Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dulan... Freakin Dulan!!!
I hate people owing me money!
But I most hated people who owe me an answer!!!

Diu. No next time!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011


So this working phase is real... It only seems real when I received my first paycheck. The 1st thing I did was to pay my car installment. I aimed to do this for a long time. I want it to belong to myself completely. Jcdagreat's asset. The next thing was the NewTune oldmen yearly donation. Then my mom's extra income. The only thing I could do for my dad is to stop him from giving me pocket money. Bloody darn good daughter eh... You can't get any better girl...so Pa and Ma, appreciate me! XD

Today was a erm... a cool day. I'm going to ITTC bangi this Thursday for a 7 working days training- the 1st term out of the coming 3 months period. My dad and I went there to check out the road and the nearest route. I gav and got some wrong info and we went for a wild trip in Bangi! 3 years in ukm and I never step into the industrial area. It was so impressive. Search for almost an hour for a 5min location. Sorry a....

Once back Seremban, I bathed my dog and then change his collar belt. Bought him a new one~ blue in colour... Now he looks so much younger... LOL. As I promised, I treat my mom dinner at Kenny Rogger. I was lured by the new sets advertised on TV the other day. Fuyoo...Expensive wei... But love those muffins... So so so yummy~~ I need moreee

On my way back, medium rain occurred and it was scary. Driving in the dark is fine, but when rain comes, it freaks me out. 
Hmm, I got myself some stuffs....necessities, watched 2 movies in the weekend....Good enough for the month I guess. Should really stop spending. I'm being alot more calculative cuz well, I learned it the hard way. A sense of responsibility to yourself!

Needa save for next month expenses... The month of gatherings , of Xmas, of New Year and of love. 
I'm left with 33 days to fall in love. I'm currently busy making excuses not to really do that... counter react to the stupid promise to myself.

My almost perfect 2011 is coming to an end... Sigh. So sad~~~

I really miss my uni days... so ever perfect... 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

That pie was taken... Sigh. I should have guessed it. Well, that cute look is not hard to score a girl. So, he might most probably not be single. Well, I didn't know the gal was so near. Now I know. Not quite matching but the boy was cute, the girl is pretty!

Lost target before start trying tim. =) I didn't play angel for a week le... I wonder where the sad boy is? I guess he found a better angel comforting him... He need me no more. As long as you're okay.

I'm just a little disappointed.

I need someone to break the spell.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Accidentally ate lunch with my boss. I was waiting for my food when I saw 2 seniors at the back. I think they were almost finish eating and they looked like a couple to me (my cutie pie with another pretty senior clerk =( SAD) so, I decided not to join them. I waived at them and then I continue messaging my friends. Half way eating I saw my boss coming in with a plate of food. The eyes met jor, so I have no way to hide but to smile at him. I think he couldn't find an empty seat and he decided to sit with me. OMG!!!!! 

Superbly awkward! The beginning was hell. I don't even know if I should talk. What's the proper manner in this situation? Goodness! But as the conversation progress, he begin to talk more. Very inspiring workaholic and he has a great portfolio. Indirectly, he sorta wanna pushed me and that gives me pressure. Maybe because he was a UKM student too. So we got along in the conversation. As far as I know, nobody in the bank would wanna eat with the boss. He's a strict person and very particular in management. 

Hmm, unavoidably, it occurred and he knocked some sense into my head. Valuable! Eh, my cutie pie didn't smile much these 2days. Not feeling well eh? Thanks to my direct senior, I'm progressing well. :)


Miss the chance to meet a mad scientist today. He was nominated for best Thesis in a conference organized in Seremban. Aish... So near yet so far... Paiseh ar handsome. Next time.

Sometime, I get mad without much reason. There are some points that I can't tolerate at some times. If you don't like me, don't wanna talk to me, or scare if I would fall for you, just say it. Don't push me to another people suggesting the impossibles. I talk bitchy, but I am not slutty. Please don't say anything that challenged my ego. I look like a playful girl... but some jokes are not meant to say at all. This someone I respect jokingly asked do I sleep my way to the top when I said I ate with my boss. WTF! I seriously was offended. What was you even thinking?

Sigh! PMS time la...sorry la. 

Oh, I just design myself a 3 big No and Yes for guys.

3 big NO to married man, in a relationship's males and jerks

3 big YES to man with big buck, big dream and big love


I left with 38 days to fall in love within this year... 

Aza aza fighting Jc~

Monday, 21 November 2011

Not quite blue yet

In fact, imma feeling yellow, blue erm, pink...whichever la
Three things happen today~worth mention

1) I deal with a customer myself. Not that I want to... All seniors were away. Some very dai pai mia sat at the back. So, with my 1/4 knowledge and 100% eagerness to aid the uncle, I helped him out. Mana tau, I was the one who signaled the SOS alarm. Goodness me... Geboh la miss Joanne. He was asking bout credit card and some complex loan checking which I have yet to master.... Eng eng help lor. Luckily, the case was eventually solved. Sometimes silly doing makes you smart. I learn another lesson which my senior might not be able to teach. Cuz you won't always bump to a blur uncle alone :) 

2) I was still shivering madly from the ice room in the office and hunger. And the aftermath of the incident made me even blur. I ate alone at this old folks restaurant and I breathe out relaxingly. Just after 30min, my cutie pie emerged  from behind tapping my shoulder. :)

We don't have the same lunch hour so, it wasn't easy to meet him in lunch break. We ate together and I told him about that incident. He answered alot of my questions. A little chubby but he has got one of the most lovely smile of all guys I met before. With him, I'm a lot calmer. A sense I always find in a man. I sometimes wish I could be surrounded by more jerks cuz I at least I'm not gonna crush on the wrong one. I don't like being proven wrong all the time. Focus JC! Eye on ur dream!!!

3) I suffered paper cuts AGAIN... Fuck! I paling dislike paper cut!


I find a reason to smile on something real for now

Y so serious~

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Erm... Lame weekend I had makes my Monday slightly less blue. 
4th week coming. Yea, I keep counting the days because you know, I'm fully aware and conscious about the working life. I'm trying to digest the fact that I am already ventured into this hectic world. When I lost count of the days, I know I'm 100% comfortable in this erm....thing. 
Dated YS for Twilight this Wed nite, and Puss on friday nite :) 

December is drawing closer, my 2nd fav month after August. 

Objective of the year has yet to be fulfilled. 2011 has been a great year and I specifically want the last month to be more special.
I wanna fall in love in December 2011 :) Not much to ask for right 
I promise not to be choosy! Serious one!!! X mau choose liao. LOL
I x mau end up gay.... =D
Miss Lo Jie will definitely smack me. 
gee gee gee

Friday, 18 November 2011


Arrived early to the wedding and I wasn't really in the mood for a celebration. Tired maybe but anyway, I made it to the party. So, I was there pretty much alone though there were people around chatting loudly and laughing. I called up some friends just to cheer myself up. I was teasing this good friend of mine about him gaining weight and he explained that it was the period when he had an appendix operation. I was dumbfounded. The next thing I asked was why didn't you tell me? I can feel myself chocked as in... I wanna cry. I mean, how could you not tell? So I wasn't even your best friend? You know, I am sensitive towards such matter... because I care. I don't like being the last to know about my besties' well-being. 

Please don't let me be the last to know....

It's nice to see my cousins again... I didn't know I miss them until I saw them. They represent my childhood and boy, how we have grown... :)

~Well, I'm getting older, too~

Yer...I really X buleh drink mia... 3/4 of wine made my face red! Bloody red. I like that blur feeling though. The only time I got really drunk was on OPM bday last year. Continuous beer drinking and tidbits got my face white. I can't explain why but I was ghost pale and rashes surfaced on upper body for a few days.
Guess I should just stick with wine... or coffee!

Congrats bro :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

3rd week's Friday is coming and I can't stand being so stiff and darn right serious!
I need to breath in youth.... 
Giv me back my microphone... 
I can't even hum in the office....fuck!
I wanna smile because I'm happy~ I wanna LOL without much restrain~ Xmau the CCTV in the office pls!!!

Joanne ar...

I did something stupid yesterday! I played along the so-called breast cancer awareness game which spread vastly among girls. There will be a secret code with similar post among all the girls to get everybody curiosity esp the boys. I bet it was designed by some girls who are desperate to get guys attention ba. I get this messages all the time but never once play along. I guess I was really lonesome yesterday. I even called up a few fwens during lunch hour. Right after I post that message up, people come asking and liking the post. I felt so terrible. I didn't mean to give the wrong message. Jc don't lie you see...
Sigh. No more such games. 

But seriously, to girls out there, do check up regularly. Don't figure it out too late. The fact that I know hormone pills makes people fat, and there was once I gained weight although I didn't eat a lot, I have no reason not to blame the pills. The medicine was to soften the hardening cyst and now that I don't take it daily, I fear the worst. T.T

Guess I really should die young and beautiful!!! Haha, no! Gotta do check up soon.... When I'm ready.... Soon la!

Today I did another stupid stuff at office. Haiz. Don't wish to elaborate it... 
I really cannot take mistake well. I don't allow it which makes me constantly stressful and anxious. I don't like being thrown off-guard. Lame! I'm getting better slowly. 

I got my schedule for training already :) 
The nearest one will be 1-9 December @Bangi. And I'll definitely stay back for PT32nd on the 10th of December

Time for some dance and jamming season!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

I did not dislike Monday. I fear it. Every night I will try to do some reading as in the nights before every examination. I feel anxious. Nobody expect anything from me except he boss. Even he knew it would be hard for me for at least a few months. The blurness~ In fact, if u're too smart, you threatened the seniors. I don't know where the pressure come from. 80% should be from me la. I don't like to make a fool out of myself. Yea, blame the self-consciousness disease. I still have it...=( I don't like to look stupid. So, I tried to soak everything in fast but it's tough. Switching field is not as easy as I thought. 


Your Star

Nov 13-19
LEO: Lucky Day: Thursday. Lucky Colour: Green. Lucky Number: 6
Every now and then, Leo can be distracted from what matters the most. You!
Chances are that you've recently been looking after everyone else's concerns but your own. Not so now, when you're offered the opportunity for self-indulgence. Go ahead-savour just how sweet life can be.

According to TheStarNewsPaper :)

It might not always true but it's nice to know what to expect on the time ahead of you.

 I sometimes doubt if I'm actually a Leo. I'm very much humble-fied! I don't like myself now.

Stuff I downloaded and I wish to share with you guys =)

Friday, 11 November 2011


Special eh.... 11.11.11 
A day that will only come once a century. 
As desired, my dearest girlfriend came inviting before I thought of any plan~

Tracy@ EE

I actually drive at night all the way to Jusco! LOL... I worked it baby! 
I had my hot cappuccino at Starbucks and a nice hangout with my babes. At least the night was spent eventfully with the right person and my fav beverage. 

To a lot of people, 11.11.11 really does not mean a thing. But I was always hoping for something memorable to be celebrated on a special date. Until I realize that I could make a date special, why do I bother to desire anything special on a fanciful date~
Do something fanciful on a special day. Likewise, make a day special by doing something fanciful
Hahaha... Yea, I don't get what I really want you see~

I sent out lotsa wishes, got some replies and a call by my ex-crush who I still sayang a lot. He's after all my bestie :) He just can't help bully me... U wait la~


I guess my plan to fall in love on a special date will have to be postponed until further notice. 


I am expecting much fun in December... 

I am expecting you in December :)

Na, dun bother guessing who's the YOU. It could be anybody. I might mean somebody but everybody might thought of himself. Hell yea, it's fun! Why on earth are you guys so sexist? XD

                     ╚══`.¸. Edward ~ ♥

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I wanted something special on that day

Something silly....

Like falling in love again?
LOL.... Working day la @@
I guess I'll just have Starbuck and then blogging :)

While waiting, I thought of doing something outrageous.... LOL.

Eg... maybe listing down the names of my crushes who crushed my heart or....

A confession maybe? Erk... No, Never! XD

I just called my King... I dun call people much so boy, you've got the privilege among all. I wish you a happy wedding registration day tomorrow. Love you Fred. I'm very happy for you :)

There's this cute guy in PB... very sweet boy XD. Slightly chubby but damn.... killing smile. If only he just shave everyday....

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

 The PYT @ Credit Officer


Monday, 7 November 2011


After a very very long time, the idea of making this art business finally become official. Originally me and Yoke Shan who master in Pop-up 3D card wanted to create a blogspot to promo the business. She was busy and I was lazy. Now we both are working ladies... Then another bff of mine come around with great enthusiasm and led this into reality. We're starting off at FBpage 1st. So 3 of us can maintain it without much fuss. 

Find us in here Bits here and there

I'll be surprise if you're not impress.... erm... LOL.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


You know,
I grab hold on it for too long. I kept letting things get into the way. Things I can't run away from ie responsibilities and etc. Was it the right thing to do? I don't know. But it was the thing I need to do. I'm not getting any younger... Ever since I know what ambition means, I know I wanna become a singer. I never dare to speak it out back then so I lied. I wrote fashion designer as my ambition, my second love.

I actually lied. Shame on you Joanne. 

I always assure myself that it will never be too late. There are time. Pick up more skills. Fix all your weaknesses. Be ready. Sometimes, I feel like it's slipping away. I'm shaken. I fear of losing it. It's something that defines me. It represent the stronger side of me. It was a guider in my life. With it, I know I have a purpose in life. Something that reminds me that I have a reason to stay strong when life gives up on me. The longer I drag, the more insecure I am about my desire. I become uncertain and doubtful of my capabilities. You take that away from me, you literary murdered me.

I need assurance! I'm still stuck in a cross road. I need to attempt this pathway. A site that determine if my dream could be reality or if it's simply just a fantasy. I need this huge breakthrough. The first. Should I fail, I need to know where I stand. Issit fixable? Yes? Then I will keep trying. No? Then crush me, shut me out completely. Don't keep me lingering... Sigh. 

Then maybe, I can finally move forward with another pathway. Money making phase... more dreams to achieve. :) 

Don't lose Jcdagreat.... she is my soul, my integrity, my identity.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Graduation Studio Pic

We're happily dysfunctional....buahahahahaha

I thought I really wanna giv this studio thingy a pass but friends said that it's a must do! So I did! Finally obtain the softcopy today.

Advice of the day: Do not gain weight during convocation time!!!


First week went by and I really was looking forward for weekend. The first day I was in the building I could feel a whole new strange world waiting for me to explore. Not that I never expect it. It was just a little culture shock to me.... more than a little hiccup. Everybody was hell busy. They were always on the phone, always engage on the line and there wasn't anything in the room that spells fun. Too serious! First day was truly awkward. I was brought along to everybody and to survey the building. It was funny as those faces were very familiar to me and now they are my colleagues. I was a regular there :) So Hi all-times stranger-turned colleagues. 

Seriously, if you wanna learn a stuff or two, go to places where they are plenty of Chinese workers. You'll be surprise how efficient and hardworking they are. People will only come on time, nobody goes home early except for me. New ma! Too much works there and when you have a good boss, demands on you will be higher. As days went by, I get more comfortable there. I gotta still be cautious cuz I need to know how the rules n regulation in people management. Innocent people like me could die anytime without a reason. You'll never know! I'd better be sorry than to be fooled.

So far nothing la. Boss is nice~ good chatter, experienced banker, talked to him for 2 hours, I felt in love with my job scope. I got a senior who is really patience and not at all stingy in sharing knowledge with me. Everybody enjoy speaking in cantonese than in English except for boss. They gave me the same big surprise jaw dropping face when they know I came from biology. Ha Ha... Booya... shocking leh? I'm equally in disbelieve too! 

Like usual, every new place I go, I have people mistaken me for something. People will either suspect me from elsewhere and not Seremban. People will not believe I'm not engage in a relationship. They might wonder if I'm Christian. They will think that I'm very capable. Esp when I came in with 3.5 cgpa~ nowadays it isn't really high le. Don't doubt. I'm from UKM! Or maybe I am capable! People my age will think that I'm wild when I never once step into the club. Aish...I don't think my desire to go is that strong until it oozes into the thin air and be seen by your naked eyes.. C'mon!
So, since I'm the youngest there, I needa act innocent le... no chance to meow =(

I always end up in a brand new place alone, surviving alone, exploring alone. It makes me lonely and hell yea, that's when I'm strongest. That's also why I don't easily give in to any friendship. I don't know if it could be well kept. 

Age is not just a number. There's a value it carries. Everyone is blinded by how much wrinkles they produce and how close you are to death. They have forgotten the wisdom they've gain in life. In bank, age represent wisdom. Experience is value. Number is profit. The more I hate numbers, cuz it makes me anxious, the more I came across it. Now, I have to deal with calculation, Id, Ic, Acc, values, phone numbers. I hate phone calling, now everyday endless calls dialed in, and more dial-up I gotta make soon.

Wanna loan apa-apa, find me! Na, I won't get commission, I just wanna assist you. Give me a month, I will master it! Do not challenge a bio brain :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A special day
1st day of work
Strangely odd
Interesting and challenging
Equally stressful
> <