Friday, 23 November 2012

Penang-fied Twice

I'm in love with the town. Or maybe I just love my companions. 
Everything about the trip was a blast. 
I had the rush of snatching a Penangit, get married & settled down for good. 

My fwens were like come over and work. We have public bank here too. 
I just melt!

Murals were located. Not quite all. Not quite the way I wanted. Given a choice, I possibly wanna take it as a treasure hunt. Locate it with the help of a map on a bicycle journey perhaps. I only have 2 days though.
 Oh well.

Roomie has been a great great companion & she provides me very comfortable accommodation where we repeats our habits of chatting non-stop telling each other 'bed time stories' :P
This whole trip was mainly for her. I think she would need me. Or maybe I want her to be able to reach me when she needs me. 

Of course not to forget my other babes in town. 2 of my fav female in NT were there.
The trip wouldn't be perfect without them. With a few additional person I managed to meet up, I call em the bonus :)

Food heaven!!! I seriously wish to take in more but my tummy doesn't allow em. Cis. 
Have been bloating since my arrival on Wednesday. 

I will come back for more. But let me travel one big round before coming back alright. 

Xmas coming soon :) New year too. I guess we are gonna live until the day we see the existence of year 2103. Meh.
Fuck you philosopher!

Anyway, big question now!
- Should I go for J.Lo Dance Again tour concert? I wouldn't say I am crazy about her, but I did look up to her as a performer. I love a number of her songs. 

- What should I do & whom should I date on weekend b4 Xmas? Too bad that 25th of Dec fall on Tuesday. PT gang unsure of the plan yet. Hmm. I have a preference to go KL town for all the over commercialized Xmas decorations. Perhaps going Singapore might be a different feel altogether. 

- New year resolution? To be lazy in work. To be nasty in person. To be cheap in self-valuation. To be less dreamy & more realistic. Hell to the No!!! So, what?

*Xmas present does come early. Increment was spotted on the payslip today. I'm not sure if it's a lot & I cannot be asking aroud since it can't be treated as a discussion topic. Since it's P&C matter, it could easily turns into debate too. 

Sometimes I feel that the fate does plays a joke on me. 
When I have everything in line, cash to buy ticket & everything necessary, days of freedom to travel but I never has a standby mate for me to hit the road with. 
I'm glad I have friends all over the states. Guess I have to start visiting em one by one alone :)

It's gonna be messy XD but a worthwhile journey. 

Monday, 12 November 2012


While I was scrolling down my blog, I saw this very warming picture on the left hand side & I pulsed. 
I miss us very much. Of course not forgetting my whole biology team but we 5 were insects linked. So this special bonding has its special care & interest in my heart. 

I think the photo was taken after Thesis submission. It never come across our mind to do the pre graduation photo shooting with our robes. But does the robe matters? I guess it is, but without it, we still looked super fine didn't we? LOL

That smile on my face was something nobody can buy or demand. 
It was so rare now it becomes valuable.

I'm so happy. I finally wave good bye to the hell week where I worked 8 days continuously to finish off my work so I can have a peace of mind in the coming break. 
Bought my ticket to Penang. Will reach Butterworth on Wed evening. Planned to go back on Sat noon. 

Funny how my roomie ask the priority of my trip is to play or eat or both~
Not in one second that I hesitate to answer it was her and a few more babes being my main reason I come over.


It's gonna be a happy & fattening week. Yesh, fat ba. 
I deserve a good short break. 

I wanna cut my hair 2morrow. You better look smashing hawt to match Jcdagreat.