Tuesday, 29 June 2010

miss the 1st sems

3rd year 1st sem coming le

I found a reason to reminisce some old memories of the past two 1st sems

wait a sec, I'm approaching 3rd year....OMG

Every 1st sem, I will lay my hand on two main function that change my University journey forever-  
~the birth of my performance life~

1st year
me as candidate representing the course biology


2nd year
me with my master piece~ doing my job as the princess


I did em once accidentally, i attempted em twice bravely, and i shall embrace em thrice undoubtedly.

(im no longer responsible for faculty night tho- just as audience)

I am very determined...still am... I am ready for bruises and pain and self torture~ i think...

so lady luck, be there for me
bless my THESIS XD

Monday, 21 June 2010

A tribute to ARCHUSTIC

Archustic: An architectural workshop hosted by UKM and co-hosted by Twintech and Taylor University for the very first time. 12th-16th of June 2010
My definition: A great platform for a performer like me to explore another breakthrough. A chance to record songs in the studio, to publish and promote an album. An opportunity for me to view another course closely at its best form and i must say i am very impressed.  

I went back to UKM on the 7th of June which was a week earlier for practices and preparation. 24/7 practises onwards and most of the time, the dancing and singing practices clashed. These ten days were the longest ten days ever, and well, every good thing must come to an end. Archustic finally reaches its end.

I was given a room at KDO, on the 3rd floor which was quite far from the entrance and also fairly a distance to the Dectar hall. I always fancy KDO’s room. Siewin and I became roommate. Well, we clicked in a snap. It was like i was staying with another Joanne. We both share some same thinking and we act in similar ways too. Well, you just can’t deny Leorians’ compatibilities. I knew Siewin since first year in New Tune but we hardly have time to spend some buddy’s moment together. I was so relieved when i first know we join this together. In these ten days, i got to know you deeper and I knew now why you were your friends’ darling. I am proud to call you as my dear friend and I’m looking forward for more activities involving both of us. 

I failed to decline dancing as I was told that there weren’t many dancers and that I should join to help out. I did not hear any negative opinion other than my inner voice that kept telling me to think twice. Do i really want this? Should i try doing both? The EGO me said that with much experiences collected over the years, it was time to challenge myself. The SICKO Joanne said that both activities are tiring and that I might suffer from exhaustion. I don’t have good cardiovascular system and am weak physically. Mentally, haha... do you need to know?  
Never once stable XD

It turned out that Joanne was right. Dancing is always fun. Knowing what I can do and at the same time exploring more new techniques make me feel great. Good things aside, the muscles aching caused me serious problems. Those sorta pains are only understood by trained dancers. Well, I came unprepared and i didn’t really dance for a whole semester except for Cha-Cha, the ballroom dancing. Anyway, i am thankful for that given opportunity. Though it was tough, I made new friends from other university, some great senior dancers (Khairul and Ar-ar) and especially the chance to dance with my dearest course mate cum best buddy Chin Fang again. Awh, I was attracted to a Sarawakian Chinese who couldn’t speak Chinese well. Hmm, what most funny was that we communicated in BM as I thought he was Malay, even after i knew he isn’t. 

There was a music video shooting using one of my favourite song ‘Hey, soul sister’ by Train. We the dancers shared a brief moment up on a high building pillar showing the wording P.E.R.F.O.R.M.A.N.C.E. representing the biro. Wow, that moment was a lil’ bananas as I have minor fear of height and we have to stay there for almost an hour plus. I kept myself busy by taking lotsa pictures just to get my mind off the fact that i could easily fall down and die on the spot. Luckily the shooting was a good try and the video with continuous shooting technique worked just right. 

I was famously known there among the AJKs as the Dancer cum Singer cum Kuli. Though i was like the walking zombie most of the time, seeing them all worn down without much help triggered the sympathetic JC. (*eyes role*) I didn’t have much time to make friends though as i was on the move all the time. I didn’t stay put in an area for long and many actually like being in their own groups of university friends. I remember many faces though. Well, I have faith to get to know them better in FB.

13th of June: The grand opening. The performers need to get ready early in the morning. I started the day as dancer for the opening gimmick. My face was half purpled sparkling with glitter. The opening dance went on smoothly and once it was finished, I need to rush to the back stage to clean up the makeup and get ready for the theme song in less than 20 minutes.

I thought I looked fantastic in the group singing and sounded amazing too. There were national television stations NTV7 and RTM1 too as the Menteri Pembangunan was invited to do the opening. At noon, fellow dancers and I were there to help out for final stage decoration for the night fashion show and performances. At night, first half of the fashion show and performances would take place. The back stage was a mess as abundant of props were everywhere blocking the way and many performers were waiting for their turn to shine. My mind was slightly blank as if i wanted this to end faster. Perhaps, fatigue set in and my body yearned for a good rest. My last dance was a little screwed up. For goodness sake, I messed up counting but luckily it wasn’t obvious as the dance steps, the mist, and the act all managed to pull the show off and made it believable. 

 the only time i stand still on stage is when i tackle my range and my eyes are always shut...damn

The designs from architecture students were great and I was totally in awed with many performances and their MMS. Lastly, the night ended with the re-run of the theme song as requested by the VIP. This time the mist and some barbaric attitudes of I-wonder which-uni disturbed me. The fast heart beating came strike me twice, I felt chocked. I might be diagnosed with panic attack, according to news i read the other day. A sickness that could strike with no reason. Huh?? Got cure ma?

14th of June: I helped out with the album selling at one of the stalls. We were doing a small karaoke, singing our album songs. 

Watching the sale of the album was like doing an experiment. Imagine cooking an egg on the tar road at 2pm. Well, excuse my biological insanity. It was slow but exciting at the same time. I was basically half expecting but doubting as well whether or not the album selling a success or just plain right flop. I finally tried ‘perfect ice’ for the first time. It tasted good. At night, I was there for the second half of the performances as audience, finally. The news of Arhcustic which was aired on NTV7 was played on the big screen and the crowd when wild. Then the video of our very own ‘Hey, soul sister’ was played as well. The screaming was insane and obviously i was one of the contributors to the noise pollution.
15th of June: The closing ceremony. 

At noon, like usual, Siewin and I went to the stall to promote the album. We got some goodies from the business crews. Like tradition, the rehearsal for the closing did not go according to plan due to many obstacles. At last, only some songs managed to sneak in for practices. Fortunately, my solo song was one of them. Since this time was an outdoor performance, the stage was small and all instruments have to be installed by technician crews instead of the pros. The speaker was facing the front and I can’t hear my voice clearly during the first tryout. It brought my confident down a little and I was a shaken.

Benjamin, Mun, Sam and Chin fang came as audiences and my band mates became my best supporters. Although there were some silly mishaps, I think it was good enough for my first outdoor stage performance. Many performers did well too even those from other co-host universities. I particularly enjoyed the medley O.M.G from Felix representing Taylor University. I noticed his voice when he sang ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ when we were busy setting the stage decoration before the first day was launched. That night was a BBQ night but I missed it for my makeup sake. 
Chin Fang actually gave me her 1st time, and ended my 1st time as well. Well, it is my first time being awarded with flower during performance. Haha.... I love you dear~muakkz XD

The end: I learned a lot from this function. I wanna thank Soo Yung so much. You are one truly gifted guy. Thank you for bringing me here and you taught me so much musically. Keep doing what you are doing. You could be the next Malaysian composer. Sansit... you are always busy. I can’t even find time to chat with you. You and your crews did a good job!!! 

Also not to forget, kak farah and kak aaliyah and many others. Although I was the imported performer from FST, I was given equal treatment. I never felt left out! Well, I almost changed my course to architecture if you must know, after much persuasion form a friend during my 1st semester in UKM. Obviously the idea x jadi as i love biology more. Unless, it was fashion design that lure me~
Nisha oh nisha. You are one wonderful singer, deep and soulful. Tapi jangan selalu ‘improve’ too much. Minta ajar bahasa Indonesia...
My band mates, especially the Indonesian geng, I totally solute you all. You guys are superbly talented! 

AL-AL the Cutie trumpeter,
 Ahkyal da Man a.k.a. da band leader,
 Rizky the cool Drummer,
Ediyan the-guy-next-door composer,
Hairil the miang Electric guitarist,
 Hafiz the Patrick looks alike,
Pearl the Chinese beauty,
Hadi the *poof* gone already, handsome KKM Felo,
 Kimleng the Big voice cum tiang,
Sooyung the all Miao Producer,
Nisa the ‘Drunk’ Driver, (oops. X Nampak, X nampak~ switch on the car’s head light, sayang)
Siewin my sweetheart aka the cat hater... *scratch*,
And also not forgotten Rira the Shy Gal, who failed to make it due some unavoidable difficulty.
When will there be someone who knows how to play a saxophone?

Finally: You guys thought me the unity regardless of different races, languages and nationals getting together purely for the sake of music. I didn’t know that group singing could also give me the equal satisfaction as solo singing. 

Each stage performances I have joined gave me losta marvellous experiences to boost about and undoubtedly ARCHUSTIC would be one of the many I am most proud of.
Oh yeah... the theme song ‘The Music Inside’ was aired on HitsFM, one of the leading Malaysia radio station... what else can i ask for??
Jcdagreat is thankful

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

jc wellbeing...


practice time

After much thinking and encouragement from my fellow friends, i have decided to continue joining dancing as well. At first, i was a little reluctant. I can't really figure out what is the matter that made me feel this way. Am i not confident with the one who is gonna teach?...But i haven't really see him pun that time... Or am i fear that i will be very busy and have little time for myself to rest and really do my thing...You know, i kinda only feel the sense of freedom when i am back in UKM, my own room. But, after today, i am glad i made my mind to go for it. The tcher, Khairul, is one great dancer. With much experiences he has got from all participation especially from Artisukma, the training with him would be a worthy of time. He is very sharing too as i love hearing people experiences in performing. I wonder if there is people who is willing to listen to mine? LOL

hioing with people stuff

Anyway, i finally see my video from my friend lappy. It's quite heart wreaking to see the imperfection when it could be so much better. If only the tempo didn't go wrong...If only i could be a lil' more experienced to handle such situation or perhaps skillful enough....If only i have better cardiovascular system... Then i wouldn't run out of breath...If only i practice enough to face all sort of plausible mishaps that could happen on stage....

All the if only.... If only i could sing it again now.... Well, you need mistake to always be better...Still, i love my showmanship. Ada power.....damn, rite JC!!! You run outta breath!!! haha.... This would be the last time i talk about this...cuz soon there will be another performance to yack about....*snap*

So, to redeem myself, i will try my best for my solo singing in the Archustic closing ceremony, singing 'Storm'. A song about the universe, where human are not alone. Wow =.= .... I tend to be given fast English songs when i always love ballads. This time, it's more power and pop rock genre. Finger cross....

Wish me luck fwens =))

Architecture students are really creative... their design and artwork...ichiban man... i'm in awe~

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sam Tsui

Introducing you all the latest craze of mine

Sam Tsui

I got to know this guy through the Oprah Winfrey Show acknowledging the latest youtube phenom Sam Tsui and his buddy, Kurt Schneider. Together they make awesome videos and with his one-man acapella showdown, there is no wonder why he is a sensational hit in the internet. This guy has an amazing vocal, tho not my best giler-giler favorite yet, still, no deny about his talent. I can't wait to see what he will do next. Awh, not to forget, Charice Penpengco is one great gal too... she has got mad vocal close matching Whitney Houston. My friend did a cover about her. Kelly's.Whoah...I wish she could collect as much experiences as she could now so that she could pull off not just big song but as well as the soul of the song. Lol... talk like a pro huh...jia jia la u JC. Mind your own stuff.... haha.

Do watch his videos. You might go gaga over him as well. My favorites are:

1) fireflies, originally by owlcity

2) don't stop believing, originally by journey

3) tribute to MJ...a combo of hits of MJ



I shud be happie

What not to be happie??

Complaining makes people SAI me nia....
Okay, tho this is the highest scoring for me thus far, but i fail to reach my target still. I always wanted to score dean list... I only need the extra 0.02 points. Damn!!! If only i missed less few class and ignore FB for hours during exam period....seiyeh...FB again.... hoi yan zhing

3rd year approaching and i don't think i have much chance to level my result so that i could graduate with dean list scoring. For your information, my last 2 semester will be filled with 90% BM based biology subjects. I happened to hate all the biology subject in BM and when i hate, i will not have heart to score for it. I score weakly in Animal and Plant Physiology as the translation sucks. It could be so much fun if they were taught in English. And don't forget, in UKM, my thesis would be in 100% BM. 


I don't hate BM, mind you please don't get me wrong. I just don't get the benefit of studying science in BM. A total waste of time! Fortunately, i manage to get my favorite as my experiment object. 


Anyway, congrats to myself for actually scoring better result in this crazy semester. Somehow my result and busyness have linear relationship~ perhaps mutual. The busier i got, the higher result i score. 



Thursday, 3 June 2010

the old time

Oh My Gawd.....

I can't believe the picture is still around!!! How come i don't have one of it?

Well, this is not the case... this is a standard one photo, darjah satu mawar. How lame the name can it be? and damn... C how adorable i was? haha... seriously, i was always the cute gal until i turn... erm, i can't remember what age i started to hate people calling me cute.

erm.... define CUTE ??

ME + cute = DISASTER

I was on the left side, the fourth gal squinting my big eyes. The first gal on the left, well we share the same name. There was a pair of twins in the class. The 1st and 3rd on the left, on the guy row. The Singh pair~ very adorable dudes...i remember having a crush on them...

I can't see Yoke Shan here. Probably on the right side but somehow, sigh. Blurred. There was one and only Chinese guy in my class called Yap Wai Kit. I remember this name too well cuz we were always fighting. All sort of rubbish would came out from out mouth just to win the fight.
The Indian woman there was my english teacher. Pn. Devi is it? Not sure but she is the reason why i did not appreciate English then. She made english a boring subject and i hated her. That's why i scored B for english in UPSR. Terribly stupid you see. Everyone failed scoring A in science and i in English. Standard 6 english was at its lowest level and yet, i couldn't do well. I remember her well for whacking my palm with rotan caused i was so terrible in spelling test. Haha... i never failed to score the lowest mark in class every time there was spelling exam and Yoke Shan is the only one who knew how pain was one stroke. Imagine scoring all wrong...sigh. 

The woman next to her was Pn. Maimon. Ah...this name very clear in mind. She was the mother of a friend in school and i always made fun of her name. Dislike her also but i can't remember why i hated her. Those were the days of innocence.... so much of history. So much of secrets.... haha...might wanna let lose some of them here of how i once used to be.... you would never know.

Actually this wasn't the original school of ours. I remember YS and I were in a girl school named whatever Convent...but definately not SRK.Puteri. Or was it? Hmm, should know more of my hometown history. Somehow, the school was switched to a new place and somehow we were placed into this Kampung school.

Oh ya, I think i was one of the best students there... =))) no doubt...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

gathering =)

On the 29th of May, i organised an early gathering for U65. I actually plan for a small meet up among my favourites nia but somehow different idea came in as my dear wanted to make it huge. Hence, i made an effort to message everybody in any possible way to contact them to get the date everyone satisfy with. Eventually, and usually, there wouldn’t be such date and outta limited choices, we decided to do it on Sunday and at the same cafe “Tarrot”. 
Eu lei, being the earliest this time was feared that the gathering was cancelled as he was alone. Yor, you takde confident sama wa eh... am i not that responsible? Adoi... some familiar faces turned in soon after and they were Ee wen, Minwai, Peai mun, Loke woon, Jia yie and her uni fwnes, and lastly but also surprisingly, Wan ying...gosh, after 2 years, she finally resurfaced. Haha... 

Many were working, travelling, and some no respond, like normal. I got used to it but i was just so glad those familiar faces never once disappoint me.
The gathering was very simple, nothing extravagant, no gimmick and no special arrangement. Just they and i. Nothing change, everyone knows their roles and we were so engrossed to our chatting we couldn’t be bothered by anything else. I truly cherish every moment we spend together especially when we only meet up during semester break.
 take 1
Justin darling will always be the cutest one with very sweet voice who happened to be our favourite to bully. Minwai is the only male that exudes the optimum level of testosterone. Haha. Jiayie and i are like the firecrackers. We would appear very silence and composed, but once initiated, we could go wild. Lol...you wouldn’t want to mess with these crazy gals. Loke woon and Peai mun are like twins and together with Eewen and Wanying that day, they become foursome chatterbox. 

take 2
I never fail to tell how special U65 is to me. Though i might make many great friends out there and find myself some other unity with different passion, and perhaps many have already divert form the U65rians spirit. But nobody can ever replace you all in any possible way. I am truly grateful that many are still holding on to this spirit and making it alive.

 take 3
I might not be the best one who keep up to your latest well being or the one who phones and chat with you especially my dear-dear, pls do know i really care of you and i wish the best in your life. 

Knowing some of my gals enduring broken relationship make me a little worry. I somehow have this weird feeling. I don’t understand why. I just felt the heartache every time i heard such news. I can’t bear seeing them cry or simply devastated. And eventually, i can’t stop myself from hating the guys that caused them sadness. 
Aii...geboh la u JC