Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Much relieved to see you more lively these few days.
Your annoying sarcasm is back and im most glad to hear them out loud.

They said if your conversation with someone you are close with getting shorter, the conversation between that someone with another is getting longer.

I dont think that applies to us yet. Maybe one day. 
I just hope you have sufficient sleep everynight.
Some comfortable dreams and visions that encourage you.

I dont get many good night lately. Haha...
Apparently i still get jealous over translated chinese words on her wall.
I just... i wish the translation option could just disappeared.
Or perhaps ill just increase the ignorance level. Something i became good at.
Im happy that im still jealous.
I promise you one day i will no longer.
We all gonna be best of friends.
I assured you that. Because both of you have different value to me. Both equally worthy to cherish for.

My house is gonna be ready in 2 weeks.
To much expectation and expenses.
I finally begin to see it becoming.
I only hope that the end product is something i can live with.

Boss got me brainwashed for literally 3 hours. All of our colleagues were called in for meeting.
Something i hate especially for repeated thing which doesnt apply to my core job. But then again everytime he speaks i somehow will listen and buy his talk.

I thk he is a good manipulater in a great way. Somehow he can convinced me to do things as he wants. Imagine if he is your bf and he could make you do all he wants. Hahaha...Perfectly realist and his frankness might surprise you.

I begin to really see how he got to be at his position.
Well... pbb together we are the best.

Funny how i become someone who no longer care about my own reputation. No longer feel challenged by others. Either im too comfortable helping others or that i just lose the passion. Leo in nature is competitive. Boss said something that kinda make me feel bad. He said i have proved to him that i am capable to do well in target. But i slumped. Be more aggresive and realligned your strategy. Dont just help others. Haha... so he sees.... :)

What do i do?
I felt overworked.
The compliance and the new centre setting up. More adjustment and changes. Work load and restrictions and gosh... im a bit pressured by all this.

Some more the house stuff. The money arrangement... fortunately i have a very caring cousin brother who helped me so much despite not earning a single dime from me.
He and his sister are very kind to me.
Owe them big one.
Thank you much :)

Distance between us is further than 45 minutes now.
That made me so stumbled. Fumbled.
Things happen i guess.

Again i have to go through my own journey making things happen on my own.
You werent around.
You couldnt. But would you if you could?

Not asking you this give me the power to give you the benefit of a doubt.

I probably dont like your answer anyway.


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