Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Convocation 2012

This is the very few times I went back to UKM without staying overnight. Hence, time spent there was kinda rush. You guys outta know the how much effort I put into the journey I took to come over to your convocation. Having said that, all of you deserve every bit of em & I'm very happy & glad I made it. 

So many faces I wished to see but was unable to. But those who very very matters were located, met & duly wished :) 

What makes me happier was to be able to meet many familiar & lovely faces. 
I recall many people, but I didn't greed them. Simply because I just do not want any further relationship with them other than stranger or unfamiliar FB fwen. Somehow they behave the same. LOL. These kinda people I shud have delete em in FB long time ago. Soon.  

Many remember my name. I remember their faces. Gee... I was the popular girl in Uni thanks to my hyper activeness. The aura is undeniable. Hahaha... let me. 

I looked awfully bad with fugly hair ( no cut for over 3 months - goodness) & tired face. 
When I wore the sunshine shirt, the day rained with no mercy.
When I wore the curse of rain attire, the sun shone brightly. Sigh. Too bad. 
Sorry longeh & biology juniors...

I hope you know how much I wished to meet you guys...

Congratulations to you all & good luck in your future undertaking alright. 


I look even worst with sweats all over. 
I lost count of how many kisses I've planted on my girls...
:3 Sweet 

Hooiling, Benjamin, Chansey, are among the few graduated I managed to spent time with which made my journey a worthy one. Love u guys.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Christina Perry - Distance

The sun is filling up the room, and I can hear you dreaming.
Do you feel the way I do? Right now.
I wish we would just give up, 'cause the best part is falling.
Call it anything but love.
And I will make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

Please don't stand so close to me; I'm having trouble breathing.
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now.
I give you everything I am, all my broken heartbeats, until I know you'll understand.
And I will make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

And I keep waiting for you to take me.
You keep waiting to save what we have.

So I'll make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

Make sure to keep my distance.
Say I love you when you're not listening.
How long 'till we call this love, love, love?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Man is useless when he touches gambling.

Woman is useless once she marries a wrong man. 

Child is useless when he is raised by the said man & woman. 

Unless he choose to live for the better. 

Or he is destined to die for comfort.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Nanny

Participated for my 1st Road show in the branch. I was assigned to look after the kid's corner. 
Goodness! I was like I might not have much patient for rebellious nasty kids. To my surprise I sorta handle my job well. My family's close cousins have long grown up. So I kinda belittled my skill with kids. I only know that I'm fondly attached to furry animals & they hardly object my presence. 

I met some very very cute darlings. Especially the first boy of 6 years old. He is just down right adorable. I wish he's my kid!!! LOL. From 9am to 2pm. Tough! But well, good day well spent with some innocent children.

Nice bonding with colleagues too. 
Happy day, bad night. 

The evil will always has a way to come disturb my pleasure in one way or another. 
I just....hmm. Never mind.

Next week will be better. 
Seeking inspiration. 
I've done a good deed today. 
Actual stress & control diet can really help reduce weight. 
No kidding. My pants fits in 2 weeks time. Pfff

Looking forward to my escape break on 20th - 23rd. UKM Convocation!
I'm still looking for kaki for Michale Boltan's concert. Anybody?
I guess youngster my age don't appreciate 80's-90's musics do they?



Friday, 5 October 2012

A man told me something so pleasing to my ears, so much so I almost believe the character I'm carrying is the actual me. It's a part of me but not quite entirely do justice to myself.

But it's just because he hasn't know me yet. 

The fact that every boy seems to distance himself once he knew me slightly better makes me believe that it could be my problem & I'm not seeing it. 

I consider myself being difficult in a certain stage of a friendship/relationship. You surpassed it, you could possibly notice something else. Which is why I dearly love my besties. Cuz they have chose to stay put with me & I've grown so comfortably attached to them. 

Of course certain friends are not subject to the above clause cuz sometimes we just clicked aren't we?

I choose friends, friends choose me. You don't like certain boys, certain boys don't like you. 
Fair right? Fair geh....

After a whole long fucking day at work, a simple compliment of that drained off my fatigues. 
Well, I actually prefer someone to just knock me out & let me sleep for 3 days continuously. 

I miss missing you. Another one slipped through. 

Must know his name next week. 
Let's just hope he's not gay alright? 
He is just soft spoken ~ :) 
Night love

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mad check!

Stupid ATM machines & stupid duty!!!

Yesh. I learned gazillion things but WTF the amount of hard work I need to pour in are way too much than I could bear. I touch hundred over thousands cash every morning for the week but I'm not excited at all. They seem more like junk papers to me. Sigh! 

I worked up to 13 hours a day. Gosh!! Yet my work is undone!! Weekend mau road shows & all sort of funny cases thrown to my face. Hey, seriously?

I'm more than ready to learn & be guided. But berpada- pada lar.... I just realized how incredibly selfish one can be. I freak out almost too easily & I get very restless over complicated stuff. Hence, a good guidance will really helps a long way. 

You cannot expect a baby to run only after making him stand on his own feet. 
Get that? Simple logic. You can force him to run, but do it at your own cost. The amount of troubles & unforeseen circumstances could be disastrous. Why?
 Everything happens in the same week. So little time (Yea, so little time),  so much of works. 

Probably I'm just sucks in Time Management. Since no one is helping, so dear lord, please forgive me of all the sinful bitchy unashamed stuff that I've not regretfully said. 
I swear I've tried my best to keep all this to myself. In return pls pls pls keep my sanity in check. 
I was so mad & so unsettled, I'm actually planing my agenda of fainting at office after noting someone in the office did just that 2 days ago. I was like how stressful are you really? Certain of your responsibility are thrown to me so swiftly. The hell....

Arghhhh I'm so mad!!!

The only comfort I have now is some eyes satisfaction. There's this auditor lurking around in my branch looking so finely my type. Soft spoken, good attitude, charming...but slightly too feminine. 
I realised that I have fanciness over this range of guy - I'm not sure if he's simply carrying a metrosexual look or that he's purely gay but he's has definitely caught my eyes when I caught him spying. LOL.

Well, I don't know~ He could be really "Spying" as he's auditing my branch from it's most internal to its most external. So I'm just part of the well, shyte that he need to work on for a month. 

At least my emotion is balanced for now. 
Oh, I even planned where to faint, how to faint & the whole scene is in my head now. 
This is when my dancing skill comes in. We have a technique to fall flat on the side without causing much pain or injury. XDXD

Call 999 pls!!! 
To rescue Jcdagreat!!!