Sunday, 18 June 2017

2nd date :)

I never stop smiling when im with you.

You made me feel a lot of like myself once.

Thanks for making my sundate worthwhile.

It has been long since i had the last weekend date. I think it was back in... haha. I cant even recall.

That was how sucks my dating life is.

The closest i had was with my bff.

You are like the right thing on the right place happening and im not sure why it works well for now.

Maybe it is the infatuation thing.
I have no idea.
Perhaps it is just that.
When i wake up in the next morning ill probably come to my senses.
That it was just a nais dream :)

And i had a beautiful dreams twice.
So i thank you for your time and your conpanion and mostly that distraction.

Goodnight bae.

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