Choco.

This one was 1 week prior to my Bday... Lek Lek predicted that I would be taken by someone on the actual day... Awhhh

I wanna make the whole August as a celebration of my entry into the world. :)
I keep making decision & surprises to myself. Bought myself One Republic concert tickets which is due on the 31st Oct 2013. I often wanted to celebrate Halloween in KL. Purfect! I often wanted to explore Sunway Lagoon. Purfect. I want my 1st concert date to be purfect. I'm not sure about my companion yet. So Malcolm, dun ffk me. Gosh, I'm feeling excited everyday knowing that I will meet Ryan Tedler very very soon!!!
I wanted VIP location though cuz I'm pretty sure Ryan will spot me. Hahaha.

I had myself 4 new CD collections out of the blue. Don't know why. I just thought that buying these CD are better than another stupid ring on the finger or a fuji-lomo cam which is an expensive hobby when I already had my digital cam which recover itself after weeks of being broken or an overly pricey white leathered analog watch RM1.6K when my Titus is still kicking.  

Special thanks to Hee & Tee Publishing House Co. LOL
It was a brilliant surprise :) It was like love at first sight... so much love lies in the poster.
So thoughtful So genuine. So in love with it.
I don't need a lot to be happy. I need the right thing. 
This bufday, one of my dearest decided to be out of malaysia. 
My bff chose to go NewZealand for working holiday on my bufday. I was so sad that she has to go alone & knowing that she is gonna be away for at least 6 months made me teary. :(
I just wanted her to come back safely soon. U owe me a present. Make sure u bring it back & hand it to me personally. I'm not gonna forgive u if u ever break this deal. 

Hitting the age of 25 makes me realized time is ticking off. I have an intuition that I only have time on earth till the ripe age of 50 yrs old. I'm kinda 50 yrs old now if u noe what I mean. LOL....

I'm a bit of a rush for everything now. 
& I feel utterly poor as I have enough cash & leaves for me to enjoy lifebut somehow I couldn't find kakis to go wherever place I should be going. 

I have specific taste for all type of preference. Sigh. Y couldn't I just be normal?