Sunday, 31 January 2010

my 1st rehearsal

Well. i will make sure i post something about my progress in NTLP 13. Today pre-show rehearsal was my 1st and i already made up my mind that i will be slammed gao gao by committee members. But i try to comfort myself that i shouldnt be nervous as they are my fwens and supporters... after all, they are the one that will performe along with me and go thru this dream with me....

So, as i waited for my song to be called up, i end up wondering where was my guitarist... he is the main instrumentalist cum the arranger... so many of us Q him. I especially, cause i got used to his playing and he set my key~ as we waited, my song postponed to the last and he yet to appear... he was at work and due some mishaps, he couldn't make it... i asked my other band mates if we should proceed as it was a confirm that we will be a mess.

I was put into a dilemma situation. I purposely came back early for my rehearsal as i wouldn't be able to make it next rehearsal due fieldwork on Saturday. Then, Andrew was here... the NTLP so called GOD... i always wanna meet him face to face after being facebook fwens for so long and i want him to judge me. I was seriously starstruck... yea~ sweat all u wanna... So, as i trusted his judgment, i really wanted to hear from him about my singing...

I wasn't really nervous but i was not at all comfortable missing an important band mate... since there have been few days not having practice, i  begin to worry if i would even get the key right. And i was right! My presentation was a disaster. I got the wrong key, i stopped the band once, before proceeding on the 2nd, i couldn't get my melody right with bass being master guider... but i proceed despite it. There was when my friends came reaching out for me... ah fai and siewin were there guiding me and sang out the correct key for me... i got back the right tract just after... but since i got affected earlier, the whole thing was consider damanged. I was seriously thankful for them saving me from further disaster.

So, the end note in the song was like a needle being pulled out from the buttock... a sign of relieve. I knew i'm a dead meat and i was ready for all sorta complaints.... but these critics are gonna help me develop... basically, i was really looking forward to~ at least they care...

So, i was told that i must be careful with my falsetto and i cannot make the mistake by calling the band to stop playing to repeat... big big mistake. Pronunciation was another one... i can't believe pronunciation was a problem for english speaker like me... no wonder there are always people saying they do not understand whatever i was saying...lolz. But they did not fix me u c... so, i was told to open my mouth bigger when sing, emphasize the wordings and catch breathing point...

Singing wise, Andrew said i was alright... his remark comforts me so much... i was seeking for more advise after hearing comments from all. i figured out that whenever i'm away from mike, everything are perfect. I think the song tempo was too fast for me and perhaps, i'm not comfortable with the speed. I am still lack of confidence and the inexperience me couldn't deal with sudden changes. I'm lack off so much of skills...

With them, i feel very much humble and lacking in all sorts... from this zero level, i will pick up soon... i promise~~ for all my friends, u guys are empowering and thanks for all the guidance.

I like most Siewin song... soo yong... u really good la... i din noe it was your song untill someone mention it... well done... too bad LYAML tak masuk pun...=(

Almost all newtune instrumentalists are multi talented...haha...from drum set, they jump from base then to piano and more... n i din noe Ah Fai know drums de leh...  u guys are sexy u noe... talented peoples oozes charms...

Andrew looks more like 'human' in real person than in profile photo... haha... very nice man... shall hear more from you tho u r far at Australia...sigh.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

We’ve drifted futher, mi amo,
Being so close yet so far,
So confuse yet it’s crystal clear
Discourage but still longing
Missing you much but i’m defeating
As i’m fragile yet stubborn
Defending but am yearning not,
So much in vain and hatred, fear and lonesome
Yet there is hope sparkle somewhere
By right, by chance, by space, by time
With a lil’ more passion and will,
 Love shall come around,
Blossom delicately,
With smiles enlighten ever brightly.

*subject change*

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Singer gonna be...


I’m selected to sing as a main singer in NTLP this time. To be truthful, which could be very much annoying to many... I’m still yet to give 100% to the whole thing. You see, i join the audition with a heavy heart. I was persuaded by a senior friend and i made up my mind last minute to join it. i simply choose 2 songs to get it done and like usual, i don’t perform to my fullest in audition. So i did not bother much with the outcome too.

But soon, i received a congratulation note and was asked to try on few demos and go for the 2nd audition. I have chosen 3 outta 4 songs and i murdered 2 Chinese songs that very night. I walked out from the room feeling like a freak and i thot to myself that was it. The beginning of this sem, i got another congratulation note saying that i surpassed another round and i got the English song. I was stunned, speechless... but was not at all excited. In fact, i felt reluctant to go thru the whole process again.

I was asked to get a key testing although my song falls into the ‘still in consideration’ category, which was not a surprise anyway. Remarkably, i sang well that day despite being freezing cold n suffer with hungriness. I managed to project my voice just the way i wanted to. Perhaps it has something to do with my close singer friends being there and Ah fai essentially ease me up.

Ah fai, if you ever read this, i would like you to know that when i was 1st introduced to new tune, you were the one i look into. Somehow, you give me confidence and make me comfortable singing with you around. So it hurts me most when i know you were part of the committee that rejected me as the main singer last NTLP. Well, i don’t blame you... i just cannot accept the fact... it’s an issue of my attitude... uc, rejection=failure to me. It affected my self-assured very much as it wasn’t easy for me to build it up.

Well, if you ever remember my 1st audition with u...lolz.

So just ignore me as I already got over it. Anyway, nuff said. Now that I’m chosen to be part of the function, i will soon be occupied with losta practises and rehearsals. I’m not sure if i’m ready enough or if i am as determined as i was in PT. But i promise i will try to be at my best and give more commitments. At the end of the day, singing is still my 1st love. I just no longer love the club as i was.

This would be the 1st time i perform as main singer on my favourite stage in UKM-my song and my performance-my voice and my showmanship- an acknowledgement i was always seeking for...

I really wish my friends would be with me and witness my historical would definitely become my stepping stone for my future undertaking if i am to continue, to proceed chasing my celebrity dream. I have come a long way to stop persuading this dream, i may not force, but i will keep trying... i will not let any chance pass me by like my crush slip out from my grip one after another.

I may not be the best, i will never be, but i will not admit defeat without discovering my full potential and on how far i could go. This is the time i really do need a little luck with me... just to keep me healthy and fit for the upcoming hectic journey with all music lovers.

Dancing desire

I have finally tried my hand on New Jazz and Cha Cha. Both dances are new to me and i really love learning ‘em. 
I have waited so long to try on ballroom dancing. I saw the classes one day when i was in 1st year, 2nd sem coincidently and i was really interested in it. i was told by a Biochem fellow that i can’t join as the classes have already started half way and i have to wait for another semester. Unfortunately, by then Pesta Tanglung Performance got my full attention. I ditched all other activities and participated in PT for the second time without much thinking. 1stly, since I have already set my priority, everything else will have to wait... even though my crush happened to ask if i have the intention to join ballroom dancing. 2ndly, if i have chosen to learn, I would like to excel in it. hence, i will not let my activities clashes with each other which soon will generate a condition where I have to make decision and choose one above the other... what a misery it would be....3rdly, I’m no longer in my hyperactive enthusiasm... I lose my trying new things desire...perhaps the fact that I’ve been there, done that... so, it should be enough for some activities. I knew what stress could lead me to...
So, despite having no partner to begin with which was quite implausible that I can’t at all find a partner, I still proceed as i couldn’t bear another semester without trying it. At first, i thot I wanted rumba as i mistaken it as samba... but it clashes with my PP2 time... too bad la... Somehow, cha cha surprised me... I think I will really love it for good. You see my experience in life made me believe everything happen for a reason...tho i might hated or reluctant to go thru the progress, somehow, i will always be satisfy with the outcome... totally blessing in disguise. So, i tend to be more flexible in making decision... hmm, a better clarification for havin phobia in decision making. Awh yea... i’m paired with a quite cute guy despite him being a lil’ dancing impaired. Haha.... about New Jazz, i have fun learning but still, she lacks of professionalism... Hopefully something turns up before i quit. You see, since i have worked with very fine teachers in PT, i will always compare the other with them. Somehow, i just couldn’t find ways to surpass the judgemental me which also make me proud as i have follow the intensive training for 2 semesters already. Especially when i could get the lesson for free and chances to perform on big stage. So when i have to pay to learn something, i expect more from the outcome, a better quality that worth my penny... might try my hand on hip hop soon...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mi famili en la UKM

 my 1st visit in this restaurant....n i like it...

 Our sweetheart 22nd bufday...

te amo, mi amigas y amigos

a happie day =) =)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

new year 010110

Arghh...3 movies in a week... erm... i finally understand how one could forget the movie they hav watched... well, whatever. So, new year eve... 1stly, pumpkin scared with with fake bun...damn... i was seriously dumbfounded by the bun... n pumpkin...u got me frozen thinking you were possessed or something...

Then we were guessing how Lay Mei’s friend will look like before he come to fetch us in UKM. Outta my expectation, he looks terrifically fine! FUU qualities 100%... haha... well, i totally hav my view on boys changed. And thanks for that,’s a wakeup call for me. So, Lay Mei, Jing Fang, Pumpkin, da dude and me went to mid valley by his Waja. We watched Vampire’s Assistance and then shopped for couple necklaces... lovely. 

we love da billboard...or maybe just me

we were having our tea time in secret recipe~

He brought us to many places and he was way too generous... we went to a popular Tong Sui shop and we tested some very funny choices which none of us actually try before... we do the countdown in the shop instead of being packed gila gila at Bukit Bintang, which was actually quite nice as we have already ushered the arrival of Xmas there before. So, since none of us can finish up the desserts which end up being terribly incompatible with our taste buds, we decided to play some children game ~gunting batu kain~ (smack head) and whoever lose will consume a mouthful or spoonful of the saturated sticky Tong Sui...

i will never ever wanna c it again...we were everywhere at PJ, SS2, and i realised i actually like travelling... seeing all the bright lights and the liveliness of the town. I didn’t noe that... and i was sent home perfectly safe. And i like the fact that me and pumpkin share so much in common. We share some deep things about our hobbies and views and dreams... It has been too long since the last time i talked about stuff like this. On the New Year day itself, i woke up at around 11 something in the morning. I was like, now what... it’s New Year!!! I must get my butt outta here... it would be such waste spending the day in UKM. So, i was inviting people to join my trip to well, mid valley again cuz it’s too late for farther travelling... i finally have the desire to shop for clothing. Benjamin, havin merely 3 hours plus of sleep would like to go with me... haha... my ever loyal hiao 

And i called up Yoke Shan too. My bff of 14 years... for one moment, i fear we will hardly get something in common to talk about....i guess i do not possess much confidence in the relationship as much as she does.... and i was really glad from the moment i look into her face, we managed to break the ice. Benjamin, being her facebook fwen finally meets her up. I can’t believe how well they got along as they paired up attacking my flaws like crazy and i was utterly on my edge of insaneness. I finally (glad) managed to buy 2 blouse. I could have bought many pairs of shoes, heels to be precise but none clothing. i just couldn’t resist heels but somehow i find ways to stop my lust over the grande fashions out there... Then we went to starbuck in PJ area, where she work as a part time barista. The shop was the most beautiful one outta all starbuck outlets out there. And there was where all craziness and Puteri bitchiness came strike us. 

Benjamin was the victim and the rest was history. LMAO. Her sudden transformation shocked me and she was good... dammit. I knew something got to her mind at that moment... but i do wish she do that oftenly as those craziness could at least get her outta her misery and finally have fun for real... i miss her much, really...