Saturday, 4 August 2018

Our 1st Anniversary / My 30th Birthday

What would have happened if i didnt choose to go to Ipoh trip in year 2015?
Would we even be friends?

We went through so much of denials and doubts before we walked into this commitment.

4 yrs apart and taking all the extremes and the outliers into calculation, it is surely a tough call. 

Falling for you was easy. Loving you is hard. 
Falling for me was hard. While loving me is easy.
My love would probably screaming hell to the no she is not easy to love. Haha....

But really, it is not hard to please me. I'm a sucker for romance and romance is time attention and love. Creativity is bonus.

For us to make this work, both need a lot of patience and love to conquer our differences.

We went through a total of 365 days fighting and making up and still find a reason to stay put. The fact that we took great effort to make this work, we dont simply give up for smallish issues.
He would never.

Falling in love for the 1st time at a mature age at 29 is a terrible idea fyi. 
You have a matured mind with a childish teenage love heart. You could never fulfill both at the same time.

And dear love, stop loving you is impossible.
I only wish that our relationship continue to grow and blossom. 

Deary brought me to Cameron Highland knowing that I have never been there and that we have discussed about this place for quite awhile.

I hated the fact that we have to travel so far for it and it was so endangering with its travelling routes only limited to a few long and winded pathways.

Pity my love for such hard drive up the hill.
Whether or not the view and the air are worth the whole travelling tension, we did have a lovely dates of 3 days and 2 night stay at Copthorn Hotel.

I would put it this way. If you havent been there, you should plan and go for the experience. But if you have been there, you might wanna think twice if you got dated to go up again in the nearest time.

My love is trying to make my wishes come true one at a time. He remember things that he promises and things that matter to me. Although at times he could be having too much thoughts in his head and some over concern issues but that was exactly why i love this man. He cares and he thinks ahead. 

At times he shows too little affection never taking in the fact that i would be borthered by little too less attention shown. 

Deep down i know he loves me by slowly breaking his comfort zone for me.

Love is everthing with you.
Even if i have to lose everything, I know i will still have you. 

When someone's voice calms the storm in you and bring comfort to your core, you know he is the one.

Love quote makes perfect sense when you fall in love. Whatever cheesy shits you read out there, they are all real. 

When you love someone greater than yourself, you literally lay out your heart and put it on someone else's hand. You emplace the power on someone you trust more than yourself. 

I was an emo girl but i wasnt a cheesy hardcore loveshit drama queen.

Now i write better stuff than them. 

I hope many happy returns and wishes come true to your beautiful soul and your every kindness to others.

Happy 1st anniversary my love! 

And on this very birthday, another gf of mine found her beloved. I am so happy for her.
That would be her 1st bday with a man who knows how to love her.

While, i really dont have much and wanted much as i grow elder. 

I only wish i could be given enough years to celebrate more happiness with my love. 

His happiness are mine.

My mom's health and peacefulness. 

His and my families well being.

My friends happiness.

Thats all. Are they too much to ask for?

If I could trade my dreams for theirs, would you allow?

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