Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Talk and Be Heard

Communication is vital. Being able to talk and express one’s feeling is a blessing. Being good in speaking and singing are extra talents you posses that work as your advantage. 

How often do you feel thankful for when you open your mouth, your vocal cord do not disappoint? 
How often do you feel proud for what you have voiced out does knock some sense into someone’s head? 

If you’ve answered me ‘sometimes’, I would be so disappointed. Of all your life, you have only talked some great things and the rest of the times, craps? Well, I don’t blame you because I behave the same. Our community works this way and we aren’t brought up with good communication skill and its values. Seeing someone who is dumb and vocally handicapped is not the most pitiful sight for I have witnessed the most heart wrenching ones. 

 How often do you feel comfortable in public speaking? 

Case one:     A son who does not talk to his mother for the past three years because both are being stubborn and their unwillingness to take the first move. Due to past arguments, one is being vengeful and another one couldn’t let go of her parenting ego. At the end of the day, they both suffered. With zero communication, both were acting like strangers at home, guessing each other movement so they don’t have to bump face to face to avoid awkwardness. This is pure stupidity I must say. 

Case two:      A beautiful friendship of two soul mates was broken. What would you do when your best friend made a mistake and she has no idea that it was a mistake in the first place? So you feel hurt and you do not understand why she would ever do something like that on your birthday. Wouldn’t you think that the right thing to do is to open up your heart, tell her how much she disappoints you in her face and let her apologies shamefully?

No! This hurtful Miss A did not choose to talk. She did not want to forgive so easily. She did a revenge on her clueless friend, Miss B’s birthday to make her feel the same way she felt seven months ago. Does this whole drama even make sense to you, readers? I guess all Miss B could do is to realize that Miss A is no angel after all. Do you spell soul mate that way? Miss B paid the price of being clueless while Miss A had lost a permanent soul mate for good. Was it worthy? You tell me!

Case three:     3 best friends turned cold strangers because of different perception they hold towards certain things. Shallow understanding and too much expectation from each other without a good foundation in the friendships nearly spoil the bonding they have built over the years. A few months stint of internship became a hard lesson to all of them. All this wouldn’t happen if they communicate and convey their feeling rather than keep expecting each other to know what it is in their head. Being cold and angry without letting the other party know is a waste of time and to no avail. Hello? Like they read minds?


From the cases above, it was clear that all these matters and misunderstanding could be prevented if only they choose to talk instead of being ignorance.

If talking is crucial, listening is gold. It works both ways. I have always try and am learning to be perfect. But knowing not everyone is yearning to be the same as I do, I must learn to be neutral- to be accepting, forgiving and understanding. 

So, do not let your flaws and negativity affect and hurt the people around you. Try to be initiative, learn to express your emotion and be heard. There are always some good listeners who are willing to hear you out =)

 Yell if u must

I'm dealing with my communication skill as well. I'm trying hard not to be afraid to talk via phone. Wat a disease eh? I'm trying to speak slowly n pronounce better. Some even said that I sound cute and could possibly do back ground voices for cartoon... I was like WTF? LOL... Deeper and somber voice sounds more professional. Gotta practice how to use proper voice projection lor~ 

Blind date

Nice meeting you

U're something special 



I promise... for the gazillion time... I will cut down on Ice. 

Monday, 29 August 2011

K Fever

A fever which I dun wanna recover from

I finally reached a peak where I cannot stand being away from the microphone any longer.

My best K partner in Seremban Joanne Wong is having her holiday break. So, there is no reason not to visit the public screaming room.

Greebox gave up on us. They probably have guess what we are capable of and what we have in mind. They continuously rejected us for 3 days saying the rooms were full. Hell right! 

Eventually we went to Ruby and it was quite expensive cuz today was Raya eve. We sang for 2 hours. Not enough! JW offered me back to her home and we continued to boom her house K system XD.

K room is the place where I sing best. Seriously! The only focus is on my vocal. I just have to sing my heart out and I never fail. 

Songs I particularly like today

> I believe I can fly
> Rolling in the deep
> Close to you~ hiao version XP
> Percayalah~ always good
> Alot more le

Songs I sucks in STILL

> boy bands's
> I have nothing
> Listen

The best thing you can always ask form a K partner is that she sings equally good. She is an awesome singer! More dates soon my twin sista~ I love singing with you =)

Friday, 26 August 2011

I miss the days in Penang already. I miss being away from home, not bothering much about anythg else and enjoy my fwens company to the max. I had a culture shock when I was there and I saw some different business etiquette being practiced. Penang boys are bloody gud looking as well with appropriate height. Dammit. Now I noe why so many besties of mine striking Penang boyfriends. In fact I have lotsa gud gud fwens there which some happens to be pretty delicious boys. LOL.

Er, all eventually became my ji mui anyway =( 

I sedih lor. 

This trip made me learn something. Do not expect anything from anyone. Not everyone you think who care for you must giv a damn about your presence. Things, in fact life, is not easily manageable. Never be overly dependent on someone not because you can't but it is such an irresponsible act that simply spells annoyance. I'm soaking in All-You-Must-Know-Vacation Guidelines.

Went to Genting yesterday. Some good things in the beginning, some bad things in the end. So eventually, i turned somber =( Nothing cheers me up more than the look on my dearest face. He made a howl while wagging his tail so furiously when he saw me after 17 hours.

I played with fire... therefore I'm sinful. A devil showed me not to and I shall bear that in mind. 

A constant attention seeker always feel lonely.


Some say that I don't dress up well in public and I don't appeal to get attention. Hence, that explain the reason why I am still single. Rite~ Well, I dress up for the right occasion or else it will be meaningless. The same theory apply for my status. I transform for the right people. Those who fall for the real me get to see both the inner and outer beauty of mine. That's my ultra ego saying~ I really am not a spot on beauty~ at least I don't have the confidence to admit in the 1st place.

Flaws are my best fwens. They are my origin and they keep me humble. People who cannot accept them do not know how to appreciate me at all. So what for trying so hard to impress when I believe I have so much others to offer. I even think some guys are intimidated by my self assurance and ignorance. 

Oh kitty kitty

It's not easy to get pass my shell. I'm tightly shielded and am comfortably protected. Unless you have the right key to unlock, Or you're never gonna see the bad Miao in action. ROAR!!! 


Enough of self-motivation le... you know~ a way not to sway from my own principles. 

Still you ought to know that you can hit me hard when I'm supremely confident but a comfort touch of yours could make me cry a river when I'm most fragile.  

Know Joanne a little more if you care, cuz she is simply too complicated to be understood.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Penangfied =)

How should I start with? Even blogging about it makes me feel excited once more. 

It was a short trip lasting only 3 days, 2 night ~ I wish I could stay longer though... I could probably do some lone exploration... Oh well, next time maybe cuz I'll be back!

Day 1

The day started quite bad as heavy downpour strike and massive jam occurred in Seremban. The bus which was supposed to take off at 12.30pm got stuck on the road for almost an hour. Another big jam somewhere in Ipoh. I arrived at Sg. Nibong at 8pm which was 2 hours late. Sigh! Luckily, Pumpkin was with me. Or else I might really lose my mind in that 8 hours ride =(

Jin Yang fetched us from the bus station. This hiao fwen of mine has just came back from Taipei the day before but he was willing to drive us around. He brought us to dinner where Jing Fang, Laymei n her boyfie joined us. There was where I had the best duck meal ever. It was a herb soup based Kuew Teow Th'ng with duck internals. Correct me if I'm wrong... It was so good! After tasting the must try ais kacang, we went to 1st Avenue to check out the movies. 

Not much to do at night ba... Watched Fuk Luk Sau and had a crazy laugh over the stupid movie! Oh, I think I play golf better than snooker~  XD. I was thinking that I have some talents in sport and I'm good with balls... LOL..until I scored 3 white balls continuously. 

Back to hotel at 2 am in the morning. After some warm bath, 3 sampat gals have pillow talks again... It lasted til 4am.

Animal gang lack of another gal

Day 2

JinYang was supposed to take us for breakfast at 10am. But I guess we wanna try getting lost in the city. So we left the hotel at 9am to hav a look at the Penang street for good ourselves. Had a light breakfast and we went to seek for a cheaper hotel since FangFang will left us tonight. 

JinYang arrived and pick us all to go to the market and tried a nice porridge stall and the critically acclaimed Cendol. Frederick finally showed his face... XD. A king should never let his princess down~

 Sei Hiao Gung!

At noon, we had asam laksa for lunch and had a nice walk at the Campbell Street. 

I never like asam in Laksa but it was quite nice~ So ranked the Asam Laksa on the
World List Best Delicious Food no. 7 = One thing I am most proud of as a Malaysian. Good job Penang!

Met my fav Bear at Perangin Mall for a good 30 minutes while finding the perfect gift to dear Laymei. 38 bear had no choice but to keep this manja annoying gal dissatisfy XD. I'm happy to see you after a long 8 months dear. Glad to see you looking good although still stick thin.

2nd Half of the day was the best of all XD
We, being still lost with plan, finally agreed to go to Batu Feringhi by Rapid~ dangerous ride. There were so many corners and the roads were freakingly narrow. Perfect weather to explore the beach. It was beautiful and clean with only one thing.

I saw alot of this at one area...Sigh!

Although I can't swim, I love playing water and collecting shells. I experienced the best thing ever in Penang~Parasailing. GodDammit!!! 

It was Awesome!!! 
 We were in awe watching people played and I knew each of us having the same desire. After the N-th time pursuing by the N-th beach men, we gave in with Rm 50 per person. Whoah... I kept asking if it was safe and if I would be kept safe away form the sea. He assured me. Fang fang actually told Pumpkin to remind the doc that she is willing to donate organs if anything happens to her.
Haha, it that wasn't bad enough to scare the hell out of me... what else can?

We ran a lil distance and the next thing I knew, I was on air. Floating on air to be precise. Fang was infornt, I was at the back~ Well, I was taller! I gasped and I was like, this is life! Really, I mean challenging and taste the outcome. It was amazing! I did not know how long I was on air but it seems forever until I was asked to pull the side rope leading us down to the shore after a full circle of the air ride. Try this! But of course, deal for a better price! 

Pls love JC

Had you walk to a great place, on top above the rest but you have to walk alone, solely alone, would you still wanna go the distance to reach for the destination?

My hair gave up on me > <
Climbing boulders bruised both of my knees but we weren't girly enough to stop ourselves from risking it. Love the view so much!

Well, Im still very much a biologist in heart~

We reached Gurney Hawker center for dinner. Penang is really a food heaven. So much of chinese food out there at all corners. Back to the new Hotel at 10pm and cleaned all the fishy scents away. All that's left were me and Pumpkin. We went for another round of supper and planed for our last day in Penang. I gave myself a chance to gain 5 KGs in 3 days... extreme food loading you see. But I don't think I managed it cuz I walked too much XD.

Day 3

Heavy hearted. Destination: Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si. The ride was a new thing to me and I enjoyed the view. But there wasn't much up on the hill to be explored. Got down after an hour. Bumped to a giant millipede and a funny looking plant. 

Was very hungry and I started to say things wrongly. I mentioned Bukit Bintang when I was naming the sign 'Bukit Bendera'. LOL

I took brunch at around 11am and got ourselves stranded in the rain. Tasted a nice prawn mee while waiting the rain to shift away. The walk up to the grand temple cost me all the calories I took earlier. It was huge Huge I mean really HUGE

I walked up to the Pagoda and had a nice overview to the gigantic sacred place. I don't like seeing all those construction taking place there. It makes the temple look disturbed and I don't feel at ease. 

After much hush n rush in the middle, we finally reached the Jetty and boarded the ferry to Butterworth. I was sad to leave the island but at the same time looking forward to meet my roomate, Joanne Tan and Hooiling at mainland. The ferry ride was cool and breezy.

 Bye Island
 Halo Butterworth

Of all thing I could do in the ride, I felt like breaking into a song. LOL. I guess I was really happy! Met my best buddies there and we ate tomyam mee for dinner. Quite spicy compared to asam laksa no thanks to ulcers. They then brought us to Tao Boo Kong temple

This one probably lacking in historical years but instead able to make me feel peaceful. It was breathtaking and probably the cold weather helps too. Went back to Roomie's home and had a bath before boarding the train. I had great fun chatting with both of them. Before departing, we bid goodbye and farewell to Laymei too as she will soon leave Malaysia to pursue Master in Germany under scholarship. Xiao Bee will wait for you to come back and we shall ride the banana boat in bikini at Batu Feringhi yea XD. 
More photos @ FB

I had a fabulous joy ride... I'm finally ready for vacation and I'm truthfully grateful I've chosen Penang as my 1st location. 

To know what's good in the world, you must explore what you have in your own home.

I'm looking forward to more beaches. =)

Thanks Northern Fwens =)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dearest love my Dear 

Busy Sunday... Sigh. Learned some cooking skill but seriously, I don't like to get my hands oily. Dirty Xpe, still can tahan. 

Very emo~ Lee Chong Wei lost to Lindan in The Badminton World Championship. I knew how much he wanted this title. I could see him winning with superb playing all through the rallies heading to final. Both players were a little disappointing. It was so nerve breaking. They both were intimidated by each other. Luck is definitely not on LCW side and Lindan had better grip on the court. This was the best match they both have ever played. 

LCW walks tall despite losing. You lost with pride and great humility and great game etiquette. Nobody can deny that. Lindan celebrated his winning with such annoyance because he had a tough match against you. Preserve LCW. Eye on Olympic ba~ You have us Malaysian backing you up 100%. 

There will be a day I cry for your victory. Roar tiger =)

Why am I being so stupid again? I really have no idea what is on your mind! I always feel like I'm being somewhat "extra"~ ignorable, rejectable... Sei mou, this stupid self-consciousness is back. Don't left me hanging alright?

Oh, I unfriend & block that stranger le~ Now I feel safe! Sorry Stranger...

Saturday, 13 August 2011



Pls don't chat with me so randomly...

I takut lar

Do not start the conversation starting with Hi and no continuation, then nudge and expecting me to reply anything

> that was annoying

If I x layan you, you can continue another time~ I might be in better mood next time

If I layan, lucky you. But Never ever ask stupid question Eg: Are you single? Just bump to one asking How many boyfriend I have before after making me answer Why I didn't go dating. That was very nice of you changing the manner of asking if I am a virgin or not~

That just expose who you are, what kinda man behind the mask and what your intention might be.

Don't you stranger ever learn a thing?

You risked yourself being block


Luckily, nothing much nonsense after that.

Sigh. I only wanted my crushes' attention. Is that too much to ask for?

I don't need all those Lalat come offering me some buzz...

They could end up being smacked dead. 

I don't give a damn =X

Why am I bothered with this??? Big deal?! I noe~ yor.  But I really don't understand~ 

Antivirus too strong ka? Phobia still? Pls tell me that's normal~ 

I think I need to clear some unknown fwens from FB list. 

Smart la u Malcolm~ delete bits by bits.


Pls don't hate me stranger... I just want you to adore me from afar... Don't step nearer

Friday, 12 August 2011

Help me Spread it out yea... I do like more comments and critics... Feel free to say anything about it

Every time I watch it back, I feel good. I feel high~

It's like making love to myself~ hmm... Like I know how it feels like...Err

I better just shut up.

Action speaks louder than words...

Watch my video ba =)


Blackman asked me to try a demo~ I always adore his songs. Now that he required my voice, obviously I jumped in. It was a upbeat techno/dance/rock song and I just love it. I can see the potential of the song being sang by Jolin Tsai or even Elva Hsiao~ Blackman song is well known for its wide range and power vocal is a must. 

So, I'm quite surprised by his creation and his choice for vocal this time. Talented lor ini abang~

The only draw back was this song is in Mandarin and it was an upbeat song, so lyrically it would be tough for me. I learned some recording techniques thanks to Koko Miao teaching and the mic too. Now I can even compose my own song =). I tried sang it few times. The verse was a bit too low to reach. The rest I think I did okay if you ignore the ugly pronunciation and the unbrushed vocal skill of mine. I heard that you demand for perfection, well; Who's in NT that's not? I scared I fail you~ I'm truly lack of confidence~ In fact I wonder if I still own it. As long as you think I could proceed, I'm most willing to help. =) Thanks for the trust you put on me. It's a great song!

So, I went to KL today to visit my grandma's elder sister who was earlier knocked down by a motorcycle nearby Pudu. I was very resistant to go but I gave in anyway. Do I ever fail them really? She was recovering thank goodness. She was currently at the private old folks care center. This was my first visit to such place. It was a little different from what I had in mind. 

While I was accompanying my grandma to the toilet, I saw a sight that I can't shake off my head. The toilet was located in another room which stored oldies with health complications. The room was cold and the light was off. I heard hard breathing somewhat machine like and I looked over to where the sound came from. I had the shock of my life. 

There was this uncle, so thin, so fragile so inhuman breathing through machined oriented tube. He was awake and he was facing me. I was really afraid! It was like a scene in some horror film where I should be screaming already and blasted out from the whole eerie place. Then, I braved up and looked around the room. They all looked alike and all of them laid lifelessly. My heart just sank. I almost feel like crying. I wasn't sure if the uncle wanted my attention or if he was bothered with my arrival. 

Was at PJ old town

I just couldn't force myself to face that sight anymore. I stared at blank wall. I wanted to get out from that place. I couldn't stand heart wrenching things. Suddenly I feel blessed. I just wish others out there feel the same. Health unlike Wealth is uncertain. You have no right to demand the certainty of good health and long life. You ought to live right when you are the lucky ones chosen to see the world better than the rest. Don't go around telling others that you wanna die and such nonsense. If you could just tell that suffering uncle that you wanna end your life for whatever difficulty you face... I supposed he would want to tell you that he wants to live longer and walk out from the breathing machine.

If only he could.

I just wish I am one of the lucky ones because I don't just live for myself. I have a lot dreams to achieve and they could be inspiring at least to a few that I could reach out to~

Oh... Out of sudden, I was inspired to write... already finished up two articles in two days. Experienced based, personal and worth reading like usual XD. 

Oh yea, I have been getting complains that my blog entries are too long and that would be boring to be read. More pictures might be the solution. I will revise on that but I just want to say that if you could appreciate what I have written and be bothered to read, you wouldn't be complaining. Probably my blog isn't your type of reading materials.

Next channel maybe =)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Days After Internship

Practice makes perfect

I truly believe that

Sleepy lar

C that P sign?... Keep a distance. I'm slow and I'm dangerous!!! I'm doing pretty good but I'm not good enough to handle rude and rush drivers. So, stop honking me~

My first cooking after so long... mom is not feeling well, so I prepared an easy dinner~
Mee Sedaap XD

Meeting dearies =)

 @ After 5 cafe
The food is quite disappointing really

 @starbuck ^^

Bought myself a pair of oversize Vinci Sunglasses =) One item in my wanted list is cleared. Na, not that pair~ this pic was taken when I was fooling around with dear

OOoo, I pierced my ears. Farking pain!!! Fuck those who told me that it wouldn't be pain. Damn... for beauty sake...  I feel so pondan! XD

A senior of mine asked me to try on a demo. Very nice dance-techno genre. Mandarin le. I'm trying my best to sing it... I hope I dun fail him~

Squirrel and Termite came find me in Seremban =) Gosh, I miss them so so much. Saw them for the 1st time after 3 months of separation.

Pillow talk =3and I talked so much~ hmm

Dear gals... it wasn't easy to build our 3 years friendships together. Whatever happens to 3 of you in Johor, I wish time could ease it up. Forgive and forget is the trick here since all of you have voiced out those dissatisfaction. Me being the 3rd party here is not suppose to say anything. I just wish you all could take it as a lesson to better understand best friends' needs and thinking. No one is on the wrong side.


Meet this baby while strolling with besties. So darling~ I wish I could bring it home...

Na, Im stingy towards myself

I'm a trained biologist. Unnecessarily buying is equivalence to wastage

Save money go travel lagi cun neh XD

Penang...oh gosh!!! Wait for my arrival!

Jcdagreat is ready to leave her 1st giant footprint there

 Hey Northern fwens ~ wait for my arrival ya