Friday, 30 April 2010

kong k + most anticipated movie

After a brief resting when my exam was finally over, my power was regenerated. On the 30th of April, i was more ready than ever to go for an outing. Early planning was to go K with Benjamin n YS then movie with him and his cousin in the morning. Then my night time would belong to my Newtuners. Since my dear Pumpkin was snatched by her sister, i mai go my own activity le. Somehow, plan corrupted...YS couldn't come to K season. So there was only me and him in the room, singing and at times yelling....key off, nevermind, we had each other to cover up...haha. 

i like my shot better =P

My first date with him was at K-room too, red box. Hey, were we in the same room?? LOL... Benjamin is one good friend that has a special place in my list. I dunno how to tag you....i am not sure how to categorize you into my well n defined circles of fwen. I wanna treat u as one of my gals. Emotionally yes, physically cannot ma. I hug n kiss my babies de. Then, wanna call you close pal pulak, we can seriously have a long period of time not talking, not commenting on each other post, not meeting at all, as though we are ignoring each other... but when we finally meet up, haha....gila stuff happen.

I like creating buzz with you. Basically we did nothing but still there will be people talking... And we couldn't be bothered. I like the fact that we share common interests n attitudes except for the fact that u like choco n i'm into coffee. This sem sees our friendship progress. You have been my eyes when i buta jalan most of the time....does this phrase sounds familiar??... Lastly, thanks for being a great companion of mine. We started the sem 2gether, now we officially end it as well. Proudly declaring you as my bff.
**lick lick**.....hahaha...our secret code

Then we off to get some ice-cream...Switzerland brand...what was the name again? Once her cousin sister arrived, we off to the movie. 


Ice Kacang Puppy Love 
Chu Lian Hung Tou Ping 
Those who watched has been praising this movie non stop and it was highly recommended. Still, i do wish to keep my expectation low. This Malaysian product was a huge surprise! It was totally a great movie. The characters are well presented. The plot is interesting, might be predictable and typical but who cares? Doing the best out of simplicity is the hardest task ever. Many end up making disaster, this would be the best Malaysia product to date. All Malaysian affair and some sprinkle of hongkongers. 

Simply hilarious and meaningful.

Angelica Lee acted so well. When she cry, i cry with her...dammit. Paling x suka cry when i'm watching movie in cinema. Adui... i like her best in this movie. I like the fact she broke free from the horror genre where i still think she lack of something. I can't feel her being afraid, but in this movie, i could feel her being hurt. I felt hurt. I found myself related to her some sorta way. I thought it was a OMFG situation when she kisses Botak....haha. U have to be really in love with him to kiss him ba.... =) Oh, i like the woman who act as her mother too.

 I never am a fans of Ah Niu.... i had my view 100% changed today. This photos were taken by my senior in UKM when he was involved in the whole production. He acted as a she, a woman who always geboh in the cafe shop. So proud of him even though it was just a small role. His name is 
Soon Kien Seng.

this is the character he plays

 these are the pictures on the set from his collection. thanks bro for allowing me to publish this.

Personally, i like how the story tell the 1st love from the angle of a guy, since he was young. I like the idea where he would always be there for her regardless of she needed him or not. He will always be the one who could tell if she is happy or sad. I like how the movie emphasize little gesture like hair petting and touches. Sometime, it might seems small, but it might means something to that person. I despise the fact that he never have the courage to confess. Letter writing could be romantic but it's also a coward's personality. A guy who never has the courage to confess to a girls he loves is never worth to be loved. But that was what the story wanted to tell...the innocence of young lovers. 

This wouldn't be what i want tho. I don't like to play guessing often proves my antenna malfunctioned~

After the movie, we went to the shushi Zanmai for our dinner as i called off the night outing with another geng. It was too challenging for me to travel alone to places i never go and 4 someone like me who can get lost in the exam hall, the distance and channel switching lanes are way too extreme. So sorrie....

The sushi served was artistically beautiful...they tasted good wonder there are always long queues outside even without promotion. 

A satisfying day to celebrate the end of final examination cum my 2nd year~30th April 2010


the end of second year

I don't know how to exactly express my feeling here... for the first time i had two exam clashed in a day...the final day for my final exam. Overall, i think i did okay but there is always room to improve in my case. It's not that i couldn't give my 100% but my passion n will to score is no longer burning inside of me. All last minute stuff got me to the edge of point where i no longer generate willingness to battle for a deanlist. I did try to revise and maximise the time given as my timetable was consider the best as i have a total of 7days before every weekly 3 subjects. But.... when there is but, it means procrastination occurred....

pumpkin bday celebration

What i hated the most is my period cycle. IT as though understand my will not to be bothered by the uneasiness during exam week. Stress came visiting and IT got stuck. Just on the last day of the exam, my period came in the morning....gila.... if you could got stuck for so long, stuck for a few more days then. That day. I was supposed to go to the Mines with Pumpkin and watch IPMAN. (i always pronounce I-P MAN rather than 'yip man'...haha...) Since i had no sleep the night b4, i have to reject the outing and surprise her in the wee hour of april 30th. 

my favourite gals

We had a crazy n loud celebration at her room thanks to saukheng and her willingness to drive....after that, me and saukheng and another gal went to KTHO for a teh tarik time. 1st time went there for supper... Seriously, i have yet to explore UKM to the fullest... 2 years already wei~ next year... promise i'll be better in knowing my own university.

Monday, 26 April 2010


This comedy series is a must watch

When i first heard the show on TV, i was attracted only by the sign they use as it represent the expression  LOSER... i mean y would a series emphasize that word so loudly. To their credit, i was attracted and/but i caught the first episode by chance as it was aired before American Idol. The next thing i knew was that i declared myself a huge fans of the show. I love the whole concept of the series. Singing and dancing aside, the plots are good. The songs chosen was very relevant to me and boy are they talented or wat...

 these are the characters in the show. follow the numerical numbers on ur cell phone, i like best number 4,5(the bottom one),6,9... singing wise la...

The characters are well presented and the value they try to bring out is very positive. It teaches the audiences that we should not be afraid to express our talent. It's not wrong to do the things you like even though we appear as weirdos or worst LOSERs. Fight for glory, a chance to shine and be very confident in expressing yourself, musically. Every details of the show pierced right thru my heart...exaggerating, yes, but i can totally feel myself being part of the glee club.How i wish there is such club in UKM. Choir could be fun and lively you see. No matter how well you sing, if all you gonna do is to stand there with full formal presentation, with lame old songs, it's more like you guys are singing for a death parade.

awh....this cutie pai... he is just so very awesome. He dances and he sings... and he is so so SO delicious
--look at the eyes, the square jaws, the curly hair (gay hair according to Sue...the woman...oh well, imagine Simon Cowell with boobs and in sportwear...haha), the lips....he is my new fantasy
Even if you are not a fans of music, watch for the sake of fun... watch the 1st episode. I promise you a joy ride for an hour. It was so huge in America n now gaining popularity worldwide.  

this gal... a broadway singer turn tv actress...  she is Lea Michele as Rachael... She has got the best voice in the club but with a too showoffy attitude. And as the lousy fashionista, she is just a turn off. But in real person, she is one hot latina... i am attracted to her.... are you?

This show is worthy to watch. I'm looking forward to its 2nd season... It's contagious! Well, if you ever addicted to High School Mucical, you're in the right plane, but this is with more maturity and is believable.

If you happened to be a fans too, do let me noe... i do want someone to share the hype with.... and even if you dun wanna watch the show, listen to their songs...the mash up versions of many hits of our times.


Sunday, 25 April 2010 whole week of pia-ing. 
Well, almost. I was doing a lot of reading but im not sure how many percent of the knowledge really goes into my head. At least i knew briefly about the subjects i was studying this semester. Dammit... i could have score full marks in my quizzes in genetic quantitative. Wasted. This week, like normal, days at home are comfortably intense. 
I got to know the lecturer who i am supposed to do Thesis with is going to send me to another lecturer to do molecular or genetic in insects. I heard my Vespidae is snatched from me. I called my friend to confirm and she said i might still be still doing Vespidae but under different lecturer who did not dare to take me in when i first approached her because i am from different major.
She is a wonderful woman but the fact that she has declined me, i feel like she has no guts.... if this is the fact, then i might all the time stuck in lab and not much fieldwork... dammit. I just cannot run away from genetic. In a way, it could be good. At least, i can apply all my genetic learning into my Thesis despite choosing insects over plants and animals. I was worry as i was at home and I won’t meet the lecturer until another week.
Then a friend of mine nudges me in MSN and told me that he has lost all his notes for Ecology Terrestrial and he asked if i could send all the notes to him. I was like... y are you always acting like this? Do you noe how many were there and how difficult it was to send those over-capacity ones thru mail? I nagged him- u noe the sister instinct... and he back fired me and he really did cross my line. 
He was like, you are no god, don’t always think you know everything... when the HELL did i said that? 1stly i was really not in good mood. 2ndly, why must you ask from me when you are just a click away from going to SPIN and get all the lost notes there... 3rdly, you did not tell me you formatted your laptop in the 1st place. I have very low faith in believing guys in whatever reason they give to cover their weakness and boy, these are the guys i met. 
This is not your first few time asking these favours you see. It’s not that i don’t willing to help you. But when you are asking too much and too frequently (just like last time if you ever remember and noticed that i was drawing away from you) i started to value myself if i was doing the right thing or that i was being used.
The reason i said you are a changed man is because i saw you pulling yourself together and i don’t see you asking much favour anymore. Instead you aided me when i needed a MAN most especially during lab times. Now i wonder if all these while you did not ask for my favour, were you asking somebody else? Secretly i adore you again. But your request that day reminded me of those moments and my angst controlled my head. Instead of explaining much, you turned your back on me and decline my offer or rather taking back your request as though i am incapable of doing you this favour. 
You are making me guilty and you wanna make me the bad one. That was what my brother always did. He makes me feel like i am the worst sister...and i started to believe i am when i already gave up in teaching him the right attitude. So, in your case, i guess im the worst friend you ever met cuz i never make it easy for you when you needed my help. 
For this i apologise but i am not sorry for wanting you to be more of a reliable friend, rather than you getting the right person to seek upon when problems come. i wish you could be the one people depend onto. Well, as you say i don’t noe you. I don’t understand you, i can never judge you. I am a no body to you. One last thing, if you will ever decline my offer towards your request just because i nag or that i question you much rather than helping right away, 


The last thing i need is another jerk acting like my brother in my face. TYVM!!!
This sort of argument shouldn’t have existed. I could have just told him to get on spin and that was the end of story. I always have problem in such matter. The right way VS the nice way. ANYWAY, i hate argument. Once started, it might be the end of all. So please dun heat it up.
Gosh, i cant get my eyes off television. I thought i was overly addicted with Facebook. How wrong i was.... TV is GOD.... awh.... ASTRO to be precise. Haha...
I was thinking of writing down the list of ex-crush down and rating them the other day... exposing them wo.... hmm. Should i or shouldn’t i...  after the fourth paper perhaps. =)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

eXam--3 down, 3 more 2 go

A lesson no one can ever learn....we just cannot escape last minute studying... 


The scariest one BIOMETRY which many afraid of end up pretty easy for me... Probably it wasn't really as mathematical i as thought it would be... i have to make up to my mid sem result... i dun thk i score well for that cuz i wasnt confident at all with my answer. In exam, when you lose the confident, you lose everything. Then another 2 more annoying subjects which i barely touch.  
Both are science in BM and they sucks. 

When it's a biology subject, then do not mess with my memory. i have ultimate short term memory if i really wanna score that subject.

and do noe, if i walk out early from the exam hall, you can be sure that i do not noe how to do and i already semi giving up on it. 


this was taken at Cheras Leisure Mall... recently, i lost all sparks... i feel old

i finally found this restaurant time must try 

All my ugly sitting poses was seen by him that day in the exam hall. I didnt notice he was just sitting behind me, at the next row's table. Though i no longer yearn for his attention, i dun want him to have a chance saying ''i am lucky not making that move''.... that would be my dialog. Not his! He don't has the standard to say that... hee

 Recently, i became close to Pumpkin...  i forgotten what drives up together...probably during mini project. Somehow, chemistry occurs and we just clicked. She complimented me... and i feel comfortable being with her. I dunnoe if you feel same way but, i already acknowledge you as my bestie... 

Soon after, i realise that you have a similarity with one of my ex BFF. You even have her look but definately you are prettier...haha. i believe you will not course me sadness de =) we shall see how this friendship blossom!

pumpkin with her secretion...haha....pumpkin soup


i cant believe i will got lost in the exam hall.... during biometry time, 45minute b4 the exam finish, i felt the urge to got to the loo. i was like...quite far wo... can remember seat mou?? Then the thought of Ethan Tan being so superbly tall (sexy o) sitting 2 seats behind me might help me remember my seat. so i went and quickly got out from the toilet. Once i walk out, oh dear....i never now Ktams hall is that huge.... i was scanning for him.... but i can't see... i try to act like i noe my place and randomly select a row to walk into....but i knew something is wrong when i don't see any empty seat. i began to shiver... 

oh god....i am lost. 

 bahagian B not yet was hard but i'm yet to give up
i walk back infront... i almost wanna ask the Pengawas infront but i forgotten my seat number so i took another look at the crowded seats and thankfully i saw Latiff. He was seating 45 degree behind me. I couldnt explain how much i love him at that moment. haha... so i shame-fully walk back to my seat...

the last thing i knew was many of my course mates saw it...that stupid act... oh science peoples were there too.... habis image lo....blur princess....
malu maximally...

i guess not many people will got lost in the very exam hall gua... i tend to go the extreme way in blurness wise.

these week....yor, water crises!!!

i need to at least bath 2 times aday n with such weather, 3 times. the problem is water supply is often cut. A simple action like bathing require a hunting journey going from block to block... oh god... for goodness sake. it's exam period k.... moral of the story, pls just save water...

do not cancel off my bathing pleasure... do not compare our condition with the Africans. There have no choice and no way to conserve and enjoy their mother nature...  BUT we are bless with it... so please be grateful...

every drops of it

Monday, 12 April 2010

2nd year, 2nd semester

 Wow...another semester has passed by... 

I remember complaining that this semester is a lil too short... but i think i would change my mind looking back to my collection of pictures that reminded me of how much i have done for this period of time. 
I started to feel old and im beginning to act old too...sigh. 
Well, let’s begin with the story. The sem began with a bang!!! I had my 1st stay out at night journey on Christmas. This crazy outing was the most rebellious act i have ever done and i had fun all night long. It was a back to back activities where the journey continue from time square to mid valley... a whooping 24 hours non sleeping journey... 

i dunnoe where the hell i get those energy but i can literary remember how painful my feet were right after i took out my sport shoes. Then New Year came and the almost similar act came visiting but with different plot and characters. On New Year eve, i was all over PJ and KL then on the day itself, i was hanging out with my old friend of 15 years and Benjamin... Awh Ben, i think i miss you already...

Soon after, i was preoccupied with university works. There were 2 field works, one mini project which close resemble Viva and Thesis, hell lotsa assignments and many journal reading... I am most satisfied with myself as a student this semester. I don’t just hold many responsibilities, i give so much commitment into my works. I can’t say that i enjoy all the subjects but i definitely show better progress in the field of biology. With 3rd year approaching, i am definitely a half biologist now...LOLZ. I realised that i enjoy the study about ecology too...a subject that concern about environment. 
 then Mersing
Although the fieldworks were very tiring but they initiates bonding between course mates and kept our relationship strong esp the 14 Chinese unity. 
I encounter few of the finest lectures in UKM and totally respect them for being so knowledgeable. Their love towards their fields are contagious and this leave huge impact on me and my view to my course altogether. Biometry is one of the subjects that caught my attention. I hate to say this but somehow i found this subject challenging in a good way. Well, i don’t see biometry as a maths subject cuz i don’t hate it that much. I would consider it as a study on data that would prove my experiment right. Well, i can’t hate something that hardly goes against me...Probably it’s the word ‘design’ that came with the title of the subject that turn off the hate spell or probably i knew i must master it in order to do my Thesis where no one can escape doing biometry experimental design. 
 my mini project mates

Time management... a subject that make me stress from the top to the bottom...from the beginning till the end. Normally when i sabotage my time in work for nonsense stuff like FB, i will only stress out last minute when i need to summit whatsoever. This course averaged my stress so that i develop high blood pressure gradually, so i would have time to jot down my will than to shoot right up at the very last minute and die instantly. Dun get me wrong! This woman is an amazing lecture and i learnt so much in this course. The most satisfying minor subject U3 ever. The task in doing cultural interview between strangers in Indian is one freakin cool assignment...
 CNY reunion with paulians
Due to the thesis title selection, i was kinda devastated by the fact that huge possibility i would be thrown to the LELONG site where i would eventually have to face the field and lecturer i most wanted to avoid. If none entomology lecturer would take me in, i might probably beg them for reconsideration or possibly come up with another title for me... i would do anything for that... i don’t wish them to discriminate me just because i am from genetic major.

I’m 100% better in 





in your field. Just please accept me...any insects...please...

My biggest event as performer was New tune Live Performance function. It was a dream came true and it was the most amazing experience for me as a singer. New Tune is a place to learn and it boosts my talent... a place i can nurture my passion and my will to be better and stronger... for that, i thank all the opportunities and support from everyone who involve NTLP13. Erm... i didn’t get flower.... huhu... yea... as boyish as i could be...i like to be pampered with flower too....   
 this is when you're desperate for one
well, ignore it...haha. Tho it wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for a starter...losing the whole involuntary nervous system that kept bothering me for as long as i remember is totally a joyous fact to be celebrated. I don’t fear the stage no more...
 the celebration
I took cha cha dancing and i am happy to have chosen it and had it be my 1st ball room dancing experience. I follow some new jazz lesson too but i was not satisfied with the guru. Hence, i dropped off. I was invited by my roommate to sing in one of the KKM annual dinner function before NTLP which i sang ‘if i ain’t got you’ by Alicia keys. This song no longer threatens me as i believe i’ve master it. For the 1st time in my life, i am proud of my performance as singer. I was not nervous, i was not shaken, i did not shiver and most importantly, i sang with my full ability, almost which i had New Tune rehearsals to thank for. 

Biology gals... i love you girls like a lot!!! A lot!!! I cannot imagine my days without anyone of you. From solo, i met Meeteng then the Hi5 group and then my mini project gals and soon, the unity of zero pong~... our bonding are complex and the relationships are multilayered with lotsa complication. This is what makes the bio gals specials. All of you are pretty in my eyes... and only good people and my loved one appear angelic in my very eyes. My presence might not make much of a difference but never ever ignore Joanne yea... i would die...
4 semester staying with my roomie le.... one sick gal with 0% of obsessive compulsive behaviour  problem VS superbly loud gal... haha. I love you roomie... as close as we are, we hardly even spend time together outside the room... still, i am glad that we made it to the chocolate fair and we even watched Alice in Wonderland together... what an achievement!!! Haha... you’re the best roomie i ever had and let’s continue our 3rd year journey together ~sleeping side by gay is this... =) muaksz.
I hate to say this but i ran outta crush 4 times le.... sigh. Actually, to be precise, there is only one... but well, i can’t let him dominating my head hence, i took in extra replacements who fail terribly as well. By the time i got tired waiting and guessing, many are desperate in contrast. I was sarcastically smiling as i finally got out from the misery. I broke free from the thought of crushing somebody.
1stly cuz it isn’t worthy.  
2ndly due to my own attitude and the fact that i was cursed where only chickened dudes and freak falls for me, i better just let it be... im not gonna force what’s more of waiting... 
3rdly, im ignoring all the potential scary strangers cuz i fear strangers and they annoyed me most of the time... to make it clear, good guys who do not wish to love and be loved,  
stay away from me
And those bad and dare devil, think twice before approaching cuz i might just humiliate you that you never wish you have meet me.

I love this sem... it was like a banana boat. You have many flavours of ice-cream in a nice but slightly deformed bow, pretty designated fancy sugary items around the boat with sprinkles of M&Ns and raisins on top of it. It gives you brain freeze and at the same time amuse you with fantasy with each lick and bites. It provides you with surprises with some hidden berries and sweet BANANA then some bitterness of dark choco that you wish for another scoop of vanilla immediately. One heavenly taste i am satisfied with.
If only i could add in some coffee scent~ a cup of cappuccino ... some warmness to enhance my appreciation towards the deseart...the one thing i always wanted, a dream that will never come true... i guess you just can’t be that selfish. Joanne cannot always reach perfection. Jcdagreat said she is capable of being one...

Monday, 5 April 2010

mini project =)

Mini project was the biggest assignment for me thus far... the whole semester work would be presented on the day-the day we all have been anticipated for. The presentation day was due Saturday 3rd of April. 

 With just one hour of sleep, i went to the hall with so much anxiety and anticipation. The progress of settling down was not smooth, the fact that we have to run everywhere just to get the hard copy done... I really tried my best to be the leader to my team. I think i did well and we got thing done pretty fast that we, particularly me have a lot of time free while the rest was rushing all the works. 

I do not know how one could take the role of a leader so easily while i was stressing out like shit. I was always checking on everyone, reminding them so much and make sure everything was in order. I worked not just on my part, which i think i am strongest in. I also help did many research on their parts just in case they needed extra help as i do not noe if the works given will burden them or not. Basically, i was over-worried! So, at last, when everything is compiled, we waited for our turn to be called. 

I was most worried for the limited time....seriously, a semester work in just 8 minute? Are you outta your mind? My discussion and conclusion was so perfect and i even managed a twist in presenting which i was dying to do but, i just couldn’t. By the time it reached my turn, the second bell was rang, which also mean time is up, and i got freak out. I just clicked all slides and mumble some stuff and that was it... Questioning time!!! I was not at all afraid as my team are prepared. Shoot us all you wanna.... instead, i saw them puzzled... huh?? Were you guys impressed or we got you confused? They did not question us, but just told you that we were lacked of some test in analysis. 

I seriously learnt a lot from there. All 3 lectures did not go much on the other part which left me question if they were practically satisfy or probably they couldn’t find a way to attack as bee/wasp in terrestrial is not their proficiency. I was very disappointed that i could cry out on the spot. I failed to forecast about the time limitation could have such impact on us when i already knew the limitation a few days back. I was over-confident and i did not manage a practice with my team mates. I think i fail this time as a leader. 
 new way of eating nasi lemak...pumpkin say, compressed it, then bite =)

busy collecting rubbish... for recycle...for the greens... for the mother nature.... salute!!!

Though i did not win, not any in the 3 spots, but my group scored 19.67 marks out of 24 marks. With 2nd and 3rd place with just 20 marks. Although i am not satisfy with my presentation, but i am, with the whole project. I am at last feel like a biologist. 

Awh latiff... 
it was shocking the first time when you told me you are following my blog. That day, i saw you finding a chance to talk to me. I knew exactly you would talk to me about it. The last blog i post was a bit extreme and i knew you would talk to me esp when i touch on the word god.
I truly appreciate what you did. It reminded me so much of the old you...the 1st year 1st sem latiff. Those days, you were an impressive friend where you always make me feel superior when im with you. Whenever i am down, when im in need of’ll just be there. That was what i miss. 
But please don’t judge me...don’t discuss with me with the method i choose to excrete my emotion... for me being able to tell out it a huge step... and when i did, u noe at that moment i was indeed depressed and possibly crying while i was typing which i would not let anyone see me doing that. I knew what i was doing. What i did n said might not last. So worry not as i won’t be blue for a long time. I hate being advised when i knew what i was doing and please note that i am sensible enough. You being caring with judgemental make me feel more like a though i am not even eligible for making my own statement, to get my frustration out my chest...   
 you noe, just do what you did best... the Latiff way... i found the lost you this sem and i’m happy to see that... probably you cannot find the joanne you lost...but hey, the one you noe is joanne. And joanne stay n stubbornly persist no matter how much i wanna get rid of her... 
im now just more of jcdagreat... as she is superior, she is strong and loud.... she has larger than life attitude...way over the top and will never put off by petty issues...she is another me. A shell i can hide in.... so dun break it...dun force me out... when i choose to avoid, dun force me to face it....i am healthy and im still, dun so very fine. It’s still funny how you can make me open up to you about my problem so easily...  there is a part in you that make me believe you, comfortable and safe... keep that for me. Polygamy dun works for ya, so despite your GF jealousy, im dominating that part in you.... deal??

cha cha exam

      On the 22nd march, i had my cha cha exam which was the most not prepared exam in a long time. I missed 3 weeks of cha cha classes for another priority, New Tune. I did not have much of a chance to chase back right after as when i went to the class finally, i was told it’s the last class and on the 22nd, i shall have an exam to clarify me as a beginner cha cha dancer.
   durin da exam....hmmm
  Well, to those who knew me well, you should be able to imagine how bad i took it and how i react to it. i was totally sucked up with the fact that i was not able to follow the new set of movement and i have no time to learn. To make the matter worst, my partner from which i grow to like (pls dun take it wrongly...i noe u would) cannot make it to the exam cuz he need to accompanying a Japanese Prof to the airport...huh?? OMFG!!! It was totally a hard blow. He was a Japanese researcher who happened to do research in UKM who ages 30++. OMG, again!!!   
      me n my old partner
Another coronary bursts news was that i would be paired with a experienced senior who is i assumed 180cm tall if not higher. Imagine how i cross my hand over his head when his superb long hand holding mine. Imagine having to set my chin 45 degree up if i do not wish to stare at his chest for the whole dance. For goodness sake, he is so thin and everything else made me seriously uncomfortable dancing with him. Don’t get me wrong though. He is very nice man and he is the one who make this ballroom dancing society possible. 
  The cut the story short, i forgotten the steps when i thought i finally got all the steps right. My mind was blank throughout the dance. There was a cute guy saying that it wasn’t me who got the steps wrong. But me not being alert to notice who and why it went wrong was already a mistake. Still, it was a night to remember.
   da cha cha beginner gals
   I saw young passionate people like me nurturing their dancing skill and watching some of them dance gracefully made me feel good. Mei san was a great companion. I was glad to have her by my side all night. She is definitely the closest and most get along senior of mine. Lurve her lotsa.
I will definitely take ballroom dancing again. I heard there would be Samba this time....wohoo....partner anyone?? Add on with cha cha intermediate.... could be fun... but will there be free time for me if i choose to go for PT once  again? I wanna make this PT dance experience a special one...3 years on going.... could it be possible? I am not contended by just trying out variety of dances but also mastering em... contemporary dance was my first, so it should also be the 1st i shall master. 

Dancing make me feel free... erm minus the constriction of following steps which also why i love free style more. When i dance, i only feel myself... my mind will only concentrate on the rhythm and is always free from all sort of emotional stuff. So, let’s dance~