Wednesday, 26 May 2010

latest collection

I am not use to relaxation. 


So, long holiday sucks!
I was desperately seeking for stuff to do. Well, i am doing some tutoring now, to help out a UPSR gal... but there is only one gal...and she came to me. Gosh... please another week, and i'll be heading back to UKM for the function. A busy line up of practices and rehearsal will be available and i'll sing on stage again. Can't wait~ should start practicing by now...

and damn it, i gained weight... OMGawd... not now...i can't fit perfectly into my Nicole's sparkling blouse le
told you, holiday brings no benefit. Long draggy one especially....

Then something pops up. It has been quite sometime i abandoned my work in making bookmark. Hence, almost immediately, i took out all my stuff and start designing...

my latest design...kolaj technique

i took advantage of old photograph film and try to make sumthing outta em

skill baby, skill.... haha....bragger i am, sue me

the right one looks was made of craps i made but it turns out to be wonder

if you wanna look at my old works and perhaps my fashion design, do check it out at my FB album

Monday, 17 May 2010


I finally watched the Pesta Tanglung VCD! LOL... i bought it for quite some time but i was very reluctant to watch it. That day, i was helplessly bored and i was dying to do something and i thought of that VCD.
The videographer SUCKS man!!!

Many fantastic choreographies missed and he definitely forgotten that in musical stage act, dancers play an equal part as the actors. We are not the backdrops of the stage that came out to beautify the stage. All the dances involved the whole stage. Every space was fully used and it means there are dancers dancing there. Sigh! Some close up was not appropriate but seriously better than the first VCD of PT29 i got. I had few close up shots....fhew... no mistakes spotted! But i don’t remember making much mistake either. That was a huge relieve.
Well, although i am physically well trained with tremendous improvement, i am still good in forgetting steps. I can easily be distracted when i am emotionally disturbed and i did not control my bad daily habits and allow the overwhelming fatigue took me over. When i lost focus, that was the time my name echoed at the Pusanika hall. Sigh!
Anyway, although there are many painful sights in some dances and i did contribute minor effect in it, but overall, it was really a cool performance. Despite a terrible final rehearsal we had, the hardest night for everybody where we all left the hall crying, we bounced back and gave a fantastic turn over on the performance night.
I guess the long wait to finally watch the VCD was because i fear the recorded performance will not be as beautiful as the memories i had in mind. I fear it would spoil my own distinction i gave myself. That VCD brings back tons of flashbacks and im lovin all bits of em.
That was my priority in 1st semester in 2nd year in UKM. 2nd year has been amazing. In my 2nd semester, i was selected to sing for NTLP 13. I had a nice song and it was my 1st song. A song i owned. Another bunch of great friends i made and very wonderful experiences and trainings. NTLP is one stop for a musical learning. I was able to explore myself, my range, my skill and capabilities and my strong point, showmanship. 
I had set my feet in the grand DECTAR stage with opportunities to perform and shines in all the semesters. Still, i am not satisfied with myself as a performer as i haven’t been able to deliver all out. First year in UKM was a year of introduction to the clubs, the stage. The birth of my performance life, officially. Second year was a learning year where i was given bigger roles and much higher dependability to perform. I will again perform in another brand new function for me, called Archustic which is a function of the architecture faculty this third sem. I will be delivering a new song. This function take me to another notch where i already had my voice recorded in studio and will be featured in the Archustic album. My very second song!
3rd year approaching and i wanted nothing but to be the best of me. I will definitely go for another round of PT dancing and i will return for New Tune if they still need me as singer. Or else, i will join the dancers there. This year, it will be the year of appreciating. I wanted it to be as glorious and glamorous as it could be. I wanna live up to my own expectation, to shine on stage. I thirst for attention and acknowledgement, i yearn for genuine compliments and sincere helps from professionals. Yes you, the professionals, my beloved friends out there. You guys are my source of inspiration and driving force. Without your support, i am nothing. In fact, I won’t be able to come from my shell at all.
For that, I thank you all earnestly from the bottom of my heart.
JCDAGREAT loves you dearly.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Whenever i face sadness, i would want someone to take my ring off...
But that someone never existed...
People thought i am popular....
That i must have that someone to share my all with...
I thought the same too...
I met and befriended so many wonderful peoples...
But just never that person...
He felt so very surreal, distanced....
I don't know him anymore, or do i ever know him??
I never meet him or do i ever??

Probably wishing the wrong thing at the wrong time is a mistake....
That's the reason why i am not granted my wish...
What a sinner i am to wanting n yearning someone to love and protect me when i am in need
When i am in dilemma 
When i am in critical mental disturbance...

But when i survive another battle alive with still very much kept sanity...
My ring got tighten... 
My mind got clearer...
My heart got emptier...
I don't long and pray for salvation
No angel, no miracle, no GOD
No nothing but 


The arrogant
The almighty
The loud and superior....

Confidence and my talents became my shell... 
My sword and my bullets...
A driving force to keep myself moving,
Striking for my lust of glorious achievements...possibly, happiness and peacefulness
To make amen for my patience, tolerance, and understanding that i had sacrificed.

For that, i do not want to take off my ring...
I do not wish you to come to live...
I do not want you to weaken me, to dampen my spirit and my ever strong sensibility...
Until the day i am tough enough to conquer my sin, the day when i should let go of this ring... 

Till then, 

Let's just hiao =)))

Friday, 7 May 2010

A wonderful week

Well, it all started during the middle of the semester. Whenever i saw audition flyers or pamphlets, i’ll be ever delighted. That day was another day i saw the audition for a function called ARCHUSTIC. What drew my attention was it composed of singing, dancing activities and also my senior, Soo Yung. He will be the one who incharge of this program. Hence, i messaged him for confirmation. That period, i was still busy with NTLP and also studies. On the1st day of audition, i was coming from outside the UKM and it was quite late already. Reluctance set in as there were quite a lot of people too. It was my 1st visit to Kejut/Architect faculty and i had some issues finding the exact audition room. There, due to nervousness, i murdered 2 songs and did a hilarious aka humiliate dancing...human pool dancing to be precise! haha. To me, with my experiences, that day act was totally disastrous. But somehow they wanted me and so, i am in.
I finally got some information about the function but it was during the final examination period. Hence, i missed the first briefing. I was told to stay back after the final for about another week. After breaking free from the end of 2nd year, 2nd sem, i was totally free from all responsibilities and be committed to this function. On the 1st day, the progress was a bit slow. But it was nice to be introduced to all the other musicians and singers. I am really lucky to have few New Tune friends with me. I was selected to the song “Storms in universe” and i do love this song. i love the saxophone melody more than any others. The few song composed by my senior are very fine too but i often have no luck with his song. 


 my composer

I have lotsa fun with them. Outta the blues, i was introduce to one genius who happened to be one of the senior in chacha dancing. I was surprise by his present and seeing his serious face. But that face didn’t last as very soon we all lost the strangers tension and ease up pretty fast. He is the funniest guy i ever met. SERIOUSLY!!! That fella.... omigosh.... i must admit i am slightly attracted to his charms. But sadly this guy aka the UKMpella’s sifu is going to Bintulu as he was promoted to be the head of the company’s franchise. May he be happy with his job there and still stay connected with us in UKM. 

This whole week, especially when the night falls, we will jam songs and plays in the DECTAR hall. With the grand piano, 2 guitars, 3 damn cool pianist, 3 singers, 1 multi talented but know sikit sikit in all fields...the angel, the song composer...we formed the band UKMpella. Since all of us have the same but different level of musical root, we have each other to depend on when we try on many songs especially “stand by me” in acapella. As a first try out, a product of a night, it was consider very well constructed. 

It’s a week of musical knowledge, and chances for me to explore my own skill, vocal range and genre of music. I love the feeling of singing by the piano. I like the fact that i am capable of tackling diva’s songs. I enjoy playing choir along with my friends and harmonizing. I am delighted to know many music lovers too despite them being non-chinese. Music does not recognise skin colour and races. Music knows nothing but talents and passion.

 the Indonesian gals

First time in studio recording was truly an exciting try out. I was kinda nervous and was exhausted for not sleeping early the night before. That night I was with my fellows singing at the beach cafe. We were auditioning aka performing....basically having fun. Another great moment with them. I only manage to sing one song....Angel, Jessica Simpson’s version. Due to none practice between me n my pianist, i dun dare a second try out.
at beach cafe
my gal
You guys are really great and impressive jamming partners. I am not at all hesitated to loosen up my tenseness and enjoy the whole process 100%. Some crappy stuff i did and said... haha... it was consider pretty fast that you guys could witness it in such short period of time jamming together. All those loud laughing....shirt pulling the guys kena teruk shoulder la...then the cat fights... miaowwwwzz.... gosh. Shame a~ haha...
I wish you guys have as much fun as i do. Hey...we are fast becoming the GLEEK... haha...pls watch Glee and you’ll know what i’m sayin. Couldn’t have enough of u week is too short. Shall meet up soon on the 6th june. I am waiting!!!
 i really love singing =)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

archustic jamming


I sang 'Storm in universe' to the composer and musician this afternoon. It's more like a simple audition to see if the composer like my voice and whether it suited the song or not. When i first heard this song, i felt like the song was a little bit weird. I don't really understand the lyrics and the story of the song. But when i tried listen again and once i started to sing, the feel came. It was as though a song i heard in the radio... from an album. I can totally feel the groove and ideas came on how i should sing and what sorta style i want.

I was a bit nervous when i was told to do a small audition to the original singer cum composer. But he seemed friendly and this eased my nerve. I was told that i did good and my voice is great, which was very flattering. Soo Yung gege gave me a hyper confidence boost. Thanks for giving me this opportunity and your  musical guidance. 

After the practise, Sam, Sansit, and Wei Rung came into the picture. We were suppose to go dinner after they came but when musicians group together, jamming would be the activity. We went to old town for dinner and then return to Dectar for some recording. Mana tau, we continue to jam....this time acapella came in and we try on a manderin song and a english song as well. Our version of 'Stand by me' is nice.... A random, sudden idea and that song was a perfect choice. For a 1st attempt de work, it was consider very well done. We were so high, we started to plan on shows and songs we wanna do and called ourselves temporarily as  UKMpella/fella..... dammit.... in a day, i witness very talented people showing off their skill and i learned so much of stuff about singing, in the most hilarious and craziest way... 

i have lotsa fun with great singers and musicians especially. U guys rocks!!! Pianists.... kim leng, sam, wei rung!!! gosh...guitarists....current n future....sooyung, siewin.... OMG.... with u fellas....i can explore myself better musically... i x improve also hard la. Loves you all to the max...muaks muaks.

Itu wei rung.... 1st time talk to him....serious wa....haha. You bring a lot of fun to us... multi-talented dude. Next time dance cha cha with me again.... i need a partner to practice. =)

I'm looking forward to the recoding in studio and to produce an album with u guys.... 

more jamming.... less fuss....woot =)

**will upload the recording once i found out how **