Monday, 4 September 2017

I kept chocking on water.
I wonder why.
I guess water and i have a love hate relationship.
Those were the days i hate pills cuz i thought i chocked on pills.
Now i finally realized it is water that i chock on with.
No wonder y i never really thirsty no matter what hour or day.

If water will get me chocking. Cock x payah say la... haha

Now this scares me lol.


So north korea testing nuclear power again?!
So when do u guys wanna launch world war 3?
If he is gotta start something funny guess which country the man wanna bomb 1st?

Nway. Wherever he aim to bomb. Many of us will eventually died. Haha... so it kicks off my senses to write sumthing again. FB memory remind me today in year 2011 i wrote a piece of article about my performance journey in ukm and The Star newspaper was kind enough to have it published.
Such a boost to my writting talent. ..... tsk tsk.

We are all temporary people.
Human we dont get to own anything in the world.
Really. You thought you bought a house. That piece of land belongs to you. So? It will be passed on to whom? So you get to reproduce. But i dont plan to get my genetic flows into the vast already broken genetic pools out there. How long basically you think u can live in this whole damn world? 100 years max right?
How many out of 10 of us can by pass even 50 yrs old?

We will never know. If only we know when is our final day, would you be happier? Would you do things sooner? Would you say the things you wish you would say?
So i dont know when is my final day.
But im not dying. So im wasting everyday of my life wondering why things are happening to me?
Why am i being tangled in such complicated relationship?
Why am i so stubborn fighting on?

One year and another wasted wanting to go somewhere but end up wishing it could be done and thinking something or someone will come up and that it would be planned otherwise.
Mother fucker joanne. Wake up!!!

Wake up!!

Sometimes i pity myself. But many a times i just hate myself for allowing these to happen.
I am what i eat. I am what i do.
Surrounding n family factors are one thing but mostly im just pathetically self pitying tired soul.

I dont appear as one seriously.
I only sound like a attention craving bitch and non self worthy crying baby in my blog.
It's an open blog. But yea... i dont see many people come to pampare me after many post anyway. So i have been abandoned. Haha...

Well well.

I cried so much these few days. Im really done being a haggard soul.
Lets start 2morow blues with a bang.
Start by dressing well. Put on the most vibrant killer smile and push my chin up.

When im emotional. I am a self torture kinda person.
I dont eat well. Too much. I dont sleep. I cant sleep.
I dont talk. I dont wanna. I waste time.
So i waste time.

How much more do i have?
Kinda a wake up call right?

Be tough gal.
The key to own happiness shall always be enplaced on your own hand. Hand the power to someone else and your life is done.

Be well. Us.
Be strong. Us.
Together or seperately.

Its okay. It will be okay.

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