Sunday, 27 December 2009

Xtream Xmas

OMGawd... what a night... it’s da longest and craziest night I’ve ever spent. The day started on Christmas Eve. After a dragging conversation on line with Jing Fang, Pumkin, and Sau Kheng, we finally decided the time and activities. On the other hand, Benjamin made up his mind to be the only male in the group outing. Sadly, Lay Mei pulled last minute as she was too tired for such night. I know it will be a great outing but it never cross my mind that i would experienced so many things that could take me ages to materialise due to my hesitancy. Being the only one in the group that has yet to step my feet on Bukit Bintang, i was overly excited and i forgotten the fact that i should be more observant to be able to recognise the road, it wouldn’t help much pun.

my baby

  my gals...

 Pumkin n I

Benjamin was the tour guide. I visited Time Square, Sungai Wang, Low Yat, and even Pavilion in one day. Dammit!!! Thank goodness i chose to wear sport shoes instead of my heels. It would be quite some time before the countdown begins; hence we went to the pavilion food court to have our dinner. We had spaghetti and i don’t really like mind as i don’t enjoy creamy stuff. Wrong order... still, it was a good try. But i was seriously surprise with the food court environment. It seems so high class. After going around taking pictures with all the fancy decoration we could find, it was time to head to the streets to see the outer surrounding.



It was not even 10pm and the roads were already sardine packed with little space for us to squeeze through. And not long after, the spraying and running around with all crazy screams began. I was like... isn’t this supposed to start when the clock strike 12am?


 lil' devils

Jing fang and i were planning to be part of the maniac-rism. Hence, we bought the sprays and start our game right after dumping the other 3 alone. Well, they were hiding behind the traffic polices... or else they could just be our 1st victims. Still they i promised them. Haha... 

We both enjoy being part of the frekos and well, there are things meant to be experienced when you are young right? After the tiring game, we decided to seek them before 12am. I would like to have them around at that very moment. So we rushed out from the mamak stall where we were hiding from too much foam. Stupidly, we forgot the way back to pavilion and we got lost. We were rounding the whole time square building, asking many people for directions...paiseh. But, it was excitement outta both fun and nervousness. We saw a marching band with full blue uniforms before we reached them. The cars were all sprayed and people were all crowded. Spray cans were abandoned everywhere and what a sight you could only witness in Malaysia...count me in tho. 

I hug all of them and wet kissed them. 
XD Well Ben, next time maybe...

We stopped by a 5 star hotel for a private clean up before the movie. The running around just to escape from the still overdosed adrenalin crowd was insane. We were practically holding each other hands and blast thru the barriers to get to the cinema.   It was my 1st time watching 3D and Avatar was simply breathtaking with its wonderful visual effects and great story line. 


With a little Disney feel and familiar characteristics in some actors, the movie had my eyes glued to the screen from the beginning till the end. Thanks to the iced coffee in the mamak stall. The rest of the gals dozed off at some particular times in the movie...wasted la gals... the next few hours were torturing... the sand man came for me. We walk aimlessly and stopped by at some point for cam whoring. Our earlier plan to spend the night at McD or KFC was disrupted as they both were full house when we arrived.

 Photos from Benjamin

Then, we kept our zombie walk towards Pudu and for the very 1st time, i saw many transsexuals spending their ‘day’ all over the dark alleys. My feet were killing me as my shoes are perfect fit, so there ain’t much breathing space for swollen flesh. I called off the zombie walked and we settle down in a mamak stall. We chat and ate our dinner, supper and breakfast before me and Benjamin decided to continue our journey to mid valley tomorrow directly. Actually i really wish for a bath but going back to UKM is really not an ideal plan, well, if it’s just for a bath. 

it seems they like my sleeping photo very much...there u go

So, we bit goodbye to our 3 darling daredevils (DDD) at KTM who spent the superb night with us. Benjamin and i headed to Rawang then back to Mid Valley just to waste some time and catch some precious and protected sleeps. Gosh... i never wanted sleep so much in my life other than the time when i was suffering from insomnia due to bacterial infection in my nose lymph. We both definitely shared losta quality dream talking together, haha...well, da wat’s-the-station-now’s story... It was such pitiful moment for both of us. The war between alertness VS sleepiness...and the sand men won. What a sacrifice we made for an exchange with a satisfaction in k season. Gosh!!! So, once we arrived, we made our ways to the loo and get ourselves refresh. We then get some pleasure at Starbuck.

Ben n his choco drink

He was in heaven with his chocolate drink and i was forcing in Americano just to keep me awake for another 5++ hours. Eventually, both of us took turn dozing off. Dammit... after another gang came which comprised of Yin Fong, Hui Lee, and Kheng Siang, me made our way to red box. 

 k season

KS not annoying after

Somehow, like usually, all my singing partners are mandarin songs selectors... I felt out casted... well, slightly off tune with others choices. So, Ben learned more English songs yea...all sorts. Thanks for the compliments though but guys, cut the clapping yea...paiseh er... I don’t deserve it yet. The xmas buffet was fine and we kinda waste a lot of foods. The price was a little outta my expectation... but worth the fun ba. We headed UKM right after. In the train, all of us were clumped and aggregated with all sort of 

me n my pwetie coursemates


I took a long bath right after I reached my room and finally I could pampered my hair... well, it suffered from chemicals disturbances and it became all rough and oily but still managed to kept me looking pretty all through the craziness. My legs totally disowned me. I was so heavily in sleep debt and it makes my alarm such melody to my ears. That both!! It was hiaoness in its highest peak and I absolutely enjoy the craziness we shared. I love my girls especially Saukheng, Jinfang and Pumkin... I wish u gals cherish our friendship as much as i do. I realised that all me gals can sing well too... Yin Fong voice surprised me... simply lovely. Benjamin, you impressed me a lot in some ways. Not much flaws i can point out...and u still owe me bear bear yea...

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

latest U65 gathering

It started off with a disappointment at first before i reach our destination. The Indians are pulling out from the gathering. Anyway, just when i reach the cafe, the moments i saw some of my fwens waiting around the table, this time indoor, i immediately feel a lot better. Not many came but I’m glad those familiar faces make it to the gathering. Funnily, not many order the steaks as their meals like last year. haha. Well, it’s a steak house you c... my gal was like, you guys are kinda broke recently huh? My heart screams  ‘hell yea’. Well, I was actually still full. I had my dinner before that.  Such wonderful time we had. Long story short , they are the most amazing bunch of freakos i love dearly and i yet to experience such spirit with some other group of fwens.... love u guys...u65-rians... those who still call themselves as one.

hmm...eye bag... damn.

our fav game...the waiter calling beeper n the x mas tree...ada feel

me n my dearest

 da bday gal....

 da beauties....

da... lol...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

He is the best

the one that will never give me faces

one will never judge me

one who never deny me

one who appreciate me for who i am

one that keeps me company whenever i need

one who always kiss n hugs when i'm most down
one will giv me joy n relaxation when i'm stress

one who will never cause me pain and sadness

one who will miss me wen i'm away

one who stick closest to me when i'm around

one who loves me dearly

one who never complain


there was a battle between him and my mom and the winner is

my dearest dear dear