Friday, 29 August 2014

The lucky stars....

Yay!!! If there anyway i can shout and get everyone's attention i would.
Im going to mariah's concert!!!
Goodness. Once i knew the tickets were on sales, i felt like i was having a heart attack. I rushed to the website, checked all prices and Vvip seat price was in my budget. I dont mind it cheaper tho, dont get me wrong. So happened my bonus has arrived. And i was wiling to pay 1k for an indoor 1st few row of her concert. Sadly, its another outdoor concert. So Rm680 was considerably kind. But ive had bad experiences in both One Republic and Avril concerts concerning the crowd and the management and some after concert ideal planning. So i really wish this would be the best of all yet. Of all my live i live by the world of only 3 diva. Mariah, Whitney and Celion Dion. These 3 influenced me very much musically and ive been waiting all thru the years for them to come. Now that im financially independent, the heck spend lar... i might not live long enough for her never 3rd time visit right?

Anyhow, i will be dancing and singing alone to her songs that night. I hope that night will be kind to me. Please dont rain! Planning to get a hotel nearby if possibly. Since the opportunity had arrived, i better maximise my loneliness n enjoy it to the best that i could. Fyi, i appreciate my me time very much :3

I was pretty lucky that my bff choco alerted me on the competition. She received a message about it and prompt me right away. I was lucky i didnt turn it down like any other competitions i got to know along the year. I was lucky my voice manage to pull thru that night and soar quite well out of my expectation. Well since i bullied it with eating alot of chips the day before. I planned to lose or perhaps i planned to have a reason to fall back on if i fail. Silly right. I was lucky that majority of the contestants  were weak. There is no denial on their passion on singing and the courage too. But seriously, it was an easy win. Lucky that the judges not being very pro with musical background know how to hear the best out of the bunch. Lucky i didnt listen to the devil me who wishes me to sing saving all my love instead cuz i will need a semi tone lower than original which wouldnt be nice if the judges saw me changing key kan. Anyway its karaoke competition.

I wasnt trying to win the mic to be honest. I just wanted to win. And to know that i can still win. I still had it. Leo nature. So now the mic is a bonus and i had rm500 vouchers for green n red box payment. 
Can sing till vomit. 

Hahahahaha... i was told the mic was a really good popular mic. Expensive pun. If im not wrong internet shows rm800++ per unit.

Its really heavy. Now i am wondering if it ever falls down to the ground and my only available limb was my foot... will i sacrifice my toe or the mic. Hahaha....

Have been lucky all thru August.
Maybe it was the hair. Maybe it was because i choose to make a difference. 
Will September be as just lovely?

Ive decided to participate and sing in this coming bank annual dinner. Hopefully there will be a place for me. Ill be singing saving all my love for my diva whitney or maybe i may challenge myself with love takes time by mariah. I only need a semi tone lower for both songs eh... pretty cool ite? :)


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Okay. Ok. *big big BIG Sigh*

I got myself into this complicated situation again. 
Whats the big deal? Oh well, ive pulled enuff courage and
willingness to compete in a karaoke competition organized by greenbox. Date 24th august 7pm at seremban 2.

Im not sure if i wanted to do it but i somehow needed to do it. I was still high on the whole bday celebration thingy and this thing pops up. 
And the mad call happened again. That whole night i was pretty uncomfortable knowing and planning how to make my way to seremban 2 fast enough to book a place in the competition which only take in 20 contestants. 
I made it but something inside me consistently wanting to quit this whole madness. Y do i get myself in this anxious state again? Excuse me for being dramatic. I dont wish to be one. I cant control it and im not sure who can help calm me down. 

I didnt expect to win big. I just have very high expectation of me performing well, up to my own standard. I only lose to myself or better ones. 

I guess i need to somehow find a way to activate the diva in me and let jcdagreat take over. After tomorrow night, i will be free. Im craving for nasi lemak and laksa already. Adui... im a spice lover. I hope i get my 1st lucky number and end the night fast enough. 3 maybe. 8 will be a long wait. August is a lucky month for leo. The trophy and microphone will be extra bonus. 

Anyhow, im not gonna lose tomorrow. I will win the experience to add into my fantabulous year  2014.
It will be a small challenge but for a girl who is giving up her singing dream, it makes all the matter. 
I shall take it with pride and do the best i can in my limited condition. 

After this, im already planning to volunteer to perform in bank annual dinner which falls on 1st of November. Lol. Anxious konon.

My voice is not in perfect condition. Has never been since the rehearsal for my bday celebration. 
Chill joanne. Ure gonna be fine. After all i dont collect all those precious on-stage experiences for nothing. :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Happie Sunday with BFF

Today somehow feels like those one fine outing date with course mates back in university. The silly jokes and talks. We talk about everything from nonsense to sense worthy topics. Our love for each other is so obvious but however today is lacking of 2 other team mates.
Really wish to have a gathering of 5 gals again.
Each of us is so indifferent yet we found lovable similarity in one another.

This sunday is quite relaxing. Boss will be onleave for 1 whole week coming monday onwards. Im pretty sure the relieve manager will be a pain in the ass but less pressure i guess. This month target is quite stable and assured. EG is finally credited. No comment tho cuz no one will ever satisfy with it. Especially when u have a higher expectation for all the hard work you have delivered. We shall see how much increment i deserve now.


Hmmp, whenever im alone which i thot i like it ill be emo. I wanted to look for chatter but kinda reluctant wor. How ar? Analyse me pls.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Saturday at UM re sit cce paper 1

I came about a status in facebook that says about the facebooker herself is a bulimic and she is suffering with it. I knew it since she same clean with it a year ago publicly and since then she never stop talking about her lifestyle and her lesbian bf which i dont mind cuz she was charming sweet to her. Okay.

You know what, the fact that she already well aware of her problem and indeed started to get help, she gotta be start doing what is right. Getting all people attention and keep being assured by others is not gonna help her go one tiny step forward. I dont know how bulimic people suffer but hell yea im sure how depression works. Its kinda same right? Both are suicidal. I grow up with depressed mom and i know how it kills the living and how it affect others. Im so very aware what it feels like having voices battle in my head but not letting it affect my normal life.  Which is also why i know im somewhat different with other gals. Im sensitive and well, caring. Lol.

I wouldnt say a word or try my luck to help this gal not because i wasnt close to her. Its because i know nobody can help her. Basically the sickness itself was started with her obsession with being skinny and pretty in front of camera and the fact she is a selfie lover and will non stop uploading and displaying her selfie images in fb.

Same goes to my mother. Her overly sensitive attitude and depression due to so many years of living in my family caused her to behave the way she is. Nobody can deny the amount of effort i hav put to get her out of hell. Changes is there but any spark of trigger and she is back to herself again. I lose my patient and i will give up. Cuz i cant and i wouldnt be able to help anybody who do not want to help themselves. Nobody can.

If you love someone enough than urself, u will do anything possible to recover from all nonsense sickness unless ure totally delusional or possibly brain damage. Den u may be excused la.

Well this was what i was thinking when i was suppose to be worrying my exam. I kinda re sit a paper i wish i could escape and since i escaped it earlier than i could, i have plenty of time to blog.
Me and my gal were there at UM sitting different paper for CCE exam. Due to last yr misfortune and this year reluctance to re sit early, thus im a batch behind my team mate. Nway who cares.

I shop for the whole afternoon with jia xuan :) colleague cum girlfwen. I kinda know why i was so against the idea to shop sometimes back. Remember? i love fashion design. Well, i should be doing that instead.

Im super tired today infact now i feel like sleeping and forget the day. But 2 coursemate are coming to sleep over for seremban marathon. Adui. Hahahaha... kena layan le. Bff. Tonight gotta be busy talking whole night :3 For you only.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

That krazy call

Yes that mad silly call :)

The saloonist... as expected tried her very best to talk me out of the madness. 
I knew what she is capable of. The gal has witnessed me enter university till i graduate and work. No other being has ever her hand over my hair except for her since form 6.

This pixie cut will stay very long and it can even go shorter. She was kind enough to leave room for me to curl if i found that my hair is lack of volume. 
It was the right decision made! 

Im so lovin it. My only duty now is to carry it with pride. The Leo's way!

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Being indecisive is torturing. I think by now most friends already know this and its quite disturbing especially when i was called to make a decision. And so i did learned a lesson. I can't be given too many choices. If i ever needed to choose when im again thrown to such position, i shall either have the capacity to choose both or to choose neither. Thats quite fair right. And if there must be a decision which can only influence my own benefit, i must make an abrupt call. A solid, rush call.

2 months ago i have decided to materialize my bday party which i have been deciding for a year. 
Today i have made a decision to cut my long hair which the idea has been lurking in my mind for many many years. The last time i had a short hair was few years ago. Year 1 in university i guess. The last time i had an urge to cut it short, i end up curling it. The decision turned out hawt!! The best hairdo i ever had!

Right after the party i knew i wanted to do it. But i was again got myself busy with all other reason godknowswhy. I had 1 week break and i utilize half day for continuous 3 days for my job. Yes, i have no life and im obsessed with my job. Fml. 

I told my bff yesterday and as expected, she dont buy it and challenged me. Just like i wanted her to. U see,  a little push works a long way. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances i have to make it work only on Sunday which is tomorrow. 
I will only let one gal saloonist touch my hair. She kinda pecat her boss and venture into her own business and relocate to Senawang. Gosh. Why must she do this when i finally, FINALLY decided to cut my hair? Do u have any idea how difficult was it for me to make that courageous move at all? Do u even noe how fickle minded i am that i could easily call it off.

And so, i guess i will have a whole night to be emotional about my hair, to bid that bitch farewell. 
It has been lovely and pretty for the year. It makes me very womanly and it has been with me all thru the years when i had the best time with my baby, when i lose my baby, and during my bday party,the best day of my life. 

It was only hair, i know. It will grow for goodness sake. I bet it will even be healthier. Oh well. I found bidding goodbye is my worst weakness. It was very dear to my heart. 

There u go, new image, new phase, new motivation and new attitude. 
Its only for the better right. Changes is good. Cuz my constance was bad. Will u support me?

The only thing i need now is to fall in love towards a new attention. Everyone around me say my life revolve only about work and gf. One of them already blame me saying that she is also still single cuz i was so preoccupied with her. Lol. Bullshit babe. Ur singlehood was amazing cuz of me. Pls dun leave me alone! Pls pls pls cuz i love u more than any guy would.

I am pretty simple myself. Im easily contended at times. Its only when the simplest thing gone hard and uncontrollable that i started to choose to aim impossible dreams. So that i will have an aim. So that i have something to hold on to. So that life has a meaning. Am i making any sense here? 
Haha... most of my fwens only really get 50% input when i talk. I guess thats also why i love blogging cuz i kinda allow time for whoever interested to read me get me. 

Im blogging with my note 3! Wtf. Note 3 is the coolest and smartest thing come by after my crushes. XD.

My 1st crush and i had a lovely photo on my party. It gets too much of attention. It wasnt the best look on both of us but it was lovely. It was funny cuz i need to insist to assure that we are so over with the past jokes. But my affection towards him is undeniable and 1st cut was always the deepest isnt it? 
It was an unreturned puppy love but those were all good memories. I genuinely wish he find the love of his life soon cuz a good guy like him deserve either me or someone slightly better. :)

This week alone i had some quality time with deserving fwens. Joanne Wong specifically. That very night of the party i have 3 joannes under 1 roof. How cool was that?! All of them somehow keep assuring that i was loved and blessed. I guess conducting a bday party for myself out of the blue kinda weird and it suggest sumthing negative?!. The post party aftermath was terrible i tell you. Goodness it sucks! I should be out there at the beach. 

Ah... anyway. Today is hungry ghost festival. When im emotional, i dont fear them. They will surely be ripped apart by my frustration. Haha... now i hope they cant read this. I wonder if my baby will return as hungry ghost? I hope not right? A kind soul like him shouldnt suffer this in afterlife. But he couldnt eat much before he died. :'( My family have a habit to pray for safety sake. I kinda collect myself well to ask mom if i need to prepare dog food? That question is like a stab in the heart. Her reply was worst. She said no need cuz if he is around he can also eat the food which was intended for hungry ghost. Sigh. Sorry cuz i wont be able to recover. I can only get better.

and better i am. 


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Best Day Of My Life.

How do I begin? Whenever I question myself this I would begin to shy away from keyboard. 

Okok. Lets begin on.... Erm. The day before 3rd of august.

Hooiling & My Roomie Joanne Tan bought a 10.30am bus from Penang to Seremban. Expected a 7 hours ride. A bad unfortunate twist got them stranded in Melaka & then return, safely to Seremban. That taken an 11 hours of ride. Pitiful! I brought them to Hawaii Steakhouse to enjoy a late dinner.

The next day we went to collect my designer cake :) 2 cakes. 1 was a verbal designer cake RM130 2kg cake & another was from a kind known biz fwen who dedicate an agar agar cake :) It happened to be Hello Kitty. 
At first I was like hmmp, hello kitty? Really?
Then my fwen remind me that it wasnt a misfit. It was on the right theme. I forgot I was once labelled as a CAT as well. 

Happie :)

Then Siewin & KL came from KL after KL picked her up from Pudu station. All the way from Penang too. I was also managed to convince Kok Hou who from BatuPahat somehow went to Melaka for godknowswhy reason to come to my gathering. A surprise call got him making a far distance decision to cross states beyond his intention. Hahahaha....
Also, coursemate & Uni mates from KL & Pahang also made it here in the party. 
Those from Seremban who needs to return to KL the next day also either stay put or to take leaves the next day. 

All was purposely done, specifically arranged & sincerely present to the party for me. 
It made me believe that when someone cares, he or she would go all the way for you. 
The fact that I threatened them with some lousy statement of un-friending them via FB which will never happen, it gave some pressure to them to come over. XD They know me pretty well. 
Jc always do thing for a reason. Leo always make a statement! 

The messy stuff... Erm, details are meant to be kept only by those who present. Or else what makes them so special right? 
I didn't manage to sing all the song in my list. Plenty of time but my voice betrayed me. I never thought the surrounding could be so overwhelming & it kinda drained my energy. I guess I was overjoyed to meet all those familiar faces again after a very long time of absence.

It was a superb night!!! The only thing I wish I could do better was to have no sore throat but I guess that wouldn't make any different to my fwens. It's only my personal selfish wish cuz I know how well I can go but particularly for that night I couldn't. 
After a rehearsal 5 days b4 the actual day, 3 outta 4 people got sick including myself. How incredibly bad was that. I must have jinx it :(

 Words cannot contain how much I appreciate each & everyone who made it to the party. I wasn't very particular with the actual presence or whatsoever gift or wishes. 
I wish them to know that this gal today who has the opportunity to meet & know them all is thankful because I wouldn't be who I am today without them. & it has to be that one special night that they need to know!

The mark of my 1st day in the new 2nd half of my life was duly witnessed by all the guardians. 

I guess I wouldn't repeat this whole bday gig for many years to come unless well... unless stuff happens right?

But my kinda bday celebration is really more towards a relaxing beach vacation. XD
I was so busy preparing & worrying I somehow forgot all these were meant for my bday, my pleasure & my happiness. Jcdagreat Bday Gig certainly served its purpose beautifully but running a bday gig from A-Z from singing to hosting to socializing are surely energy consuming which I am lacking with. 


Oh...My 1st crush made it to the party quite on time. My 2nd crush was late, he also made it. 3rd one unfortunately escape being named & participate. 

I'm glad everyone had fun, the gathering was awesome. Happy faces & considerably smooth delivery of an event. I done well. I did! Who would have thought that a gal who could never pull out a surprise could pulled out a bday gig all by herself?

Special thanks to Alvin Tee & Christine Tee the musicians.
Special thanks to cousins Aliz Lee & Kendy Lee & my mom, the party coordinator.
Special thanks to performers, Siewin, Hooiling, KL, 30, sooyung, Joanne Wong & Kimyang. 
Thanks to Brugge S2 & boss ah Keong for the awesome venue.

& nevertheless all my favourite people in the world!!!!!! U know who you are.