Thursday, 28 April 2011

Video of NTLP XIV

For those who miss my performance in NewTune Live Performance XIV, this is it. I hope you guys love it. 

Do give me constructive criticism...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The last day of us together

 Im da head.... am I?
 A place I'll remember most...

 Bollywood style

They call me siao bee for a reason~ despite me liking bee & the fact that I'm Krazy~

This is our pre-graduation photo shoot... 

I Spell Danger my Way... So beware of JCDAGREAT... She scratches & bites :)

Bear...Happie bday =)

Ooi Chun Seong

 Mr. Larry

My lovely Ah bear

When I first saw you, I know I wanna be fwen with you. I'm not quite sure why. You have this certain charm in you. From Spanish level 1 to Pesta Tanglung mate, still we kept our distance until you finally become part of the dancer unity. I am glad that you choose to be with us in PT31st. 

You are a really nice guy, with the characteristic of a gentleman. You are so easy going and so lovely, I sorta crush on you for sometime. We chat about everything and I particularly love it when we talked about music. I heard you sing once and I know you had it. Although we only managed to unofficially duet once, "Whenever You Call", it was simply lovely. There was no one who know that song and was capable of singing it with me.

 your sui yong...haha

One semester past by without bumping to you in university, without msn chatting and I could only see your progress in life through your FB updates. I was equally, like always busy to the max, torturing myself with activities I love. I was having so much fun I have no room to miss Pt dancers. Possibly also the best solution to not miss anyone of you because it would be hell for me. I would die missing so many besties and yet unable to meet and reach you guys.

Looking at those pictures make me miss you all so much. It's like a wave of emotion slammed me against the wall, hard, but sweet. Those memories we shared were irreplaceable and are always fresh in my head.

Somehow boys and girls that came form one-sex school can get along very well. I used to have guy phobia, but with you guys, I felt adjusted... comfortable. 

I miss you so much I wish I could see you now... =(

Take good care of yourself alright because you owe me a Karaoke date- A promise you can't break. I will see you very soon during convo, during Pt performance night... 

Happy Blessing Birthday Chun Seong... you deserve all the love in your special day for you have so much love spread to every one you befriended with.

Just one last thing... Gain some weigh maybe... I can't feel your abs when I hug you XD

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Who would have thought that I am the most clueless gal among all. 

This 38 gal eventually turned out to be not at all geboh and I happened to guess the whole thing wrongly. I thought I lost to a better girl. Sadly, I did not. We both lost to someone everyone loves to hate... Well, not her, her and him as far as I am concerned. 

I don't doubt your choice. 

I just hope that you made the right decision and if it makes you happy, I'm happy for you. 


Monday, 25 April 2011


I’m so Gleek again…And’m proud of that. 

 Im so happie they develop some new characters especially Santana, Brittany, Mike Sam and Blaine.

I wanna thank the producer for being so brilliant putting the hell of a great series. Every episode was a joy to watch and every song number make sense to my ears as I practically know each of it and the choices were good and cleverly matched. I was blown away each time the song came in and I was elevated. I’m not sure whether the show only managed to drive music lovers on their feet, but hey you should be attracted by the equally well-managed dramas and jokes they seasoned into the series. 

After a long break, I finally got the continuous episodes from Granpa miao and I kept it for quite sometimes before I dare to finally watch it. I procrastinate enough and watching musical-sitcom-drama will be an additional sin. So, now that I finished all my majors, and decided to push aside la Spanish examen, I’m all Glee-reborn. Six episodes in two nights and they were like a heaven touch… LOL. I’m addicted okay! 

I love the talents, the singing, the punch lines, and the choreography too… It makes me so wanna try show choir. Though I must say how childish and I’m sorta tired with the love-hate relationships that were going on in the shows. Well, I’m a… a lil sensible in this matter...Right!

 Love them Both

Well, I must say how turn on I was by Mr. Shuester & her new girlfriend Miss Holiday. Who would have thought how brilliant Gwyneth Paltrow singing is… I’m not really one of her fans until her appearance in Glee. I like her real life’s husband tho, Coldplay’s front man. Blaine is sexy with his clean-gay image and damn, he could be my new Edward! 

Regional was on and New Direction sang both original songs and I AM LOVING THEM SO FREAKIN MUCH!!! They WON!!! ‘Get it right’ was a slow emotional song sung by Rachel and it was very touching. Another song that drove me dancing was ‘Loser like me’ and it was a fun upbeat song that was dedicated to Sue’s face! Whoah, brilliant!!! 

 Mike and Sam

 It was breathtaking when Brittany imitate Britney

The speech from Rachel in the last episode I have moved me. I felt her when she say despite all the superiority of talent she has, she never been the girl that people choose upon and that she was grateful for the trust her team mates put on her during the competition. I am not as great as her YET, but I am definitely a better, much better gal to hang around with than she is. The fact is that no matter how much confidence I have in myself, I’m still trapped in humbleness.

I guess she and I have a fair share of similar faith too. We both love a guy that chooses someone else over us. This sucks because it triggers my insecurity and it leaves me pondering for an answer or a reason. The same things crossed my mind as Rachel’s. Is She more beautiful? Well, I think we were pretty Pretty despite me having more flaws…but obviously She is prettier. You know it’s just tiring to always feel dejected when you like someone who doesn’t like you more than friend. As close as I am to many guy friends, only few get my full attentions. I guess I have neglected few that did not quite catch my eyes too. Ha, good for me! What goes around comes around…Oh, wat the hell! I’m glad Kurt found Blaine as his partner! It’s just lovely and I don’t find them kissing as offensive or even disgusting. 

Hmm… Well, goofy lil cupid, if you ever send me any wrong signal again, I swear to your mama I will rip you in half with my bare hand!!! 

As the singing goes, Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice…

Before I forget, I found the way the head master pronounce Ke$ha name and her song very funny. He said Key-Dollar-Sign-Ha and her song ‘Tik and Tok’. LOL. Hey, it’s one of my fav songs. 

To really understand a shit outta my content here, watch Glee Season 2. Damn it, I’m so good I would talk you into watching it right now! It’s seriously a great series; I want nobody to miss it!

Glee is so huge now and missing it and not knowing about it makes one wonders if you have no source of media linkage i.e. television, internet, radio… or if you have decided to ignore it and guess what? You just walk a few steps back to primitiveness. Hmm, does that even make sense? Well, whatever it means to you. Just watch alright =)))

Oh, did anyone let you know that I am demanding and persuasive? Stop reading me if you mind XD.

I’m high on caffeine. Ignore my nonsense.  

Thursday, 21 April 2011

21st of April

Today is not an ordinary day...

3 huge things happened to me

1st- I finally handed in the final edited, hard covered Thesis. Should have done it long time ago but since I dun want the shop to earn more profit than they should, I decided to wait 10days for the hard cover to be done. The day was quite rush because I did not finish my reading for the worst ever subject, Animal Breeding.

I was quite touched when I finally held the books in my arms. It was always my dream to write a book... Well, Thesis is nothing close to a novel but still, I wrote it. It's my bayBEE

I was doing phylogeny research on two genus namely Heratemis Walker and Diachasmimorpha Viereck. These two types of wasps are parasitoids of fruit flies. Not much research has been done on both genus, particularly in Malaysia. My dream wasps is actually Vespidae; a bigger and brighter type of wasps but since my supervisor is proficient in Braconidae, so I gotta accept whatever given. Thesis defined me as a biologist/geneticist. I finally felt like a true geneticist! 

I used to be insecure telling people that I took pure biology and it was my first choice. I was ashamed of my course as little that I know the whole syllabus do not touch on human/sickness and cell biology. Wrong course!!! As much as I wanna escape maths, I was told biology and maths are like brothers-inseparable. Slowly, I got myself adapted to the subjects of conservations and partial basic genetic. I realized that I do love nature, more than I ever know it. I learned to appreciate basic science as Dr. Narimah said, What is technology without its resources? What is applied science without basic science? And no phylogeny through molecular technique without taxonomy based on morphology !!! LOL

Do I sounds like somebody? Well, many predicted that I would be a lecturer in the future.

2nd- Animal breeding-> last major and I sucks in it. So badly done!!! I wish to pass nia. I practically gave up on it. Was fooled that similar past year questions would be coming out. Tricky him... Lazy me! Doom habis! 


3rd- Well tired dy... I  will try to make it short =)

Geneticus 1st ever gathering, temporary the last as well. Feel sad to see everyone hugging and kissing goodbye. How come we never be that close before until it's time to say goodbye? Well, it was a simple sweet dinner with some funny games along the way. Latiff and the team did a wonderful job. It's a shame that I could not sing to them due to time restraint. I would have love to treat that song as a gift of friendship.

Anyway, after all foods and games. it was the emo-est time of the entire night. Heartfelt sharing. I was the 3rd being picked on. Damn it. Sniffing started since the 2nd person deliver her speech. Yor, I fail case lai k...By the 3rd line of sentences, tears rolled down and I directly broke down after thanking everyone. I wish I could controlled it better cuz I have so much to say... I guess it's wise to just post it here. 

As I was saying, It's quite sad to start off the friendships late. I never really spend time with my Malay coursemates but I do enjoy their companions. Maybe I don't talk much, play or greet you guys much, but deep inside, I observe and I appreciate your presence. Yawn, I leave out the personal heartfelt speech first. Soon~ 



Tuesday, 19 April 2011

 Photos by Serge... Disney Concert

1st Inter-University Musical Sharing 
Photos by Zeon