Saturday, 27 February 2010

my 2nd rehearsal

My song was the 7th song. i finally listen to all NTLP13 songs and many are well produced. Many new voices and old ones as fantastic ever... 

When it was my turn to sing, this time full band and more people aka audiences, my fingers gone numbs but i dun feel my heart beat speeding or my voice shaking. Just numbness. I was basically playing and fooling with bestie there just to reduce n prevent being nervous. I guess it helps gua. Most importantly, practices really makes perfection. Showmanship came naturally to me and i guess it's impressive enough. But as a singer myself, i knew my voice was not 100% projected out n well. The song was smooth but ended abruptly when Edmund stop too early-supposedly another verse only then stop...Pity my babe la...he was sick and i truly solute his determination.

I was expecting more comments but there aint much other than asking for better pronunciation and louder singing. The rest was good. How? Where? lolz... i so wanna noe cuz through this only i can make betterment. Shall wait for Andrew comment all the way from Australia ba... =)

Then i ask around from seniors to seek for some feedback and i'm seriously happie to meet Guo Hao back... damn, his hair is still so shiny and black... MR. Blackman livin up to his name peeps... So, i supposed if there aint much comment, it's consider good rite?

They like my band performance and i received many positive reviews. Which sound surreal to me. I will always feel as if they are being nice and not to hurt my feeling. But such thinking is a form of insult i will say cuz i hav just downgraded professional musicians. Somehow, i still do not have full confidence in myself as much as i projected in front of everyone else. The one you see most of the time is the fake confidence i have to keep my faith going.

I promise for the upcoming rehearsal, I will only keep getting better. This time i will find my inner strength and make sure Jcdagreat stands out. There shouldn't be any more doubt with myself. 

Improvement.... =)

Biology CNY dinner

A nite full of laughter and lovely girls talk

I like the fact we are sharing wholeheartedly and i am in my comfort zone being with u all

there is no hidden agenda

no secrets

no fake mask

no nothing

simply just by da name of friendships

i'm blessed after all and life is fair

i've learn that if you could complaint how life is difficult then it's only fair that you noe how to count your blessing... i did =)

da foods....=.=


i like this photo wo.... can become the ZERO PONG POSTER LIAO!!!

im frekin lovin meeteng!!!

many so poh here... jayne~ i want~



 da b4 look... sigh... pretty face dun even last one night~ moral of the day is that. always look for the inner beauty...

like me
swt =.=  self advertisement
S n A 100%


Mersing Trip 2-teluk gorek-

indescribable beauty  
- non photo here is edited for your information-








the most complete pictures of all us 14 peeps...
u guys are the most lovely things ever occur to me in UKM other than my performance life

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mersing trip

The field trip will be much better if it's not on the CNY week and obviously more fun if we could choose our own group members. But, thru this randomness, i got to know my other course mates better... which is really good. i have no problem adapting myself to them at all and they helped build my BM skill back.

mornin time

Since, i have no chance to object, i choose to go at 9pm bus at night so that i can spend another day with my mom after weighting the consequences of missing the talk in the morning section. I'm glad to have many of the closest with me. The night journey was very new to me and sitting in the bus for 5 hours was seriously painful to begin with. The ride was bumpy, long and dangerously fast and we got lost in the jungle... we got to the Pahang boundary instead of Johor's and it dragged our time. We began to freak ourselves out with some imaginations and relating our condition to some horror movies... haha... it was seriously spooky. We reached that camp at 5am in the morning and we should get ready to work at 6am...which also mean no rest, no sleep. DAMN!!
da camp

The first  thing to do was to select camp... i found one that was empty and it has the best view among many others. i must thank the people for being so comfort minded for ignoring the camp which stored me, pumpkin, laymei and yin fong. For your information, the zip of the camp is broken and when stong wind blows, you can imagine what comes into our sleeping area la. Those that have just arrived were attracted to the beach and the waves that we ended up sitting next to each other, facing the open sea, chatting and singing songs instead of catching some shut eyes.

 da shells...

My heart was really not at work and i lost my focus and purpose in this field trip. I thought the camping area was a bit too uncomfortable for me to have total energy regenerated. i hated the geli-fying bathroom. I even bath with the water in the tub with a living fish in it.... which i only noticed it after i finish my cold bath... funny how i did not scream out loud.... lolz

 sun set time

i love the sun rise and sun set view tho i could not see the egg yolk at all due to stupid heavy clouds. At first during high tides, we saw murky sea water and there was pollution there... such sickening sight. I was like, hey, Port Dickson is way better than this... how wrong i was when i got down to the beach during low tides. The sands was so smooth, the shallowness of the sea level enable us to walk further into the sea area and i felt like walking on water... there were shells everywhere~ pretty~ and i made sure to get some back of the dead ones... lolz... i was given a whole bucket of surviving shells as bday present when i was in U65...

The gals... gosh... i love u all... it has been long since we last ate together that often and we have so much fun reminiscing our old memories during our childhood. Syndy was real hyperactive... the Narimah jokes was damn funny n is currently our hot topic She even formed the ZERO PONG group. One real MISS of biology. I enjoy being the silence one currently cuz i realized i enjoy listening to their sharing... their laughter and smiley faces were infectious and that reminded me how much they means to me.

breath taking

Rating : field work 6/10
           : the beach 8/10
           : course mates 10/10 =) BIAS. yes i am...chui meh

Waking up with direct view to the unseen sun rise was very satisfying... how i wish i could see the egg yolk tho... and bein' surrounded with the music of sea waves with breezy cold air bathing u all over during the night... gosh, such perfecto simplicity of life. By then, u might realize that you don't really need fame n fortune... will being ambitious and determination in chasing dreams bring you more satisfaction than that? i guess i need that much of struggles and hectic lifestyle to fully enjoy such heavenly break. Really wish to see more beautiful beaches soon... i hope my reluctance would not hold me back then.

it's my blog after all...haha =)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

i heart you


lourve you guys


 U65 spirits shall always stay alive


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1st field trip-Hulu Langat

Hulu Langat 

Nur Lembah Pangsun...



There were my 1st few questions... Wait!!!

Got LINTAH boh?

Well, that morning was very tiring as i have to wake up very early... he said the bus will stat leaving at 
8 am SHARP!!! yea.... at the end, we start our journey at 9am sumthg.... sigh


Once we reach, we were told to have lunch before going to the dorm... resort kononyer... is a Dorm with its toilet lousier than PLKN's... gosh.... i was like how to bath if u have no shower room and no pail at all available.... 5 cubicles with around 40 girls... adoi...
We moved to the stream.... i was very eager to go down the water...seriously, i was so urban or i should say so kampung gal, i never pay a visit to any sungai or any taman rekreasi like this... once i step my feet on the water... OMG!!! 

Cold water... very refreshing on heat-ty day... it feels so good with water dashing across your feet...unlike waves in da beach... 

Such breath taking sight... pls, homosapiens, dun destroy mother nature

I try so hard to get the sample but to no avail...aisey, no experience langsung... so we use the agressive and bias way to collect the sample.... although at first i still feel very much reluctant to go deep with the rocks n trees sides knowing that i might found yucky slimy stuff, i gave in seeing all of them having fun...
i found some larvae... prawns, crabs and fish!!! FISH!! imagine how i react when i found the fish n crab with the sieve bucket... i was like GIVE ME THE TRAY>>>HURRY>>>IT"S JUMPING.... haha... stupid 

and that stu fish ate all my larvae..or else, we would not be the group of outlier....ish n it ran away before we finalize our sampling.... stu fish.

i caught 2-3 if not mistaken....Syndy was obsess in it

We enjoy our childhood moments when we found the uncle selling con ice-cream there... he was damn generous leh... 3 hole cone 4 scope ice-cream n peanuts and choco splash.... bahagia man...

photo from jayne~ wee...i had 3 cones in 2 day.... fattening... n i dun care

this was taken when we do our identification and categorization in a dewan with the air-cone freeze us to death on 30 degree Celsius...must be sumthg wrong with skala

I can't believe we took a year and a half long time to be that close with our my malay friends, u guys are really nice to hang around with... seriously  funny how we only be able to get in touch during this field trip... we simply need opportunity... 
Dr. Ahmad is damn good.... very knowledgeable man... wat most wonderful about him is that we dun need to send in report!!! yay!!! but we wasted alot of saliva to questions him all sort of stuff before he is convinced... rite~

Jayne2, allow me to post yea.... 

the normal

the pretty

the ugly.... look at meeteng~ wahahaha~ i love u guys

The night we spent together was alot of fun... we had the girls talk... we shared stories, same bed, same room... and knowing u guys support me so much in my performance makes me so grateful... you can never imagine how much it means to me....n i like my almost-sleep relationship chat with MT... it feels like those old times we spent together...

i learn alot and i seriously felt in love with this subject..if i drop entomology, it's ecology im heading toward in... never genetic.... pls, if i ever need to do thesis under NARIMAH, i will consider quitting uni or tangguh sem... out of sudden hatred grow within me...haha....


i hope my second field trip will be as much fun... it's due 19th of feb at Mersing...wohoo~~