Saturday, 13 May 2017

Are we gonna lose it?

Is this period starting to make u feel that perhaps it is not all so worth it?

Missing one person and continue loving another has no interference.

It is a challenging period to you. Adjustment and
Changes along the way.
I really tried not to step overboard.
Maybe i still do. But i tried not to.
I really dont know how to uncare once i start caring.
It seems everything i say or do doesnt make sense or even useful now.

I dont know how much you need any support or some warm wishes.
I dont wish to put you off.
I dont wish you to be alone as well.
I knew u have good siblings and family member around. They did wonderful.

Im really just an extra.
I only seek this extra is not being annoying to you.

Perhaps we need a lot of time.
Im not even sure this 100 days can make any different.

We all eventually have to move on.
During this trying period. You will lose some
Hope. Dream. Desire. Wanting. Needs.
Characters. All u ever believe might be no longer valid.

You will see also some truth about human' nature on which of them actually care about you.

Things i dont ask doesnt mean i dont care or dont wish to know. Sometimes i prefer to trust you did everythong for a reason. And i simply know you needed to do so.

Puting your mama photo as ir profile picture.
I thought it was pretty sweet.
It was lovely. She was so beautiful in it. And to do it on mother's day? It was really sweet.
But everything must have its quota.
You can only choose to indulge to missing her some hours of everyday.
You have to have life balance.
Life might not be meaningful anymore but you gotta still be living this life for her.

Unless she wants it back.
Or else you fucking deal with it on how to survive this cruel world. It was her gift for you.
Weather it was laws of attraction or power of nature or watever shit. Things happen mostly without explanation. This time it chose to hit you hard and leave no reason for you to decipher.
Its unfair. Painful is an understatement.

I am sad seeing you and us deteriorate like this.
Could you ease my mind once in awhile?
On what you think about us and do we still have nothing within us.
Will you still try your level best?

Or would you send me to someone else ?
Would you fight to want me stay?
I know i shouldnt be questioning this now.
But im still alive. I feel things.
Maybe at this hour im still not important.
But i hope you manage to be better for those family members who are also trying to live for her.
Time will help you. Given enough time. You will be able to stand strong. I hope you dont push this away as well.

Happy mothet's day to both your mama n my mama.
You have been a good boy and she deserve all the credit every compliment directed to you.

Mrs Koo.
Pls know that your son has been so well mannered.
Mostly all of us likes him due to his good nature snd overall well being.
Thanks for forming him into the man he is and gving us the opportunity for us to meet him.

You will be missed deeply.
Help him slowly moved on.

Continue to bless him.
Every boy need his mama.
You were his rock, home and every reason he came home to.

I hope you knew he loves you so very much.

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