Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pbb 2017 Annual Dinner #cosplay


51st Anniversary of PBB Southern Region Annual Dinner.

As usual. Got my best gal colleague as hotel roomie.

Another 2 males colleague at another hotel.

Having had a very unsatisfactory make up done by a MUA last year, i decided to DIY myself this year. And it is 100% better than last year's outcome.

Had a terrible OCD moment with which dress to go with. I had a very grand navy blue dress which really compliments my figure but i eventually let go for this black chic 3/4 jump suit.

Reason being i have to participate the dinner without a plus one, not having a masculine partner to hold me around when i need support. 
With my imbalance composure (gravity hates me),
I suppose it is wise to dress down-to-earth a little.
And i have nobody to impress. Thus let's keep the dress for another year. Bought in year 2012. Hmmppp. It was so so close...

The sampatness and damn model pose failed ...

When make up done right, obviously selfie time is needed. And because nobody ever get my picture right... either because im never comfortable with someone taking my solo photo or that nobody see me the way i see myself thus only selfie of mine captures my best angle.

Bravo JC. I guess i can do more and it will only gets better. Pretty much all were there except for fake eye lashes which i hate most. 

Entire length view. Oh yea... the hair.. god. So messed up. My hair and i have the worst body to owner relationship. They hate me. They never stay in shape no matter what i do with it.

Had most of my favourite people around me. 
Same place similar faces. Glad to have you all around. Derrick is missing.

Wefie is a must. Because asking stranger to take our photo is definitely a risk. And i think wefie better reflect our relationship.

My private security.

Bank celebrate another year of success. While us celebrate another year of employment. A nice night to dress up and show up. 
To be present and to hang out with nice colleagues.

I won a table lucky draw too. Rm50 aeon vouchers per table mate.... for once i got lucky.

After a long night, i got a date to watch a highly anticipated movie 'IT' with him.
Midnight slot and it was a super duper long movie. 2.15 hour long creppy movie.

He dislike it very much. 3/10.

He asked for my comment.

I never regret any movie i watch.
I will only regret the date i chose to watch movie with.

I didnt hate the movie and i dont regret watching it. It still freaks me out as a horror/thriller dark movie.

So it serves its purpose.
And i got a private 3 hours with you.
Though it was a little too cold and was a little too late a date but i wouldnt mind to do it again. But preferably dont end by 3am again.
We were so close yet so far. Why are you so distance.

We are in a delaying position againt arent we?


The next day 4 of us walked around Melaka town.
Didnt manage to do what was planned last minute but manage to still hav a good time. Good laugh.

Weekend well spent.

Thank god for my annual leave.

Im off monday :)

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