Saturday, 6 May 2017

Things i did for love.

Went to ntlp 20th last friday alone again. Every year since i became ex newtuner and officially joined the oldtuner's gp, i will reserve 2 seats for me and if i am lucky for the plus one.

And every year that he will dissapoint me.
I guess it is for the better. When you are alone u get to do things your way. And ntlp was always a gathering for all newtuners.

So we will try to gather around and chat.
It is okay.
This is a precious thing i always wish to share. But only for those who cares.

Ntlp is already 20 yrs old.
How time pass.
Im on my 6th year as senior.
I cant remember very strongly how the past 5 years has gone but i did went every year.
The only passion that has yet to die.

Period. House renovation.
Noise polution.
Stress. Eating disorder again.
Love is sick. And me too is sick.
Next week atm week lagi.

Hope you are fine, love.

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