Sunday, 19 July 2009

fear no more....PT-30

I seriously believe the song ‘if i ain’t got you’ by Alicia keys will bring me far... i always have utmost confident singing this song. Talking about the feel, i wonder which part of the song reflected my life... lol. It’s one of my top favourite in Green Box. Today was the day the Pesta Tanglung 30th ‘s audition for the upcoming musical sketch, one of the biggest activity in UKM’s Chinese community.
The day before i was still very much disturbed by the thought of not having enough practices and my performance will be sucks and i will be very paiseh of being a lousy dance so on and so forth. But somehow, the anxious feeling disappear in the morning. Maybe i was too sleepy to have a thought on it. Just after i went into the Dataran Chanselory, i saw so many familiar faces... those old lapuk memories came flashing before my eyes... those happy and sweet moments. I managed to trick few others of my friends to joined me. Those who stand strong with his decision and not allowing himself some new experience, they suka la.... they definitely made the wrong decision and missed a great adventure.
Having the same set of teachers made me feel even comfortable and having them recognising me is another talent to brag about-well, i was one of the weakest dancers last time. The name Joanne will always filled up the air in Pusanika hall. Lol. I end of choosing both dancing and acting as i knew this year acting will involve singing. I will hate myself of not trying if i see not talented enough singer performing something i could have done better.
So again, i went for both despite past memories. Dancing practices was definitely the nicest as the ‘old dancers’ come 2gether and move as one team. We also have an emotion training where we will hav to act out the required feelings as taught. Soon comes the solo dancing. Aisey, why give me the song ‘100 reason to remember my name’ by fort minor.... i could have done better in ‘fergilicious’... haiz.
In casting room, I and a few friends had a great time trying some roles and singing our heart out. By then, i almost lost all nervousness. My voice was in good condition and i could really act ... erm... lol. But i really don’t like being in a fighting scene. I don’t like scolding and be scolded as well... so i was in a pretty awkward situation. i sang the magic song just after a brief self introduction in the casting room and gosh, it works. Possibly, i believe not just mere luck or experience, but maybe, i was too concerned with the acting later that i forgotten to be afraid of singing. I am born with the voice la... if i am scare of it and not clear of it, haiz,... what a shame it would be...
All in all, i seriously think this year casting and routine improved. And a year experience beforehand helps a lot. I no longer fear auditions... I no longer fear showing off even in a field I lack of experience. All are life learning lessons worth collecting and sharing. 2nd year, 1st sem might just be another splendid adventure. I am waiting.... nut before that, i hope my muscles don’t hurt that much... that is the last thing you will wanna live with...