Monday, 28 February 2011

Full dress rehearsal


Bloody nervous when my song was approaching... Stupid gloves stained my finger nails turning em look so purplish and I thought I was lack of breath or something. After many background singing (I have 5 songs b4 my own @@), I got myself prepared with the fur and the hat. I was ready to perform even though I could feel the numbness with my hand covered with gloves. 

Somehow I couldn't stand firmly with the heels today. Well, If you really know me, I can even walk unstably with flip-flop. I was already bothered before the song begin. Once the guitarist strummed the lines, the mood slowly built up. The whole attire made me feel like a Broadway star... which i really don't mind trying... The fur... OMG, I worked it. The song was okay until it reach the transition site where changes had been made. Band mates forgot that transition... I was nearly singing the wrong thing as well  XD Damn... We are definitely lack of practice.

I try to really focus to bring the song to the end...It went well, and hardly a bad criticism emerge. But sigh, my best is yet to be presented.... Hopefully, after a few more practices, this friday could be the day my song shines.

I'm glad my approach to some juniors' showmanship and vocal paid off... They show progress and were complimented on their improvements. It simply put a smile on my face... 

One more week nia... Gayou NewTuners...

Let's not be tired spiritually...We shall keep the spirit high... We can de!!!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Im so 1920's

I'll be wearing something similar to this for the coming NTLP~ woot...

The 7th rehearsal

My weakest performance thus far... After making changes, and not once practice with full band, the out come sucks. Senior sorta wanna shoot us as he said this was the performance worth to be shot gao gao. Everything was a mess. But after the rehearsal, he approached me and asked about it. I was glad that he did least he know the reason behind it... 

I was very emo the whole journey back to my room. But two things cheer me up. A composer friend of mine ask me to write lyric for his song. Hmm, I really think I need more homework on this as I still have not finish Tracie's song. At 1st, I was quite dry with idea but now it really about time... I hardly have time even for thesis. So, you gotta wait abit longer lo... Paiseh a. Then, the same senior in rehearsal find me at FB chat box. He would like me to sing a demo after NTLP. If he got the right song, he would like me to try it... He asked if I have ever sing at cafe or anything as such which drives my curiosity. He said it was a waste that I'm not one as I have a great voice. It is a sweet compliment on such emo night =) 

It's good to know that I improved and there is someone out there who likes my voice

Monday, 21 February 2011

OMG...Jess Lee

Suddenly I was star struck when I saw the video. I was surprise and I didn't expect it. Jess must be very busy at Taiwan but she still concerned to lend us a hand to promote NTLP 14. I am very touched by how much efforts and hearts poured out by all the NT seniors... 

Juniors are making sure NTLP 14 works, by hook or by crook!!!

Don't lose faith on us...

Watch the video of Jess Lee by one simple click

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oldtune & NewTune/ 988-on air =)

A wondeful night...An inspiring rehearsal....18/2/2011

Thanks so much seniors! You do not know how much it means to all of us to have critics and guidance. I was really nervous... mainly was because I knew I was not in my top form. My throat ached so badly and coughing so much. Many seniors were there... many seniors de seniors were there too... Some familiar faces quickly cast the missing spell... I really wanna do my best and be judged. This is the perfect way to improve. I wanna impress them and show them the improvement I have. I did! =)

I was really trying very hard not to appear shivering as my fingers begin to shake. But as the music started, feeling came. It's always not hard for me to dwell into a song. A sudden blank made me forgot some words, but I managed it in a snap. Vocal was not perfect, slightly weaker than the first rehearsal. I wasn't exactly proud of  my performance though. 

Judgment time! According to senior, my showmanship was great. He said I was enjoying myself and it was very important to feel the song. Still, vocally there are places to fix. He said there were still some throat voices and sorta lack of breath in parts. More practice to enhance those parts, my performance will be better. They like my attitude, the way I carry my song. =) Hiao ma~

I couldn't really digest that much guidance in one moment that I appeared puzzled... I supposed that was a disbelieve look in my face XD I guess I didn't know I should be proud of my own strength~

20/2/2011... A date with 988

After a tiring field trip at Pahang ( refer to a later post ok XD), I was slightly fever and throat ache worsened. I slept very early knowing I have practice the next morning. There were changes in my song, as there was suggestions to scrap the draggy pausing leading to the slow bridge. Seniors gave some ideas, and the song was run a few time.

I really miss XiaoYu, Blackman and Ah Fai... With JieRu and Yichuan here, I felt like I was second year again... I miss those time, watching them arranging, fixing, arguing, laughing, crying all together in the bandroom.... If only Tracy was here.... then, it would be complete... I always love when Fish plays the piano and Blackman plays the guitar... I love how their fingers work the instruments... very inspiring. Especially when Mr. Smooth dark hair jam the guitar with 'xian da' expression.

While we were busy practicing the songs we need to sing at 988 radio station, we waved them goodbye. I appreciate their effort for traveling all the way to us. I am grateful. I sang 'Rain in the Summer', one of the songs in NTLP12. I auditioned that song in my first year, but didn't get it. Now, having the chance to sing it again was like a sweet revenge XD

Nervous, not quite. My main concern was still the voice. Me and 6 other NewTuners including musicians headed there with much anticipation. I tried my best with the restrained voice and prayed that it worked. With solely vocal heard in radio, I can't tipu makan with my showmanship. I wasn't satisfy with myself, but I'm happy my friend did well. We promoted NewTune Live Performance 14 and hopefully people out there heard us. Most importantly, people in UKM who loves music heard us. 

It's a shame if outsiders appreciate us more than our own university people. We have good voices, we have talented musicians, most importantly, we have passions and hearts. Recording in radio studio a totally a new fresh and obviously fun experience. How often you get a chance to talk on air, let alone sing on air. Well, I did both!!!

I received a sweet compliment from my mom. She too said it sounded nice, and there was some part she like despite knowing the flaws. In fact, her words comforted me. It hope I didn't kill that beautiful song. She always know I love singing and she never doubted I can sing. She just don't think I'm ready. She is a good listener when it comes to music if you must know. I always wanna impress her as in, I wish she could proudly say, my daughter sings well.

=) I think I made her proud for the first time. Or maybe she always has, I just didn't know~

It seems small, intangible to shout about, tiny lil experience but it's a huge step to build a fragile girl's ego...
I had NewTune committee to thanks to... thanks for giving me this opportunity!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

5th rehearsal

My request was approved!!! My song was on this rehearsal....

I was like if I still don't get to sing this Tuesday, I'm not gonna siasui myself on Friday. 1st time is always not the best when it comes to rehearsal. This friday is special as many Nt old men/seniors i missed dearly are coming back to watch us. I'm anticipating. I wanna be in my top form, so to say as I do not wish to disappoint them, with me holding a senior position in the club. 

My song was the 5th and I was shivering. My nose, being my biggest enemy was slightly blocked and I was moody after an average performance i did for the song Love box as background vocalist. But I'm progressing though~

Christine taught me the new intro and the melody was beautiful.... I just beh tahan the lyric... XD
But during the performance, the new lyric and the melody slipped off my mind.... spoiled abit... Although my hands were shacking, but thankfully my voice was not effected. Probably this is what you call experience ba... Song flow can still be better and I'm concern about bass solo part... but Ming Yuen is doing his best... Background singers, more practice nia... Thanks guys, I know it's difficult... I truly appreciate it~
I just cannot not love my song =) Many songs from NTLP 14 caught my attentions. 

Many singers improved in their singing today, have new variation in singing style... and I like it. 
I wanna see all of you shine on stage!

I just hope my performance and the groove I presented can give newbies some ideas about showmanship and singing tips. I'm not great, but I'm not bad.... 

I'm just really good XD

 Alright, I'm still so high but 2morrow exam le... Gtg do reading...soon.

Monday, 14 February 2011

14 Feb

After a huge family gathering themed abalone feast at my house on the 13th of Feb, I knew I wouldn't have the mood for the next day. My plan to finish off my reading and thesis editing was disrupted knowing I have to be the slave of the day. Lol... Ok, not that bad seriously.

1st time seeing such huge abalone with its perfectly still intact shape. I have a big family, including all my father's 6 siblings. Not all present that day though. It was a sudden celebration. To everyone surprise I'm a potential cook yea~ I lost in all grandmas... > <

ALright... back to day 14 of the month Feb. Back to UKM in the evening. Nobody ajak and I x mau ajak anyone. So out of desperation, me and my gals sprung up a plan, dinner with steaks.U noe, stuck in uni without a plan at Valentine's Day sucks.

Plan was disrupted though. At 1st, Balakong, but rain was too huge, thunder banging everywhere, and the road was very jam. We switched plan. Thought of going sg. Chua. Same things happen... I was getting moody. Then, to prevent more misery, I suggested we go find makan at Bangi instead. Seriously, 3 years here but I havent really been exploring the place. Eventually, we end up at Secret's Recipe. An idea came upon, Saukheng said, why don't celebrate Fang bday... which was long ago. The original bday celebration was a great plan. Somehow got disrupted by exams and stuff.

So, all 4 crazy gals order steaks, a chocolate sundae (was supposed to have a banana split,~ no banana wa> lame o), and 3 pieces of cakes....I know, chunks of fats and more accumulation to stuff into my coronary capillaries. 

I was so bitter I need lotsa sugars...Haha... A perfect reason to every scoop of regrets and guiltiness into my bloody mouth. I lost to temptations. 

Thanks gal for all the love you have given me.Genuine and never once taken back, and it's real where the lil cupid never once do me justice. HAHAHA

Mend my broken heart you bitchy baby... Wear you diaper right =')

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Most people wanna state their point of view, almost instantly, at all times and come clean about it for good. I am one of this kind, sometimes.... but I'm more like a blogger now that I no longer wanna talk that much and rather listen more to others. 

And then write the shit out of all stuff I wish I could have said but choose not to.

I wish i could shout out loud and tell the world how much 

> I love GLEE and I what know about em

> I am proud of Jess Lee whenever I heard ppl praising her

> I wanna perform right now

> I wanna finish my THESIS and my labwork

> I want U to be my Valentine...impossible.


Damn, I'm still not sleepy. Did I slept too much or Is teh tarik more effective than coffee? Sei for mou... 2morrow go fishing in class again lo... *Canto Translation*

Shitty JC, I can blog for hours but not doing the same for all other works....Awh, the stu new shoes make my toes filled with swollen watery dots... HAHA... sui pok in canto, how is it call in english? Damn Vocab! Damn u wawa shoes...

Tribute to you....

TMT, my beloved coursemate... A soulmate... =)

One of the few I can talk in Cantonese with... I think my PDF file contain all my heartfelt to you more than I ever told you b4... So, to simplified it all, I can only wish a very happie blessing bday and I love you~ 

then & now
& always US
Curi from Jayne2....haha... They don't really post photos in FB. So, I snatched one XD
Another girl I wish to say happie bday to is my dearest Saik Hooi Ling

Since you moved out and then Internship, I still haven't really feel there is something missing. Until we meet each other again for NTLP 14. There is this familiarity I missed so dearly. Glad that you still come back for it or else, I wonder how am I suppose to meet you in the nearest time. I'm not ready to wave goodbye and to tell you that i'll meet you soon cuz i know it will be difficult. 

 Remember this?
hahaha...omg for goodness sake, ignore the hat pls

Recalling our past times, there were plenty of memories we can laugh about. Eg. you always lock yourself out in your own room XD in towel once ite....XDXDXD... I'm not sure how much u remember us, but me being able to recall stuff about us meaning that you are someone I care dearly. 

This pic seriously dun do our beauty justice lo XD

You have been supportive of me when I was most down in NTLP12. We have been in the same PT program for consecutively 2 years. Then, we rocked the stage again for NTLP13. I missed the time we harmonize background for Siewin's song all the way back to UKM at midnight on ur motor. Then we continue this, singing aloud in the bath room...thinking back, we were pretty insane, weren't we?

then & now

I always feel that U, siewin and I are like the chipmunks... =) I cannot not think of you when I'm with Siewin. and vice verse...

The most touching one was when you sent me the medicine right after you know I twisted my arm.That was one drop of compassionate into one of my darkest periods in UKM. 


I still remember how we met in 1st year. A fren of rommie and then we bump in PT then NT, again. I remember the 1st time we chat in MSN, and u said hopefully we can always be like this... Happie that you find you passion, happie that you found love and most importantly, happie bday dearest....Im proud to say out loud that

'Hey, that's my bestie you're talking about!!'

Cuz you are one kind soul I found =)

Progress in NTLP14

My song Giv N Take is still not available for rehearsal....Aiyooo

STAB Accapella is not ready yet... we stuck halfway in designing the flow for quite sometime. Although there is progress in STAB today, some members are still missing in action. Kiwi is doing his best to arrange the background vocal and Xtine also for the music arrangement... This Saturday, we'll try out the flow and hopefully it works. I'm in worry state... I conquer my nervousness through alot of practices and rehearsals... I wish to face the crowd soon.... can't wait to show off also le....LOL
I particularly love this mic...

I'm assigned to sing background for Migong and LoveBox. Singing background do not come naturally to me until I joined NT. In the beginning it was more like remembering rather than really singing it. Now with little experience and practices whenever I hear songs, I'm getting better. With good tutor like Siewin and musicians who are strong in theory, I will excel. 

I used to say singing background is like purposely singing off key.... not off tune though cuz it's always in harmony with the 1st vocal~

 Lately, band room received alot of complaints form the neighbours due to the loudness at night... It's not that we are not being considerate but we are seriously rushing for time. I wish I could apologies and we shall change our schedule a little but hopefully, you can understand out dilemmas too. 

Heard NT is getting more invitations which also means exposures, acknowledgments and cash in for the club. Gayou NT... Can I be part of it? I wanna be part of the crowd who shout the loudest... U bet i can~

Koko miao, This friday must Gayou yea... Bring back the championship from Singapore... Or i X mau acknowledge u as my miao...

HaHa... u need a little pressure geh =)

Monday, 7 February 2011


CNY break is over....

Im back to Uni...

I don't have much sleep during holiday and I'm feeling so moody...

Not sure if I''m just emo or sleepy....

Dying to lay on bed but works all not done... THeSIs a...

Ate too much and sai in so many tummy said it's time for payback...Damn, revengeful giler... Stinky like omfg....we shall just leave it here...> <

Friends told me that he is probably not into me after analyzing my case... Well, thanks for rubbing salt into the injury... A painful wake up call again... I was holding a lil hope but ha, life goes

 Scare of fireworks wa....adui
A look I can't resist to love dearly~

A blur bee almost walked to the wrong clase today as she thought Sis. Mol is at noon. A quick saje saje look at the timetable got me terrified.... Stupid Jc. I really need sleep... I rushed to Bio building and that annoying bangladesh lecturer was already in. This was the class I wanna skip. Argh!!! I can even skip the wrong class! What else thing I cannot do? Well, seeing my friends there smiling to me was the sweetest thing after the morning feast my parent prepared for me.

 Siao bee with the bee suit...CNY version

I used to hate chocolate... now I'm into it quite much... I guess my life is slightly less bitter now that I no longer feel choco is too sweet gua~ 

This CNY is a happy one despite some ppl being ridiculously annoying that really hurt my eyes. ur mother right okay....

 Aiyer.... I dun like hairs but I do love plucking...
My cousin bro... a good man

Awh, I  finished all 10 episodes of GLEE I have. I love the series so much... it can do no wrong! Song selections were great and some mash up and covers they did were amazing. I don't particularly fancy Rocky Horror episode though... but, good jobs guys.

 Finally try this veggy after much resistance... it was yummy...

And lastly before finally lay my hand on my work,

I hate U (whoever terasa la)s

and for that, I hate myself more....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sigh, I wouldn't allow it... Joanne, please... Be cool. Wear it tightly... it's lose, be stubborn still. 

I cannot take ignorance well

Happie Bunny Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happie Bunny Year~ Erm, if you are not an animal lover, if you don't fancy furry creature, pls get the idea off you head to adopt a bunnie. Let em live ya... You could gain some good deeds for after-life by not doing harm to em.

Took a funny picture of my dear dear.... a look I always hate to love....

This fella.... Always on demand whenever he is outta the house... I lost, all the time...and he gets his way wherever he goes. Grrrr.... wait till I bite you Ah Bi

Was dating my fav gal and we had tons of fun visiting the same ol place in hometown. We can really talk about almost everything. From watever business in the loo to all gossips in the world. Adoi.... Ha, finally we agreed on something! Antony Lee is superbly cute!!!!

Seiyeh a, suddenly make me inspired to do bookmark again... reload all necessary ka-chang and I'm ready to tailor make em again... after my thesis stuff... I can't wait to start our blogspot together...The and for-u-bookmark could really work... U thk of a name for these combination k...

Deary, wherever you are, whatever your decision, I will support you 100%.

Bloody tons of work and I'm not at all close in finishing em...

I'm Doom!!! > <

30th of January 2011 Part2 (Congrats Jess Lee)

Another thing that makes me most proud is Lee Kah Wei or famously know as JiaWei in Taiwan. She won the reality singing contest One Million Star!

This Seremban gal blossomed into a super star and her singing capability is finally acknowledged internationally. In UKM, she is already a singer and she is the greatest asset we have in NewTune. In NTLP, she was always given rock powerful songs and she effortlessly nailed them greatly. Watching her sing every week in One Million Star was inspiring. 

 NTLP 12

My first impression on her was during NT intro concert 08, where she performed What’s Up by 4 Non Blonds. I was like, hey I knew her. She was the girl in Astro Talent Quest. She didn’t win though but I remember her. In the same semester, I bumped to her in the toilet while I was checking for my make up in my first PT 29 performance as dancer. She was the formal MC of the night. to tell the truth, I was slightly star struck. We had our first conversation. The rest was history.

 NTLP 13

I was a junior in NewTune and she was my senior, the jaw-dropping singing diva in our team. I remember during my rehearsal for NTLP13, her first comment to my singing was that it was a confident performance and given me some advises to improved as well. I have a lot of respect to her. What I am most proud of is not that she is now famous and glorious. What I am most happy is that she found her platform, she is acknowledged and she reached her dream…Dreams come true. Something I wish too but yet to achieve. She has always been truthful about her passions and work hard for her desires and it’s only fair that she gets what she wants- to be heard. Jia wei, Gayau ya… 

We are waiting for your record. It would definitely be a blast! 

Now NT reunion dinner has another reason to celebrate =)

Well, wells are all spoken. Time for some amateur judgements from me. You noe la, NT people suka judge de. LOL. Can I? ....

I think the best performance of hers was during her semi-final first song. The song Yong Gan by Ah Mei was flawlessly perfect in every single point of view. Today, the first song from her was powerful. But through the ending, it was slightly too pushy. A bit too much. It could be a little softer, and then it would be perfect. The second song was Listen by Beyonce. Wow. This song is too hard to sing. When I heard about her song choice, I was worried. I don’t doubt her range. What I concerned was the soul singing the blacks always nailed. Beyonce sang it with her full range. Charice has tackled it in Glee and it was perfect too. Another Mas girl, Foo Chiu Ying in another Taiwan Reality Show called Superstar (if not mistaken) did her version on her final night but she screwed up a little as she wasn’t feeling well that day. She was granted a second place merely just 0.0something in total marks difference, consequently pushed another MAs guy to win the competition in the end. JiaWei hit every note perfectly; she delivered the power and the intensity of the song so marvellously and I just love how you change the arrangement of the song by the end of the song. Still, I think the song was not smooth enough. I don’t know how to really tell but you guys could refer to Charice version in Glee season2, episode 1. I’m not comparing both singers, but I’m just aiming at some quality that can further improve JiaWei’s capabilities. Ha, these are simply my sincere comments through my listening skill. 

I paiseh la.... XD hmm, I feel so wrong....haha

But beyond doubt, she is the best singer in person I know so far. Oh, I’m glad Sun Siau Liang got number 2. He is also my fav in the show. If only the 3rd would be the Korean team, nicknamed Neighbour’s princes. 

Congratz Jess~ You're inspiring~ 

30th of January 2011 Part 1

It has been raining whole day. The rain started in the morning and it’s still drizzling out there. I don’t fancy rainy days. Depends on my mood probably but it always make me feel down. Still there are 3 things to cheer upon. 

Korea Open Badminton Tournament final was scheduled at 1pm in the noon. I was expecting my fav Korean men double battle and also for the match between Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and badminton ace, Lin Dan. Lee Yong Dae looking ever charming and Jung Jae Sung, smooch able~ battled against the Danish pair. I was waiting for a good game. Sadly, the Danes were disappointing. They played so weakly, seriously not up to their standard at all. Then, the most anticipated battle finally arrived. Lin Dan has currently behaved like a jerk, pulling out from competitions in the middle of routes with excuses like injuries. Ha, like it was believable. 

 haha....can't resist the live scenes....

Well, the 90 000 US dollars was simply too hard for Lin Dan to resist. The battle was explosive! Chong Wei was so determined you can see the high spirit and his desire burning to win Lin Dan. The hour plus battle was too intense and so close that anyone of them could just win. At the end, Lin Dan walked away with the highest price in the history of Badminton Open Tournament. Chong Wei lost with pride. He was in top form today, he moved so fast and swiftly and almost graceful to watch that he was like dancing in the court. He got his chance to trick his nemesis few times that it was almost an insult to his opponent. He playing at his best was already a winner in my eyes. Winning the game would be a bonus. I never see him play so powerfully and so Tiger-ly against Lin Dan. There shouldn’t be any more psychological fear or anymore intimidated feeling involved. 

Chong Wei is fearless! Chong Wei is 100% as talented, as fit, and as brilliant as Lin Dan. There is no more such thing as a par higher or lower among them. But one thing Lin Dan don’t posses but Chong Wei does is his respect for badminton game itself and his humbleness towards his credibility. Still, this ace of badminton is not a tame Dragon. He is badminton extraordinaire, but watch out for the Tiger… You are officially challenged. Chong Wei, I’m backing you up always.