Monday, 16 February 2015

The Valentine

Oh. 14 Feb 15. A very very sensitive day. In fact the whole 1 week b4 14 feb was a sensitive week. Oh well the whole February is. The time when many people will ask many things and i have to find answer. I myself will ask myself a lot of questions which i have no answer and i hated it.
2 days before d day, i was down with high fever. Good news was i didnt die and it wasnt dengue. The sad news was i didnt have the heart to be pretty and haunt for date. My best gal fwens were either serving kids at hospital or emo at home. So i cant prey on single ladies. N i was sick working on both Saturday n Sunday.

Then came a silly puppy eyed boy who somehow happened to be free and happen to be an ice cream lover got on a date with me.

I didnt spent my V day alone. He happens to be a boy that i used to ignore to a boy that i like.
Whats not to like. Tall, fair, soft spoken, presentable and hard working with a sense of silly boy humour. He got me laughing all the time. Just like my previous crushes who crushes my heart. The 3rd and final choice of mine was off track a bit. Haha.

He filled up my last weekend and got me heavier at least one kg just because his love for food causes the increase of my carbohydrate intake while he has no issue with digestion problem. His love for selfie got my eyes rolled but i adore his appreciation of self beauty. Whats not to like?

Our topic ranging from work work duck work beauty work new target work songs work stress bad mouth ah poi baskin robin starbuck sam smith n work again. Hahahahahaha... then his puppy eyes with long eyes lashes... alamak. Wanna slap tim. Lol.

Thanks for the date good new found friend. You're a good company. Someone who never learn a lesson to serve notice. Never! A virgo.

I never like spending vday alone. I dislike spending any special day alone. But the week up to last Sunday was a fulfilling one despite very hectic and stressful duty. Last Wed was credit department cny dinner. Sat was road show at bank. Sun was developer duty.

Unlike last year, this year projects mainly launched in February to avoid GST complication. To ride on the havoc, thus many cases came uninvited on unsuitable time. The fuck, i pun wanna celebrate CNY ma... i dun like celebrating doesnt mean i dont have to cater to my family rite? Nway... i hope everybody have a great companion that very day. Yes roses are so cliche but it wont hurt to send a stalk of rose to make your favourite gal all blushed and thankful that she is not the only one who get nothing. Yes if you may make her happy everyday so u dont have to go gaga big date on vday but didnt she put you 1st before every other man? There is 3 billions of men on earth, she dont necessary need to choose you as her special one right? Oh and guess what, as ladies we love to count. We count blessing, we measure depth of love, we times effort and result and we definitely add attention and multiple love to every little thing you do. Cliche day? Think again. Every year also celebrate bday ma... dont celebrate lor... lol. Im just voicing out on behalf of other gals who are in a relationship. #1st world problem!

My singlehood have always bother me. Conflict between wanting and the power to choose. Relative being typical will ask and mom recently begin to chase me to do wrong things. Wow! Then the worries spread to my friends who many are waiting in line to ROM and weddings. Now my colleagues too. The girls n women. Omg. They say im a workaholic and they need to divert my attention to a boy. I say give me a dog and ill go home. Hahaha

But no, temporary no dog. I want time off. Baby will rest assured as my no. 1 fav hairy male, furry bff in my heart.

My current favourite people :3
Thank you for your presence. You make my work's life a much pleasant journey. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Yesterday ppl made me mad. Today another ppl made me mad and i made her cried. Stupid me of thinking that things will change and that people will change. There is a limit to everything. Patient will wear out and im drained, completely worn out and has given up on trying to change and make better of hell. Old habit die hard. Remember joanne please. I only have a balance of 24 years and i cant have any more unworthy undeserving living creature to shorten it.
i have a life to live. Dun blame me and dont accuse me on all your short coming. Most importantly dont involve me in the world that revolve you. You and your head can live on without me.

If you wish to stay at hell, i cant pull you up to heaven. You stay!

If i am at fault then im sorry cuz i love her and that im doing too much for her that i started to sense fatigue catching up. Emo.

Usually my patient level is high. Today i lost it. Sorry. Wasted my night. Disrupted my night. Killed my night. Fuck!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happie Birthday fang fang aka choco

Today is both happy and sad. Mad rush. But i will do it 100 times if happiness means torture.  Travelled to KL and this time i took ktm to kl central instead of the normal route. 2nd time there i supposed or 3rd. It was beautified with a new mall and its less crowded.
There i found pumpkin love waiting for me. Together we went to starbuck sg wang plaza to wait for bday gal and kheng. I only manage to spend a fruitful lunch date with them. How i wish i could walk all day there n shoppp. Bday gal wanted to hav the lunch date at Fish Mahatten at Pavillion.

Dear love fang fang,
Congrats on ur winning strike to go working holiday at NZ this year. The day u leave malaysia will be my saddest day. Im glad that kheng is going with u. Im also glad that pumpkin is back so i wont be completely alone.

Thank you for all the love and kindness. In you i found all the interesting characters i grew to love and with you i found the value of friendship. Thank you for accepting all my flaws and my extreme manja-ness. Thank you for loving all my quirkiness and how judgemental i am sometimes. You often listen, interpret and analyse my words sometimes without the needs but all these make you so adorable and me so comfortable in baring my soul.
I love you with all my heart and i doubt i can love another friend as much as i love you which of course exclude some exceptional few. You r still the cutest of all.

Miss you already. Many happie in returns for all the joy that you have given me and us. <3 p="">